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Chapter 16: Parenthood

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From the Emperor Star to the Old Emperor Star, if they continue to fly, it would only take one day of voyage.

However, considering the physical condition of He Shu and Yang Yang, it was reduced due to the occasional stop overs and their voyage was extended to ten days.

On the first day of sailing, Yang Yang was still in a mood to enjoy the scenery outside of the starship flying into the universeㅡin his world, only astronauts can see the real universe with their own eyes.

The view of the universe was similar to what Yang Yang used to see in the documentary, but seeing it with his own eyes was completely different.

However, such a shock was only enough for a while.

Yang Yang still has a major problem of “15-day abortion” that needs to be solved.

If the child was gone, what will happen to his future

In fact, it’s not hard to guess that after confirming that the child he is conceiving will be healthy, he will be asked to continue and complete the agreement thinking about the benefits; he may be used as a breeding tool to his disadvantage.

But whether good or bad, Yang Yang doesn’t want it.

So keeping the fluorescent ball in his stomach is the shortcut.

After Yang Yang saw enough of the universe, he asked Gu Lita incense sleeping aid, and then locked himself in the room.

He fell asleep smoothly and back to the Soul Cube again, the fluorescent ball was still flying happily in the air.

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang asked Roth [Won’t it get tired]

Roth【Soul Cube can eliminate negative effects, including soul fatigue.

And the vitality of the newborn soul is generally very strong 】

Yang Yang sat down cross-legged in the void and waved at the fluorescent ball, “Come here.”

The fluorescent ball seemed to have forgotten that it had been slaped into his stomach and was heartlessly grabbed before, and lovingly rubbed against Yang Yang’s palm.

Yang Yang was tickled by it, and can’t help but turned his hand, and put the fluorescent ball on his leg.

The fluorescent ball was well behaved, it didn’t move when it fell on Yang Yang’s leg, it was just flashing as if staring at Yang Yang.

Yang Yang stretched out his fingertips and poked at the fluorescent ball, saying: “Let’s talk.

When I’m awake, leave the Soul Cube with me.

You can’t go crazy here after I’ve fallen asleep.

Can you do that”

Fluorescent ball: flashing nicely.gif

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang suddenly thought of something.

He asked Roth [Can it understand me]

Roth:【In theory, yes.

Some research data on the Star Network showed that some mellow females can communicate with the child’s soul, but the communication is also limited to the perception of emotions.

At this time, the child cannot understand the language】

Yang Yang “…”

So the question is, what can he do to make this fluorescent ball abandon its “playground”

The answer is obvious.

After all, if you can’t communicate, there’s only one way left;violent cooperation.

Yang Yang looked at the fluorescent ball on his leg and sighed, “Sorry.”

Fluorescent ball: flashing nicely.gif

Yang Yang picked up the fluorescent ball and placed it on his palm, and then buckled up with his other hand, tightly snuggling.

Yang Yang in the state of soul is translucent, so you can still see the fluorescent ball in the palm of his hand.

The fluorescent ball didn’t panic and remained motionless.

Yang Yang thought he couldn’t put it back in his stomach, otherwise it might broke out again in the next second, so he planned to leave the Soul Cube with the fluorescent ball.

But Yang Yang had just stood up and saw that the fluorescent ball slowly and slowly emerged from back of his hand.

Yang Yang “…”

It seemed that Yang Yang found that the fluorescent ball “snapped” again and got back into his palm from his clasp.

It was just like a child playing hide-and-seek, always thinking that he was hiding well.

Yang Yang also found that after hiding, it flickered a bit faster.

He don’t know why, but Yang Yang felt that he could read its mood—it was delighted.

Yang Yang “…”

So, it’s really playing hide and seek.

No, this is not the point, the point is.

Yang Yang: [Roth, can it penetrate in any part of my body Beside my stomach]

Roth:【Yes, Master.

In the state of soul, the female has an inclusive character to the child’s soul.

In theory, if it wants to, it can even melt in your body.

—Of course, as the embryo matures, this tolerance characteristic will gradually weaken】

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang looked down at the fluorescent ball who was playing peek-a-boo cat.

[Say, if I hit it will it become obedient]

Roth thought about it and said:【First of all, in the question of inclusiveness, if it’s not willing, you can’t touch it at all】

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang [There’s only one way.]

Roth was curious【What’s the solution】

Yang Yang looked down at the fluorescent ball that had emerged half a soul body again, he suddenly reached out and squeezed it, and then left the Soul Cube at the same instant.

Opening his eyes, Yang Yang kept lying down and asked [Roth, is it back]

Roth:【No, it’s still in the Soul Cube】

Yang Yang “…”

Fine, it seems that “while it’s not paying attention” won’t work.

Yang Yang sighed and sat up from the bed.

He only has 15 days to take the fluorescent ball away from the Soul Cube, which currently seems not feasible.

And even if it was brought out, maybe one day it would go back again.

So he has to solve the problem from the root cause.

For example, it’s forbidden for fluorescent ball to stay in the Soul Cube.

Thinking of this, Yang Yang asked [Roth, can I control the access rights of the Soul Cube]

Roth:【Soul Cube is Master’s Horcrux.

After Master learns to use soul power to drive it, you can control it】

Sounds simple, but.

Yang Yang [Do you think I can learn to use soul power within 15 days]

Lesters was born to be able to perceive soul power, but Yang Yang, a pseudo-Lester who was a halfway monk, did not have this talent.

Roth was silent for two seconds,【Master, fighting!!】

Yang Yang “…”

[Thank you.]

But now Yang Yang really has no other way.

Yang Yang wiped his face, got up and walked out.

Roth asked:【Where are you going, Master】

Yang Yang [Go look for a teacher.]

Yang Yang only slept for more than an hour, and when he woke up it was when the starship was the most idle.

Leaving the room, turning around was the public lounge area, next to the sofa was a round table, the four people including Archibald are present and there was a half-length holographic projection in the middle.

It was a man.

“Yang Yang is awake.”

Gu Lita was the first to discover Yang Yang and beckoned to him, “You’re just in time, come and let me introduce you.”

Yang Yang obediently walked over and sat down beside Gu Lita.

Gu Lita pointed at the person in the holographic projection and said, “This is Ya Qing, Byrd’s uncle, an amazing doctor.

Ya Qing, this is Yang Yang.”

Yang Yang obediently asked, and Gu Lita took the topic again and said, “I just talked about your business just now, how is it Is the child back”

Yang Yang said positively, “I was also thinking about this.

It is not willing to return to the Soul Palace, so I can only think of another way, and I need your help.”

Gu Lita nodded.

“Fire away.”

Yang Yang “I need someone to teach me how to perceive and use soul power.”

The expressions of a few people suddenly became weird.

Monta glanced at Yang Yang, “Are you kidding me You still need someone to teach you perceive soul power”

To him, perceiving soul power is like breathing, it’s the instinct of the body.

Yang Yang said without changing his expression, “I’m sorry, I really forgot how to perceive and use the memory of soul power.”

Gu Lita nodded, “It’s not uncommon, and it can happen to some people who have been seriously injured in the soul palace.”

“That’s right.”

Ya Qing took the conversation and provided Yang Yang help and advice, “Your situation is special, but I just have something here for youㅡit’s a rehabilitation training textbook for people with impaired soul power, which mentioned here on how to perceive and mobilize soul power.

Of course, depending on your situation.

I think you should first look at the basic instruction firstㅡI will pack it together for you.

After that, Yaqing asked, “What’s your terminal number I’ll send it to you later.”

Yang Yang suddenly remembered this, “My terminal number seems to be frozen, it’s not yetㅡ”

“Ndy4536251, is his terminal number.”

Before Yang Yang’s voice fell, Archibald reported a series of numbers, and took a box from the storage space and put it in front of Yang Yang.

“This is your new terminal.”

Yang Yang froze, looked at Archibald and smiled, “Thank you Duke.”

Archibald glanced at him coldly and didn’t reply.

Yang Yang didn’t care, he almost figured out Archibald’s temper.

From the coldness he learned from the record for the first time, to the fact that he’s grumpy but has a powerful self-control, and last night because of the overflow of his soul power, he apologize, and was even feeling guilty, then he quietly handed his tail over to “please” him…

Overall, he has a knife mouth but a tofu heart.

Yang Yang was inexplicably in a better mood.

He opened the box and found that there was a watch-like thing inside.

It was extremely thin and light, and the texture in his hand was strange, it felt like silicone but it was softer.

Yang Yang put it on his wrist, and the terminal automatically clasped his wrist skin, which was very convenient.

The terminal has a navigation mode for first time using it.

Yang Yang followed the operation once and it was good to use.

At this time, Ya Qing’s information package was also delivered.

Yang Yang opened it and then opened the basic instruction file, marked by Ya Qing.

The next second, a light screen popped up, showing a large round bright golden “soul ball”.

Below, the soul ball was a line of a childlike art font Soul Ball: Soul Baby’s Soul Class.

Yang Yang “…”

Okay, the enlightenment textbook is indeed the most basic for him.

“Well, isn’t this Byrd”

He Shu probe and looked over then made a surprised sound.

Yang Yang “”

Archibald “…”

Ya Qing smiled kindly, “Yes, this was the soul picture of Byrd at that time, second brother especially liked it, and also made me to put it as the cover of the Soulstar Enlightenment Textbook.

But later, this version was discovered by Byrd and it has never been used.”

Yang Yang reacted, pointed to the soul ball in the light screen, not sure.

“This is how the duke’s soul looked like when he was a kid”

He Shu had a silly father’s smile on his face, “Yes, isn’t it cute.”

Yang Yang looked at the soul ball in the light screen, and couldn’t help but think of the free flying fluorescent ball inside the Soul Cube.

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang looked up and showed a loving smile to Archibald, “Yeah, it’s round, just like a ball.

It must feel good to pat.”

Archibald “…”

Did he provoke this person today


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