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Chapter 15: Bad Child

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Yang Yang slept soundly and when he woke up, he found that he was lying in the examination room again and Gu Lita had drawn another tube of blood from him.

Yang Yang [… Roth.]

Roth:【Master, I’ve been calling you for the past five minutes】

Yang Yang “…” okay.

Gu Lita glanced at him and said, “Don’t move, otherwise I’ll have to draw another tube.

I’ll give you a soul scan and soul palace check up later.”

Yang Yang responded then looked around, wondering, “Isn’t this an apartment”

Gu Lita began to draw a second tube of blood while replying, “We’re in a starship, flying back to the old Emperor Star.”

Yang Yang wondered, “We’re going back so soon”

Gu Lita gave Yang Yang a hemostatic gel and smiled at him, “Why, you want to stay for a few more days”

Yang Yang denied it, “I just thought that the Duke would wait to confirm the child first before leaving.”

Gu Lita put the blood samples into the instrument, she pulled a scanning instrument then hung it over on Yang Yang’s body and pressed the start button.

Then she said, “Byrd doesn’t need to do the work himself, someone will send the results of the investigation later.

Aren’t you curious about the Old Emperor Star I think you’re very calm and are you not afraid that you might be imprisoned again when we reached the Old Emperor Star”

Yang Yang “I believe that the Duke is a good person, but I’m really curious about the Old Emperor Star.

I know that it has become a trial planet since it was attacked by the dragon level soul beasts.

Over the years, the ecology has become more primitive… And there’s a rumor that I wanted to confirm.

Many people said that the Old Emperor Star has a treasure, but there’s no information on the Star Network.

Is the treasure real”

Gu Lita smiled, “What treasure, but in some abandoned citiesㅡthat was evacuated because of an emergency.

On that same year later, because of the severe damages and heavy casualties, they had no time to cleaned up the city and a lot of valuable things were left behind.”

However, in addition to the present cleaning up and the constructions of several stronghold new cities, the other abandoned cities have been occupied by beasts.

Every year, some people would come to hunt for treasures during the trial season, but in the end there would only be a few who could come back.”

Yang Yang asked, “Are those beasts so strong”

These days, the only people that he came in contact with was Zhou Hua and his family and Archibald, but he didn’t get to see other things.

Gu Lita nodded, “The species on the Old Emperor Star ranked second in the entire Empire.

In fact, a slightly trained beast shaped Lesters can cope with those beasts, but ordinary people like you are just food for those beasts.”

Yang Yang “…”


At this time, the blood test results came out.

Gu Lita turned and looked at the examination results and exhaled calmly then resumed a normal.

She looked at Yang Yang, “How did you do it”

Yang Yang raised an eyebrow and understood the meaning of her words.

He smiled and said, “The residues of Mandela grass were gone”

Gu Lita nodded, “Not only was there no any residues, the data also showed that you’ve quickly recovered.

Can you share your little secret with me”

Yang Yang replied, “I’m sorry, but I can’t.

However, I can guarantee that the child would be healthy.

Unless, of course something threatens my lifeㅡ”


Before Yang Yang’s words come to an end, the instrument hanging on him sounded an alarm and the receiver on other side also lit up with a red light.

Yang Yang “… ”

Gu Lita was also surprised then quickly went to the receiver and looked at the results, her face suddenly changed.

“What happened”

Looking at her face, Yang Yang didn’t feel good, he sat up and asked.

After Gu Lita repeatedly confirmed, she turned back at Yang Yang and her face was cold “The child is gone.”

Yang Yang was stunned, he immediately touched his stomach and asked with uncertainty, “Do you mean I had a miscarriage”

The elegance in Gu Lita’s eyes faded and was replaced with a fierce look.

She stared at Yang Yang and said, “No, but almost, because the child’s soul reaction has disappeared, it’s a stillborn!”

Soul reaction

Yang Yang hesitated, “You mean, the child’s soul hasn’t been detected”

Gu Lita took a step forward while staring at Yang Yang “Yes, there’s no soul reaction from the child, so where’s your so called healthy child Or is it just a ploy to fool the Doton Family in order to escape from the Zhou Family”

Yang Yang immediately denied, “I didn’t.”

He vaguely understand what was going on.

Yang Yang [Roth, where’s the child]

Roth【It’s jumping and rolling in the Soul Cube】

Yang Yang “…”

Jumping and rolling


Yang Yang solemnly looked at Gu Lita and said, “This is all just a misunderstanding, the child is fine.”

“Misunderstanding The child is fine Do you think I would believe that”

Gu Lita squinted her eyes.

She might have been smiling all this time but Yang Yang knew that Gu Lita is a very dangerous person.

Biachibirds were much more dangerous in terms of personality.

Yang Yang sighed and could only reveal some ambiguous information.

“Okay, in fact, after the car accident, my soul and soul palace became abnormal and in my consciousness, I have a space for my soul and the child can be purified there.”

“But I only also knew this today, that if the child stays in that space, its soul response won’t be detected by the instrument.”

Gu Lita’s look remained grim, “Give me evidence.”

Yang Yang thought, “Let me sleep.”

Gu Lita “… What”

Yang Yang explained, “When I fall asleep, my soul would automatically enter that space.

I’ll bring the child out.”

Gu Lita laughed, “Okay.”

After speaking, Gu Lita suddenly raised her hand then Yang Yang only felt some pain on his neck and when he opened his eyes, he found that he had entered the Soul Cube.

I’ve been knocked unconscious

Yang Yang “…”

That ‘woman’ is a tiger.

Yang Yang shook his neck and felt no pain in his soul form, so he left the matter aside.

The Soul Cube was still void, but right now, there’s a “fluorescent ball” spinning and jumping in the air while having fun.

Yang Yang “…”

Are you a bee

Yang Yang reluctantly reached out to the fluorescent ball and called, “Come here.”

The fluorescent ball paused for a moment then slowly floated over and spin around Yang Yang’s palm intimately.

Yang Yang wasn’t good at dealing with children, so he didn’t coax him.

While the fluorescent ball was still on his palm, he grabbed it and put it back into his belly like a ball.

Fluorescent Ball “…”

Fluorescent Ball “”

Yang Yang patted his belly and said, “Be good and stay there, don’t give me trouble.”

The fluorescent ball flickered inexplicably, seemingly well behaved and had no intention of slipping out again.

Yang Yang was relieved, his soul broke away from the Soul Cube and he woke up.

However, when he left the Soul Cube, he saw that the fluorescent ball inside his stomach rushed out then continued to flew in the void happily.

Yang Yang who had opened his eyes had caught the sight of Gu Lita: “…”

Yang Yang’s gaze shifted and found that the previous scanning device was still on and started to “beep—” again.

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang “Do you want me to sleep a little longer”

Gu Lita who was standing at the side was expressionless and there was another person next to her, it’s Archibald.

Archibald looked at Yang Yang and coldly said, “Get up.”

Yang Yang was a little confused, “… Where”

Archibald “To eat breakfast.”

Yang Yang “… oh.”

Gu Lita laughed as she looked at Yang Yang as if she had just discovered a new specie.

“I think you’re really not afraid of the heavens.”

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang decided to skip this topic.

He got out of bed and asked, “Did the child’s soul reacted”


Gu Lita concealed her expressions and stared at Yang Yang, “But after you fell asleep, your soul reaction disappeared for a while then it reappeared, but it was very weak.

After you woke up, your soul’s reaction changed back to normal, so I chose to believe what you said for the meantime.”

Yang Yang was relieved.

Gu Lita went on, “I don’t know what your secret space is, but I suggest that you let the child return to its own body as soon as possible.

The fetus born by the females are very special.

If the soul leaves the body for more than 15 days, the embryo in your stomach would have a miscarriage.”

Before Yang Yang could completely breath a sigh of relief, it suddenly got stuck on his throat.

Gu Lita patted Yang Yang’s shoulder and faked a smile then she added her last sentence, “If the child is gone, I don’t think you will like the future you’re going to face.”

Yang Yang “………”


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