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Chapter 10: Threat


It was obvious that Archibald had never been teased like this.

His face turned black and the scales on his tail spread out.

This was a manifestation of the beast-shaped Lesters' anger.


But in Yang Yang's opinion, it looked like a long pine cone and it was a bit cute.


However, Yang Yang also knows that he can't go overboard.


He smiled and earnestly said, "I want Duke Doton's first marriage.

We'll agree to get married then divorced after a year.

You will give me 500 million star coins, then a new identity and the child in my belly would be yours.


I've already prepared the first draft of the contract.

In short, I'm just surrogating a child for you and I'm not fulfilling any husband-and-wife obligations."


"If the child was really Byrd's then that's not acceptable."


It was Gu Lita who spoke.

She was now very interested in Yang Yang.

She signaled Archibald to calm down and asked Archibald's question before, "So, what evidence do you have to prove it Where did those things you sent to Byrd came from"


Yang Yang looked at Gu Lita and said, "Then I'll have to start telling you from the very beginning."


Gu Lita was obviously very patient.

"We all have time tonight."


Yang Yang smiled, "That's good."


Almost two days ago, Yang Yang prepared several sets of rhetoric speech, this situation now is to his advantage.


Yang Yang paused for a second and then said, "I think you should know about me becoming a vegetable.

I became a vegetative person six months ago, but this child is only three months old."


The few people on the opposite side froze, thinking to understand about what this time difference meant.


Yang Yang continued, "Zhou Hua told the others that I left a will saying that I wanted a child, so when my condition worsened, he took the initiative to give me an artificial insemination.

But after I woke up, Zhou Hua didn't tell me about my pregnancy nor did he let me get any treatement for my amnesia.

After taking me back to the Manor, I found that he had already threw all of my personal belongings."


Monta on one side couldn't help but interrupt Yang Yang's words, "You have amnesia but how did you discover all this"


Yang Yang looked at him and sincerely smiled, "I only have amnesia.

I'm not stupid."


Monta "..."


Why did he felt that Yang Yang was scolding him


Yang Yang "Because my initial memory was blank, so in the first few hours after waking up, I was thinking in my mind if I should believe it or notㅡthe words that Zho Hua told me.

Like how much he cared about me, how much he missed me and how happy he was that I finally woke up.

However, when I was brought back and heard Zhou Hua saying that my old room was specially renovated just for me, I found something wrong.

All the contents were brand new and Zhou Hua never mentioned anything about the past."


"And since then, Zhou Hua put 251 next to me."


The eyes of several people couldn't help but glance at 251.


Roth【...M, Master】


Yang Yang [Don't be afraid, you won't have a lot of scenes.]




【But I don't want to take part of your play ah!!! QAQ】


Yang Yang also glanced at 251 and showed a gentle smile then said, "I have been sent to the Bridal Academy by Zhou Hua since I was 15 and I learned a lot of things there, but I don't want to elaborate more about it.

In the past, I couldn't go against Zhou Hua, but I didn't want to give up on my fate, so I secretly learned A.I Technology behind Zhou Hua's back and finally created Roth.

At first, Roth was just my notepad, but later, as I learned more, I continued to transform Roth.

When it became too difficult to hide Roth, I hid its chip inside 251 to avoid being found by Zhou Hua.

I have forgotten how I did it before but Roth implemented self-upgrading and self-learning.

It replaced 251 and cross the sea under camouflage to help me get a chance to escape, and I had that car accident during my escape."

T/N: Cross the sea under camouflage - to achieve one's aim by underhanded means


Yang Yang took a deep breathe and said, "I once kept some diary data in Roth and I found that many of Zhou Hua's words were false, so I decided not to believe everything he had said in the last two days and decided to verify it myself.

But I was too weak and because I want to recover soon, I asked Roth to secretly used an instrument to detect my condition because I wanted to know.

But I didn't expect that the results would also detect my pregnancy."


"And I finally understood the reason why Zhou Hua did this.ㅡBecause I like women but he wants me to like a man."




EX You said you liked what


The four people on the opposite side also showed a surprised look.

Obviously, they hadn't thought about this under the premise of knowing 'Yang Yang is pregnant'.


Yang Yang's face showed resentment then continued, "Although I have amnesia, my sexual orientation has not changed.

Even though I'm a female, I have never thought about having a child myself.

And it was also written in my diary that in the year of my adulthood, I explicitly told Zhou Hua about my sexual orientation but he still insisted on sending me to the Bridal Academy and even found me a husband.


Therefore, Zhou Hua didn't told me about my pregnancy, threw my personal belongings, freezes my terminal and social account, he did all of this for one reasonㅡhe wants to shape the amnesiatic me now to become a noble plaything, a noble commodity."


Yang Yang gritted his teeth and sneered "Fortunately, he knew nothing about Roth."


Having said all of this, Yang Yang seemed to have put down some of his burden.

He exhaled and calmed down again.


Yang Yang looked at Archibald and said, "My body is still too weak and I need time to cultivate my health before I leave, but I'm now under house arrest and the future has way too many variables.

So, I held on this childㅡI was a vegetative person at that time when Zhou Hua did not hesitate to forge a will to give me an artificial insemination.

I think the father of this child must have a great value for Zhou Hua to do so."


Archibald narrowed his eyes "So you got those materials from Zhou Hua"


Yang Yang shook his head, "No, I asked Roth to went inside the Incubation Center because I was also curious about whose child I was carrying.

Then Roth discovered that my artificial insemination wasn't random, rather someone had sneaked in to mixed your sample and made a directional extraction."


As for who that person was, Yang Yang don't need to say it out loud because they could already guess it.


Archibald did guessed it and his eyes changed sharply, the scales on his tail made a closed "click" sound and the whole man was like a tight string.


He's very angry, he was angry in Yang Yang's stead.


But to Yang Yang's surprise, Archibald didn't attack, but quickly suppressed his temper and calmed down.



Yang Yang raised an eyebrow.


Although he has a bad temper, he's good at controlling himself.

He is indeed a Colonel.


But compared to Archibald's calm self-control, Monta blasted directly.

He pinched a metal dessert spoon in his hand and scolded, "I must let that grandson know how to write the word dead this time!"




Archibald softly called Monta.


Monta looked at Archibald, finally gritted his teeth, dropped the spoon in his hand and calmed down.


Archibald looked at Yang Yang then asked, "What you said can only prove that the child may be mine.

Without 100% evidence, why should I agree to your deal"


Yang Yang was not in a hurry, he smiled, "It's true that the child born by the female can't extract genes before it hatches from its shell, to get a 100% evidence.

I'm afraid that only the background data of the Incubation System will be extracted.

I bet it would took a lot of effort even for the Dotons to get it.


So, to keep it simple, I'll add another condition, I can guarantee that the child in my stomach will be healthy.

What I mean is that this child will not have any genetic and congenital diseases.

Would the Duke of Doton consider to have a deal with me"


Archibald's eyes widened and the other three reacted differently.


The most direct was still Monta, "Ha, if you want to fabricate a lie at least make it decent.

The situation of Byrd's Family is known to the whole Empire.

For so many years, all the famous doctors in the entire Empire and even from all the planets in Soul Cloud Belt have not been optimistic.

Just because your mouth said that the child would be healthy, it would be Can you guarantee that"


Yang Yang looked at Monta and smiled, "I'm talking about the child in my stomach, not the Duke of Doton or Mr.

He Shu."


Monta "..."


Why does he felt that he was despised again


"Evidence." Archibald remained calm.

"Give me convincing evidence."


Yang Yang was also very calm, "Sorry, I don't have it."


Archibald "..."


He Shu and Gu Lita also frowned, apparently they didn't like Yang Yang's answer.


Monta jumped straight up, "Are you kidding"


Yang Yang didn't look at Monta, he's just staring at Archibald, "The child's health is my secret.

I can't prove it to you.

I can only tell you this fact verbally.

As for whether you believe it or not, I can't help it.


We might as well look at it from another angle, a clearly marked fake marriage and a completely healthy offspring without genetic diseases.

Isn't this deal a good bargain for you"


Archibald "..."


The other three "..."


They have to say that Yang Yang's thoughts are scratching the itch of several people.


Yang Yang persisted, "Also, after our transaction is completed, I will always be under your sight.

If the child wasn't Duke Doton's or unhealthy, you can kill me to vent your anger.

I have no complaints."


Archibald "What if I don't agree"


"Then I regret it," Yang Yang sighed and slowly touched his belly, and said to Archibald, "Just think as if nothing has happened today."


Archibald frowned slightly.

His intuition tells him that Yang Yang would not give up so easily.

In just ten minutes, Yang Yang had given him the impression that he had changed from a "noble plaything" to a "smart tanuki", but he didn't know why did he thought of a tanuki.4

T/N: Tanuki - japanese raccoon dog


As expected.


Yang Yang continued to open his mouth, "It's the best choice to fake your marriage.

If you don't agree, I naturally can't keep this burdenㅡwhen I was in the hospital, I have some signs of miscarriage and if I'll have an abortion it won't cause any suspicion.


I will make good use of this abortion period and try to get out of here.

Duke Doton, you don't have to feel guilty about the dead child."


"You're threatening me."


Archibald's eyes became dangerous, as if measuring how to pinch Yang Yang five hundred times in one second.


Yang Yang shook his head, his eyes were earnest, "No, this was my real intention."


Archibald "..."




Gu Lita called Archibald and He Shu also looked at Archibald.


Yang Yang didn't know the tacit understanding in their eyes, but when Archibald turned back, he said to Yang Yang "I agree."


Yang Yang smiled, "Roth."


251:【Yes, Master.

The contract has been sent to Duke Doton's mailbox】


Archibald opened his terminal and the e-mail was still in the familiar auto-opening mode.


Archibald "..."


Archibald glanced at 251.


251:【Sorry, I'm used to it】


Archibald "..."



T/N: please don't blame my poor engrish, also I'm fat and lazy.

I think Yang Yang should consider being an actor.


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