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Chapter 30: Moving In All Directions, Global Sensation!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“When is this going to end The rain here has no signs of stopping at all.”

“Acid rain is already so terrible. I cant imagine what will happen in the future...”

“Holy **, check out the live feed! A Huaxia Shelter has topped the charts!”

“Huaxia Shelter has topped the charts”

“No! Its Su Mos shelter! Holy **, he defeated Zeus Shelter!”

Everyone, who was originally crying about Doomsday on the World Channel, was suddenly hyped up. All of a sudden, the flooding World Channel was...


Instead, countless people flooded into the Disaster Resistance Channel!

Hanging on the first page was Su Mos live broadcast room.

Title—”Carrying Out Gods Will.”

A “Hua” word was marked next to the name of the room like a giant dragon, shocking people.

They clicked on the live broadcast page and saw the overall view of the shelter below from the overhead camera angle.


Immediately, the live comments surged in like a slanting flood.

“Holy **, are my eyes deceiving me Is this a shelter built by someone from Huaxia”

“Oh my god, look at the top of his shelter. There are three drainage pipes made of stone...”

“How many people are there in the Almighty Sus shelter I want to join the Almighty Sus shelter while Im still alive.”

“Theres finally an underground shelter in the top ten shelters. I thought no one would ever choose underground.”

All of a sudden, new spectators streaming in were discussing excitedly.

The sudden appearance of the underground shelter was a great novelty for those who had been looking at above-ground shelters all day.

However, an inappropriate live comment suddenly appeared on the screen.

“Hehehe. Is this Huaxias shelter Theyre forcing shelter members to go out on duty in this weather. Trash!”

“The trashy Zeus Shelter upstairs. Are you f*cking jealous Ill stab you.”

“Hehe Ill rip your mouth out. Why dont you see the ratings Look how much higher is our Huaxia peoples shelter than your trashy shelter”

“Trashy Amurica, get out of our shelter live broadcast. Youre not welcome here!”

In Zeus Shelter.

“Darn this Huaxia man. He must have been well-prepared to suddenly top the charts and recruit members with his popularity.”

Seeing so many grumpy buddies swearing, Zeus spokesman Big Beard lost his cool!

His mind quickly typed on the screen.

However, there were hundreds of thousands of counterattacks synching over on the bullet screen every time he posted a comment.

“F*ck! Trashy shelters like theirs will be destroyed in a natural disaster sooner or later!”

Big Beard threw his wooden mug to the ground. He was almost fuming with rage.

Not only did the netizens made him lose his cool, but he also could not believe that there was a shelter so much better than theirs!

“Basil, dont worry. His shelter is on the plains. Maybe he was lucky to find some tools and developed so quickly.”

“Hes no match for us when it comes to the shelters facilities! Look at our size!”

“No one knows how to build shelters better than I do!”

A middle-aged man with blond hair and an elegant face, sitting next to Basil, spoke gently.

“Im just angry... Shit...”

Big Beard Basil was about to speak when he saw the live broadcast room in the next moment, and his words stuck in his throat.

In the dark and rainy night, everyone in the live broadcast room saw a figure emerge from behind the shelter like a ghost and snuck up on a group of five that everyone mistakenly thought were “shelter members.”

Although they could not zoom in, everyone could see the murder weapon in Su Mos hand in this direction.

“Its a crossbow! A high-speed crossbow! Its f*cking ridiculous that someone could create it.”

“No. I believe it if you tell me the Almighty Sus a level 8 fitter. But its only been a few days, and he already has such a murder weapon.”

“Looks like these five people arent from the Almighty Sus shelter”

“Youre all focused on the weapon. Am I the only one who noticed a small passageway behind the Almighty Sus shelter”

“I gotta take my hat off to him. How big a team does it take to build this super shelter”

“The Almighty Sus raincoat is much more advanced than ours. Wuwuwu. Its so infuriating to compare yourself to others.”

Looking at the blockbuster-like scene and Su Mos agile figure, the live broadcast room was growing in popularity.

It was nighttime. Only some of those in a tough spot had not joined the live broadcast feed.

By this time, billions of people around the world were watching the killing being broadcasted live.

The first crossbow arrow passed through Scarfaces body.

All until the last confrontation with Huang Biao and the effortless killing, those who were watching it the whole time in the live broadcast room were dumbstruck.

Straight to the point.

Killing without blinking.



Huaxias best shelter.

Well equipped.


Man of my dreams. (Cross this out!)


I know you are the right one when I look into your eyes.

When countless labels appeared on the same person, Su Mos identity seemed to be shrouded in a layer of fog, preventing people from seeing the truth under the fog!

Which one was Su Mo

It might be both. It might be neither.

Su Mo walked back to above the shelter, one step at a time.

The cameras were also synchronized so that everyone could see for themselves what a real underground shelter was.

A sturdy stone door stood on the ground. The precise structure and primitive patterns were not something humans could create.

Through the pit dug next to the stone door, the thick stone wall lay on the ground, making people feel a strong sense of security at a glance.

Three stone drains strung along the back of the hill like scratches, diverting all the acid rain pouring down into an acid rain lake below.

Several dead people were lying around the shelter...

All this happened in less than twenty minutes.

The next moment, as the camera zoomed in again, everyone got excited. They were about to team up with the others as they thought Su Mo was going to explain about the shelter.

The shelters live feed went dark with a buzz.

The prompt on top also turned into the host was unavailable for the time being and would notify them when the broadcast started.


“Is the Almighty Su indifferent So this is how experts behave! I worship him!”

“Isnt there something missing Im willing to join the Almighty Sus shelter with no strings attached. Even if I have to work 18 hours a day.”

“Ill f*cking sign up right away. Im even willing to work overtime on Saturday or Sunday just to live in a shelter like this!”

“Do you think Su Mo is the only person at the shelter Is that why he has no intentions to recruit members”

“No way. How could one man possibly build such a massive and sturdy shelter”

“Who else remembers when the Almighty Su sold water and bought a copy of that old dog Chen Pingans illustration handbook on the first day”

“That old dog Chen Pingan deserves bad luck!”


Everyone was dumbstruck when Su Mo shut down the live broadcast room without a word.

In most private messages, the words “Su Mo” had become a buzzword, and almost everyone was talking about what they just saw.

The only underground shelter!

Ruthless killer!

For a while, if Weibo still existed, what happened tonight would have topped the trending charts.


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