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“She has a curfew.

If she gets home any later than 10:00 pm, shell get scolded,” said Min Yu with a straight face.

Huo Yaos cheeks twitched involuntarily.

Nie Su had taken Huo Yao as a decent and docile young woman.

“Okay then.

Yao, do come by more often if you can.”

She patted Huo Yaos hand and did not try to keep her.

Min Yu glanced at Nie Su and said, “In that case, were leaving.”

Huo Yao got up.

She nodded politely to Nie Su and said goodbye before heading out with Min Yu.

After stepping out through the door, the cold wind gusted toward them.

Huo Yao automatically pulled her collar together.

The wind made her feel less drunk.

Min Yu glanced at her.

“Are you cold”

Huo Yao shrank her neck under her coat and said in a muffled tone, “Im okay.”

Min Yu took off his coat and covered her with it.

“It will get warmer once we get into the car.”

Huo Yao lowered her head and acknowledged him.

Min Yu raised his brow.

“Are you drunk”

Huo Yao promptly raised her brow.

She stared at him with her beautiful eyes looking slightly drunk before she smiled.

“Are you joking How could I be drunk”

Min Yu held Huo Yaos hand and nodded.

“Uh huh.

Youre not drunk at all.”

Huo Yao frowned.

“Im really not drunk!”

After they got to the garage, Min Yu opened the front passenger car door and placed his hand on the car frame so that she would not hit her head when she got in.

Huo Yao reached her hand out and placed it on the car door without getting into the vehicle.

His coat had already fallen to the ground, but she failed to detect it.

Instead, she reiterated slowly.

“Im not drunk.”

It was the first time Min Yu had ever seen her being so insistent.

It seemed like age-appropriate behavior from her for once.

He bent over, picked up the coat, and put it back on her.


I know.”

“Youre patronizing me.” Huo Yao pushed Min Yu aside and got into the car on her own.

She attempted to pull the seat belt beside her several times but still failed.

Min Yu noticed that she was genuinely drunk.

He smiled before helping her with the seat belt.

After he was done, he covered her with his coat and closed the car door.

He walked around the car and got into the drivers seat.

Before long, they left the Min residence.

When they got back to the estate, Huo Yao was already fast asleep in the car.

Her phone rang several times on the way home.

The last time it rang, Min Yu had already pulled up in front of her villa.

After parking the car, he finally retrieved the phone from her coat pocket and answered it.

The last few calls were from Huo Yaos maid.

Min Yu said a few words before hanging up the phone.

Before long, the main entrance opened and the maid walked out worriedly.

Min Yu got out of the car, walked over to the front passenger car door, and carried Huo Yao out of the vehicle gently.

The maid glanced at Huo Yao worriedly.

“Did she drink a lot”

“Not much.

I think she has low alcohol tolerance,” replied Min Yu mildly before carrying her into the villa.

The maid followed behind them without daring to probe further.

After entering the villa, Min Yu carried Huo Yao straight to her room.

When he had finally placed her on the bed, the maid asked.

“Is Miss Huo alright”

Min Yu answered as he covered Huo Yao with the blanket.

“Shes fine.

Dont worry.”

The maid finally felt relieved.

She looked at Min Yu before she cleared her throat and thanked him.

“Thank you for bringing her home.

I can take it from here.”

“Good.” It was inconvenient for Min Yu to stay, so he got up to leave.

Huo Yao suddenly flipped over and pulled down the blanket.

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