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Chapter 12: Prove It

Archibald put Yang Yang at the back seat of the car, turned on the protection mode and went to the co-pilot himself.

The car drove out of Becken Manor and flew into the air track.

After hovering to change the driving mode it turned into a flow of light.

Yang Yang sat up when the car was lifted off.

He was lying on the car window with much interest while watching the whole process of conversion modes.

“So this was the feeling of flying.”

Yang Yang satisfied his curiosity, then withdrew his gaze and began to wipe his tears intently.

Archibald looked in the rear-view mirror and couldn’t help asking “…when are you going to stop crying”

Yang Yang was also innocent, “I don’t want to either, but the potion given by Aunt Gu was too powerful.

Do you have water in your car I think I’m a little dehydrated.”

Archibald “…”

Archibald “The blue button on the door.”

Yang Yang lowered his head and a drawer slid out under the seat, inside were drinks and dry food that was neatly arranged like marching band.

Yang Yang took a bottle of water and drank while crying.

Before he could take his second sip he already fell asleep at the back seat.

Today he work too hard and his weak physique can only hold on for one full show.

However, Yang Yang didn’t dare to sleep unguarded and ordered Roth that if there was any situation, Roth would wake him in time.

Fortunately, apart from Archibald’s several gazes, the entire journey was safe.

The Doton’s Family also has a fixed property at Emperor Star, an apartment-type villa with a sky garden.

This apartment building was more than 200 meters high and the Dotons live on the top floor.

This season was cloudy and foggy.

Every morning and night, the garden outside the apartment would be surrounded by cloudy fogs just like a wonderland.

However, Yang Yang didn’t saw its beauty todayㅡwhen he was awakened by Roth, he was already lying inside a treatment room, while Gu Lita was holding a blood collector device and taking a tube of blood out of him.

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang [Roth was this your supposedly ‘just in time’]

Roth felt wronged:【I swear, five seconds ago, Gu Lita said that she was just going to order a takeaway, who knew that when she turned around she already took out a blood collector device! QAQ】

Yang Yang “…”

“Wake up.” Gu Lita has seen Yang Yang opened his eyes and said with a smile but didn’t forget to comment, “Your body is too weak, you need to make up for it later.”

Yang Yang glanced at his arm coated with hemostatic gel, sat up and calmly looked at Gu Lita then asked, “Previously, I was curious, what does Aunt Gu want to do with my blood”

Gu Lita didn’t hide the truth this time.

She put the blood into the instrument and looked at Yang Yang after pressing the start button and frankly said, “Tyne was your father, my old friend.

But 64 years ago he died but Zhou Hua said he died 21 years ago, so I’m a little curious whether you’re his child or not.”

Yang Yang froze for a while and did not expect that his life would be this problematic, but it wasn’t important to him.

Yang Yang glanced at the running instrument and said, “But I remember you said that it only takes a drop or two of my blood.”

Gu Lita smiled, “I thought you would ask about yourself first.”

Yang Yang said with a solemn expression, “I don’t remember and my parents have never been mentioned in my diary.

So my only wish now was to get out of Zhou Hua’s control as stated in my diary.

Then complete my agreement with the Duke of Doton and went to a peaceful place and live an ordinary life.”

Gu Lita shrugged, “Nice wish, that is, if you didn’t lie to us, I believe it will come true.”

Yang Yang remained calm, “Time will prove everything and you will verify it, won’t you What was Aunt Gu checking”

Gu Lita smiled, “Rest assured, just giving you a basic check up to understand your current physical condition and also your child’s condition.”

Yang Yang nodded, it’s reasonable.

At this moment, the door was opened again, taking off his military jacket and only left a white shirt, it was Monta who came in.

Monta entered Yang Yang’s line of sight as soon as he came in.

He joyfully stood in front of Yang Yang.

“Hey buddy, you’re a bull!”

Monta nicely put his arms around Yang Yang’s shoulder and said, “I’m this old but it was the first time I’ve seen such a choreographer that wasn’t killed by Byrd.

Did you know that the news of Byrd dating online was flying all over the sky”

Yang Yang didn’t mind Monta acting like they were close and raised some doubts, “Didn’t the Duke sealed those people’s mouth”

Monta, “It’s fine.

No one would dared talk about your pregnancy but we can let go of those little gossips that won’t hurt the Doton Family’s face.

You didn’t saw Byrd’s face just now.

Hey, hey, I suggest you to learn from my mother and get a special small notebook.”

Yang Yang didn’t understand “What small notebook”

Gu Lita kicked Monta and interrupted their conversation, “You talk too much, and why are you here”

Monta patted his head “Ah, I was with Uncle Shu and he asked me to ask Yang Yang what he wants to eatㅡwhat do you eat”

Yang Yang “The liquid food that I have been eating since I was discharged from the hospital that tasted disgusting and I don’t know what it’s made of.”

Gu Lita took his words and said, “Let He Shu prepare half a serving of his own recipe, then warm a cup of fruit milk.

Also, although I don’t want to deprive him of cooking, he himself has been tired for two days.

Don’t force me to carry an ‘execution’.”

Monta stood up and performed a military salute.

“Yes Ma’am.

Then I’m out.”

As soon as Monta closed the door and went out, the instrument issued a beep and the results came out.

Gu Lita forwarded the result in her own terminal then flip over, her mouth raised, “Sure enough.”

She looked back at Yang Yang and said, “Congratulations, you’re not Tyne’s child.”

Yang Yang “… was this good news”

Gu Lita “If you listen to what I’m going to say nextㅡyou’re Zhou Hua’s child.”

Yang Yang “…”

Yang Yang “Are you sure”

Gu Lita nodded “Okay, but you’re not Mu Shuyi’s child.

That is, you are Zhou Hua’s illegitimate child.”

Yang Yang “…”


Gu Lita showed no sympathy and came over to asked, “How do you feel”

Yang Yang looked at her with no expression “Like eating a fly or chewing slowly.”

Gu Lita laughed, “I understand.

However, you don’t look like Zhou Hua, so I like you quite a bit.”

Yang Yang “… thank you.”

Gu Lita relaxed her expression and asked “So, are you interested in your life history now”


Yang Yang’s attitude was very firm, “I have to say it twice, I have amnesia and had no emotional desire for my parents.

Let’s say although Zhou Hua has raised me or even if he really was my father, all I feel towards him could only be admiration.”

Gu Lita laughed, “It’s good if you have this awareness.”

Yang Yang smiled and didn’t speak.

Regarding this sudden revelations about Yang Yang’s life history, he knew that if he was shaken just because of this then he would immediately lose the trust of the Doton Family.—Of course, what Yang Yang said before came from the heart.

Gu Lita no longer mentioned Yang Yang’s life history thing-y.

As if she was just discussing an ordinary test result, she went over to report Yang Yang’s test results.

After a while, Gu Lita’s complexion became bad then she looked at Yang Yang, “Are you taking Mandela grass pellet”

Yang Yang’s heart jump and said, “I don’t know.

I haven’t taken any medicine since I was discharged.

I just ate porridge back in the Manor.

What is that Mandela grass pellet”

Gu Lita frowned and answered, “A kind of anti-baby drug that’s not suitable for females.

If females take it in a long term, it will affect the soul palace, which will lead to reduction of fetus and mother’s resistance and can even cause dementia to the child.”

Yang Yang’s eyes suddenly widened.

Gu Lita sighed and said, “Fortunately, there was only a very little residue.

I will prescribe medicine for you and it will be completely cleaned up in a week.”

Yang Yang’s expression wasn’t relaxed but was more solemnㅡhe remembered that these days, every day after lunch he would be very sleepy and every time he entered the Soul Cube not only the child, but also the black substance from his soul was being removed.

Therefore, it wasn’t that the Mandela grass has less residue but that the Soul Cube quickly purified it.

But why would Zhou Hua do this Isn’t a healthy offspring would be more valuable than a weak one

“Well, don’t worry.”

Seeing him like this, Gu Lita was rest assured, “Fortunately, it was discovered early.

This dose will not affect the child.

If you continue to take it for four or five days, I’m afraid that miscarriage is possible.”

Yang Yang heard these words and his heart thump.

Then he said, “But I have taken it for four days.”

Gu Lita frowned and said “It’s impossible, there’s not much Mandela grass in your body.”

Yang Yang “Since I was discharged from the hospital, Zhou Hua had been monitoring me.

Although I hacked some restrictions with Roth but I have not checked the food.

These days, every day after lunch I would feel exhausted.

I thought I was just too weak.

But thinking about it, I didn’t have such situation in breakfast and dinner.”

Gu Lita raised an eyebrow “So you’re not sure if you really take it.”

Yang Yang nodded “But now I have it in my body.

Do you remember what I promised you I said I can guarantee that the baby in my stomach would be healthy.”

Gu Lita’s expression became serious, this was the key to her constant concern.

She stared at Yang Yang “You mean that you have a way to avoid the effects of Mandela grass”

Yang Yang shook his head “Not only the Mandela grass, I can guarantee that any negative effects would stay away from the child in my stomach.

Although I can’t explain it to you, isn’t this a chance to prove this now”

Gu Lita “How long would it take to purify the negative effects”

Yang Yang “One night.

You can check it tomorrow morning.”

Gu Lita narrowed her eyes and stared straight at Yang Yang with dark eyes.

Yang Yang “…”

Ah, he has seen this look.

That’s how his anatomy teacher looked at the sick rabbit at the medical school.

To sum it up in four words: I’m curious, want to dissect.

T/N: it’s 4 words in chinese

Fortunately, Gu Lita also knows that this was serious.

She looked back and smiled, “Okay.

But I will sleep with you tonight and monitor you to make sure you won’t inject any special medicine.”

Yang Yang shrugged “Okay.”

“I disagree!”

At this moment, the door was pushed open, Monta and Archibald were standing outside the door, Monta stomp his foot and said, “Mom, if you try to attract bees and butterflies, I will make a small report to dad!”

T/N: Try to attract bees and butterflies – to attract the opposite sex or to flirt

Gu Lita “Okay, Mom will give you a chance, can you say it again”

Monta “… I mean, anyway, that’s Byrd’s wife, can you stop Byrd’s surveillance”

Gu Lita gave him a solemn glance without refuting.

She glanced at Archibald and looked back at Monta again.

“Did you provoke him again”

Monta immediately opened the theater mode “This time it wasn’t me.”

Archibald stepped forward, raised a chip in his hand, and coldly looked at Yang Yang “This chip is fake.

Where is Roth”

Yang Yang “…”

 Roth: 【…】

Oh right.


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