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Chapter 22: How Much Is It


Regarding Yang Yang's description, obviously, Monta couldn't accept it.

"Didn't you say it looks like a spider's web Why did it become a humanoid object in a blink of an eye In your eyes, I don't look like a person


Yang Yang glanced at the white plaster in front of him, "Yeah."


Monta: "..."


Gu Lita pushed Monta away, walked to Yang Yang and asked, "What about me"


Yang Yang took a sharp breath and choked!


Gu Lita raised her eyebrows when she saw Yang Yang's reaction.

"So I still look like I'm covered with white capillaries"


Yang Yang closed his eyes and nodded.



Gu Lita opened her notepad and asked with excitement, "Tell me more specifically, does the Soul Power you see completely coincide with the blood vessels"


Yang Yang: "..."


Gu Lita raised an eyebrow.

"Do you still want your isolation glasses Open your eyes."


Yang Yang: "..."


Yang Yang sighed and said, "Then can you stay still"


Gu Lita: "Sure."

Thus, Yang Yang slowly opened his eyes and slowly moved his gaze from Gu Lita's forehead to her cheeks.


After watching for a while, Yang Yang looked away and looked at the ground.

He was physically and mentally exhausted, saying, "The core of your Soul Power is in your abdomen and tree-like shaped lines are gushing all over your body.

The lines are white and bright, which varies in sizes.

I can see things flowing at a very slow speed in the thicker lines.

ㅡBut they will move as you move and those things will flow faster."


Gu Lita took a note of this and paused her hand, then asked, "Will they run out of my skin if I move"


Yang Yang shook his head.




After a moment of thinking, Yang Yang suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

"Ah, it looked like a humanoid colored glass container filled with white nematodes."


Gu Lita, who immediately went to imagine the image: “…”


After Yang Yang had finished describing the image, he immediately felt grossed and explained weakly, "You asked me to describe it."


Gu Lita was angry and felt funny at the same time.

She closed her notepad and said, "Okay, since you have described it so accurately, then you have to show it to us.

ㅡMonta, go and call He Shu's guards to the rest area.

Also, tell Byrd and He Shu to come here as well."


Yang Yang guessed what she was trying to do and said "I don't want to see it."


Gu Lita: "Glasses."


Yang Yang: "..."



Heshu's guards are all from the Soul Cable Star.

As the famous National Battle Field Planet, the elite guards selected from there are naturally not bad.


It was said that all of them are more than 1.86 meters tall, with good facial features, tough temperament and strong physique.


Yang Yang sat on the sofa with his eyes closed, listening to the sound of neat leather boots stepping on the ground, he inexplicably remembered the soldiers in his world.


Yang Yang was a little curious and quickly asked Roth to take a photo and save it in his terminal.


The footsteps stopped just five steps away from him and then Monta's voice sounded, " Line up, stand still."


After the sparse footsteps moved, He Shu's voice sounded, "What are you doing"


He Shu came out of the dormant cabin just after the Starship had made its last jump.

He still doesn't know what happened in the training room.


Gu Lita's voice sounded with a laugh.

"You'll know in a while.

Eh, where's Byrd"


Monta: "It seems that he had something to do first.

I already told him and he'll come over in a while."


Gu Lita answered, "Alright, then let's not wait for him and start.

ㅡYang Yang, start with He Shu first."


Yang Yang had no choice but to follow suit.


According to the direction of the sound he just heard, Yang Yang leaned his head.

To be safe, he lowered his head before opening his eyes.

He moved his eyes from the carpet to He Shu's feet.


His target that Gu Lita this "group of veins" had set was that pair of feet...




Yang Yang froze, then his face showed joy.


ㅡHe Shu's feet still looked like feet.

The only difference is that there was a layer of white yarn-like Soul Power floating on the surface of his body.

The white color is very light.

Apart from adding a layer of hazy beauty, there are no other moths.


Yang Yang, who has been baptized by a group of "abstract things" and "veins" was moved to tears.

"Uncle, you look so good!"


He Shu: ""


The guards: "..." Is this person teasing their planet master's wife


Seeing this, Gu Lita opened her notepad again and asked, "What is it like"


Yang Yang was still looking at He Shu and replied, "There's a layer of white gauze, about five centimeters above the skin.

The color is very light and doesn't affect it's normal look."


He Shu was somewhat embarrassed by Yang Yang's gaze.

He smiled, but didn't stop Yang Yang from staring at himㅡYang Yang was staring at him just like looking at his savoir.

He really couldn't bear to let Yang Yang move his eyes away.


But Gu Lita wasn't so soft-hearted.

After she recorded it, she pointed to the group of tall guards standing next to her.

"What about them"


Yang Yang: "..."


Yang Yang reluctantly turned his head slowly.


Then, choking-jpg.


Gu Lita looked at his familiar expression and guessed.

She asked with interest, "Is there anybody looking like me"


Yang Yang nodded, squinted and pointed one by one, "Capillaries, capillaries, capillaries, thorny large blood vessels, white skin."


Gu Lita had recorded it all at a tremendous speed that the guards who had been ordered were confused: ""




And the last two guards were even more baffledㅡthorny large blood vessels He...is he terminally ill


The last guard secretly glanced at his bronze complexion that he was proud ofㅡhe's white Not at all!



Fortunately, they still had their professionalism.

Although they are all confused, they still stand upright.


After Gu Lita finished recording, she lifted her legs and said, "Forget about the first three.

What exactly the thorny large blood vessels and white skin on the back looked like"


The first three guards: "..."


Why are they forgotten They also wanted to know why they are capillaries!


Yang Yang closed his eyes and said with a tired expression, "The one that looks like 'thorny large blood vessels' has thicker lines and its skin has thorn-like protrusions, but it doesn't pierce the skin; The white skin one looks like it has been coated with white paint, but the color is not strong enough, so it just looks whiter."


The bronze skinned guard was even more confused and even wanted to confirm to the person next to him if he was really white.


But the person next to him was about to cry.

It sounds like he really had a terminal illness!


"What are you doing"


At this moment, Archibald came over with a cold expression and his gaze swept softly over the standing row of guards.

The guards immediately took back the different expressions on their faces and all were trembling with excitement, holding their chest up and tightened their muscles.


Archibald then retracted his gaze and saw Yang Yang with his eyes closed at one glance with a lifeless expression.


He guessed what was happening and a pleasant smile evoked at the corners of his mouth, "Oh, is this getting him used to his current horizon"


When Gu Lita saw Archibald coming, she was very excited.

"That's right.

Yang Yang, come and look at Byrd."


Archibald raised his eyebrows and stood still.

In fact, he was also a little curious about what his Soul Power would look like this time.


Yang Yang sighed and slowly opened his eyes in the direction of Archibald.


ㅡWell, his legs are normal.

Could it be that he couldn't see Archibald's Soul Power here


Yang Yang was a little happy and his eyes quickly moved towards Archibald's upper body.


Then, "Pfff."


Archibald: "..."


Seeing Yang Yang's reaction, Gu Lita and Monta immediately came over.

"What is he like"


Monta rubbed his hands.

"He doesn't look like a person like me, right"


Archibald: "..."


The guards: "..." They seemed to have heard something incredible


Yang Yang endured his laughter.

He gestured to Archibald and replied, "He's like a white cotton man with two sticks and a large tail."


Gu Lita and Monta tacitly took a look at Archibald's legs, then at his tail and replaced his upper body with a huge cotton ball in their imaginations.




Archibald: "..."


He Shu was at a loss.

"What is Yang Yang talking about What happened to Byrd"


Gu Lita waved her hands and let the guards leave before explaining the entire situation to He Shu.


After listening to her explanation, He Shu also became interested.

"How could each Soul Power be so different"


How could Yang Yang know


Gu Lita replied, "I have a preliminary guess, that is, because of the strength of the soul."


"Based on He Shu, non-warriors and ordinary people's Soul Power are shaped like yarns; mine is shaped like capillaries and the higher the Soul Power is, the thicker the blood vessels will be.

If it is strengthened, the blood vessels will become one and white plaster like paint will appear.

If it's even more stronger,  the Soul Power will overflow, like how it is with Byrd and Monta."


"However, after the Soul Power overflows, in addition to the common shapeㅡthe thick white plaster-like Soul Power and some different characteristics will be added.

For example, Monta's face looks like beating drops of water while Byrd looks like cotton thread."


After that, Gu Lita sighed; "The problem of the characteristics of Soul Power has long been discussed in a thesis paper.

I just didn't expect it to be true and I don't know where those philosophical characteristics were based on."


No one had noticed that Yang Yang was still staring at Archibaldㅡno way, among the people present, Gu Lita was the most unbearable to look at while he was embarrassed to stare at He Shu and he was dazzled with Monta's popping candies.


Only Archibald was round, fluffy and neat.


The perfect visual experience.


Archibald felt uncomfortable with Yang Yang staring at him and he couldn't help but say, "Can you stop staring at my neck"


Yang Yang was taken aback, then looked away a few centimeters and said sincerely, "I'm sorry, I can't tell where your neck is now.

What position am I looking at right now"


Archibald looked at Yang Yang staring at his lips and said patiently, "You can stop staring at me."


Yang Yang refused decisively, "I can't."


Archibald: "..."


Yang Yang couldn't see Archibald's expression, but he saw Archibald's tail stretchedㅡhe's unhappy.


So Yang Yang shifted the topic, "Speaking of which, why do the Duke's legs and tail look normal in my eyes"


This time, it was Monta who replied, "Our beast-shaped scale armor has the ability to isolate Soul Power, which can isolate the soul beasts from intrusion.

This is also the reason why soldiers must maintain their beast shape or wear special armor when fighting with soul beasts."


Yang Yang was stunned and nodded to show that he understood.

Then his gaze fell back to Archibald, this time more accurately, his gaze fell on Archibald's eyes with comfort and affection.


Archibald: "..."


He felt his hairs rising up.


Archibald almost wanted to turn around and leave, but there was one more thing he had to discuss with He Shu, so he put up with it.


Archibald turned to look at He Shu and Gu Lita, and said, "I just received news from Amber that Zhou Hua has arrived at the Old Emperor Star.

He brought the soul mineral from the banquet and Yang Yang's dowry."


Yang Yang was momentarily stunned, then his eyes lit up, "How much is it"


Archibald: "..."


The other three: "..."


The author has something to say about their age.

It's like this,

Yang Yang - 30

Archibald - 21

Yang Yang Archibald - couldn't be more than 3 years old!


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