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Chapter 21: Out Of Control


"You lied to me!"


At this moment, Archibald's strong self-control was like a building that has collapsed.

His whole body was tense, as if he would teach Yang Yang how to be a good person in the next second.


Yang Yang looked at Archibald and suddenly called, "Roth."


Roth didn't answer, but suddenly, a holographic ball popped out from the terminal on Yang Yang's wrist, which was an audio and then there was Archibald's voice in that audion ball.


"I was wrong.

I shouldn't have scared you with those bugs, I'm sorry."


"Wake up, I'll let you vent your anger!"


"I promise that I will never scare you in the future, nor will scold you in training.

As long as you wake up, I'll listen to you!"


Archibald: suddenly-froze.jpg


Yang Yang showed a loving smile.

"The Duke won't go back on his words and hit me after he had made a promise, right"


"Delete that." Archibald practically squeezed out these words from his mouth. 


Yang Yang: "Nope."


Archibald: "..."


He felt that it wasn't only his self-control that had collapsed, but also his sanity.

Instead, the idea of ​​wanting to make this person cry and call him daddy wildly filled his mind.




Gu Lita came over and patted Archibald's back to placate him.

She angrily reminded Yang Yang again, "Stop playing with fire and be careful because you might burn yourself someday.

ㅡAlso, if you dare to do this again just to prank us.

I will have to beat you first."


Gu Lita was scared just now.


"I know."


Yang Yang retracted the terminal's audio ball and said, "It was the Duke, who started it first."


Archibald didn't say anything.

Although his sanity has quickly returned, his self-control was still on the long march.

The words "I'm not happy" and "I want to ignore you" were clearly written all over his face.


Yang Yang didn't take it seriously and even said very generously, "But since the Duke had apologized to me, then I will also apologize for my behavior just now.

I'm sorry."


Archibald's eyebrows moved slightly and to his surprise, Yang Yang didn't take this opportunity to mock him, but apologized instead.


ㅡThis isn't like Yang Yang.


Yang Yang: "After all, I'm already 30 years old, so I shouldn't sulk like a child.

ㅡThat's too childish."


Archibald, the 21-year-old corps colonel: "..."


He knew it!


Gu Lita laughed, patted Yang Yang's head lightly and said, "I think you're quite childish right now.

ㅡYou two are almost of the same age."


Yang Yang: "I'm 9 years older than him."


Gu Lita looked at Yang Yang with a fond look. 


"Wow, yeah.

That's great."


Yang Yang: "..."


Oh yeah, the average age of the people in this world is more than 180 years and the oldest person to live was 367 years old.

And Gulita seems to be...94 years old


That's amazing.


Yang Yang decided to end the topic.

Afterwards, he touched his stomach and said, "My stomach seems to hurt a bit."


But the pain was so mild that he wasn't sure if it's normal.


Gu Lita came over, pulled Yang Yang's wrist, gave him an injection and said, "Relax, the child's soul has returned.

Because its soul and body has been separated for too long, it will produce pain after returning.

This is 'the pain after the soul came back', which shows that the child's body and soul are healthy.

If it doesn't hurt, then something is wrong."


When Yang Yang heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief and gently tapped his fingers on his belly, as if he was tapping on the head of the fluorescent ball through this thin layer of skin.


Gu Lita went on to say, "This time, you have a primary shock due to the outbreak of your Soul Power, so your Soul Power will be a little weak in these two days."


"You can't use your Soul Power before I tell you so, otherwise it will easily cause damage to your Soul Palace.

Furthermore, if you feel any discomfort, please tell me right away."


Yang Yang nodded and took a note.

He thought about it and said, "My eyes seem to be a little bit weird, is this normal"


Gu Lita was taken aback, "How weird"


Yang Yang: "When I woke up, my eyes seemed to be foggy, right now it's not, but looking at your face, your skin looks like a faint reflection of water and ripples.

ㅡOh, the Duke's face looked quite marvelous.

I'm seeing a few flies floating on his face."


Archibald's eyes narrowed.


Yang Yang innocently said, "I'm not teasing you this time."


Archibald: "..."


So he used to tease him on purpose




Gu Lita could smell the gunpowder in the air, so she called Monta to the front and asked Yang Yang, "Then what about him"


Yang Yang looked back at Monta, then frowned, "His face looked like a spider web."


Monta was upset.

"Why are you discriminating against my dazzling self My mom and Byrd just look like water reflection and flies.

Why are you seeing spider webs when it comes to me"


Yang Yang: "..."


Boy, aren't your focus a bit crooked


Gu Lita slapped Monta away, held Yang Yang's shoulder and said, "You can lie down again and I will give you a few more tests."


When Yang Yang saw Gu Lita's attitude, he felt a little uncomfortable and lay down obediently.


Archibald and Monta, who also heard this, felt that something was wrong.

They took a few steps back to make room.


Ten more minutes had passed and the results came out.


Gu Lita walked to Yang Yang with the result, then pushed away the instrument on Yang Yang.

She motioned to Yang Yang and said, "The result is not quite good."


Yang Yang's face was complicated.

"En, I can feel it."


Gu Lita: "Oh"


Yang Yang "The way you look now makes me feel it just from seeing the white capillaries in your body."



Yang Yang closed his eyes after speaking.

ㅡThis image is a test of his ability to bear.


Although he also once carried human parasitology and various non-human educational videos.

However, he's now seeing it live in front of him and it was moving!


Sorry, but Yang Yang's mood is a little complicated right now.


Gu Lita's mood is also a little complicated.

"Congratulations, you have encountered a soul problem that could only happen once in a century and the misplacement of your Soul Power is out of control."


Yang Yang: "...should I be happy"


Gu Lita: "It depends on your own point of view."


Yang Yang: "..."


Yang Yang heard that his disease wasn't fatal, so his tone was a little helpless.

"Then, first tell me about my disease."


Gu Lita laughed and then continued to say, "Ordinary out of control Soul Powers are manifested as uncontrollable Soul Powers.

It will spread to other people and will also make you suffer from mania."


"Misplaced Soul Powers are out of control, which is a kind of perceptual loss of control.

It will force your Soul Power to your other perceptions such as your current vision; you can see the Soul Power of others."


"By the way, you are the only one who can see Soul Power from the past cases of misplaced Soul Power that are out of control.

Other cases generally manifest touch and smell."


After that, Gu Lita's self interest came first.

"Can you describe the image you see in detail From your analogy just now, all three of our Soul Powers embodies different images in your eyes.

So does it mean that each person's Soul Power has its own characteristics, or that there are classifications"


Yang Yang: "..."


Yang Yang didn't want to take on this topic, "Are there any glasses that can filter the image of Soul Power"


Gu Lita: "There's none."


Yang Yang: "..."




A sigh like laughter sounded in the room.


It was none other than Archibald.


Yang Yang: "..."


Immediately, Archibald's voice sounded with joy: "Tomorrow the Starship will reach the Old Emperor Star.

I'll go and take a look."


The sound of footsteps and door closing sounded one after another; Archibald left.


When Archibald left, Yang Yang asked, "How can this disease be cured"


Gu Lita: "There's no recognized effective treatment in medicine at present.

I can only give you adviceㅡtry to control your Soul Power as much as possible up to its smallest degree of detail."


Yang Yang: "Can I still be cured"


Gu Lita "I'm not sure.

ㅡIn fact, many people hope to get this disease.

For people with weak souls, this disease is like a magnifying glass, which can magnify their capabilities.

The results also prove with this in mind, 36 of the 178 recorded cases have become cutting-edge talents and only 13 of the remaining have a strong desire for recovery.



Yang Yang: "..."


Gu Lita "But don't worry, because 80% of these 178 people were cured.

The remaining 20% ​​are either due to their weak Soul Power and low impact of the disease or the medication delayed their recovery.

The shortest recovery time is three months and the longest is only 13 years."


Yang Yang: "...only"


Gu Lita shrugged.

"It's not that long."


Yang Yang: "..."


Yang Yang decided to take a different approach.

He asked Roth in his head: [Can you project the scene outside to my retina]


Roth:【Master, I don't recommend this.

My energy source is your Soul Power, which is out of control now.

Frequent use of Soul Power may aggravate your condition】


Yang Yang: "..."


Fine then.


At this time, someone patted Yang Yang's shoulder.

The strength was very light, it's definitely Monta.


Sure enough, Monta's voice followed immediately, "Hey, don't close your eyes.

Why don't you open them and take a look at my face now"


Yang Yang: "..."


Go away.


Gu Lita's voice also sounded with a laugh, saying, "You still need to adapt to it first, or you can first look down and look at our hands ㅡI will try to find someone to make you a pair of isolation glasses, but don't hold too much hope."


Hearing this, Yang Yang sighed.

"I could only do that."


Yang Yang said as he lowered his head and opened his eyes slowly.


His target was their hands.


The outline of the one hand could still be seen, but the skin was covered with thick or thin white lines, the lines were like blood vessels and there was a faint white substance flowing inside.


Maybe it's because the hand was not moving that looking at it seems to be acceptable.


However, the other one can no longer be called a hand.

To describe it, it looks like a white glove and there are tiny white particles like drops of water on the surface of the glove.


It looks very lively.


After comparing the two, Yang Yang chose to look towards the "white gloves".


After seeing the person in front, Yang Yang: "..."


"How is it What do I look like"


This voice was of Monta's.


Yang Yang groaned.

"How do I put it..."


Monta was in high spirits.

"Just be honest, the more detailed the better or you can draw it."


Yang Yang: "Well, you look like a humanoid object covered with thick white plaster and popping candies."


Monta: "..."


The author has something to say: 


Byrd: What did you say yesterday


Yang Yang: ...(the other party doesn't want to talk to you and throws a little-white-man.jpg at you)


Monta: Who did I provoke again


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