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Chapter 30: You Have a Bloody Disaster

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Mr. Wang held the book in his hand and looked helplessly at Su Jin and Yu Haiyang. He warned them, “Then quieten down and stop talking.”

Yu Haiyang held back his anger. He made it with difficulty to the end of class, and he immediately roared.

“You damn trash, get the hell away from me right now. Dont sit near me.”

Su Jin took out her phone and calmly took out her phone to type.

“Little nephew, why dont you get lost first and show mw how its done”

Yu Haiyang was so angry that he got up and wanted to turn around and leave. He should not have come to school today. He was almost angered to death by a psychopath.

If he had not made an appointment with the arrogant and ruthless school bully of the neighboring academy to hold a motorcycle race today, he would have come today. The loser would be at the other partys beck and call.

Now, in order not to be angered by this trash, Su Jin, and affect himself, he decided to take a few days off and notify the other party to postpone the race for a few days.

Su Jin anxiously grabbed onto Yu Haiyang and typed quickly on her phone in a serious manner.

“Yu Haiyang, how about I read your fortune and you give me some commission”

Thinking of the scene that she had seen in her mind before, she thought of it as a warning to him.

Yu Haiyang was speechless. Was this piece of trash so poor that she was going to start scamming people

Seeing that Yu Haiyang did not say anything, Su Jin took it as a yes and quickly typed on her phone.

“Young man, I see that your temple is dark and there is a dark cloud above your head. This is bad luck. Im afraid there will be a bloody disaster in the near future.”

Yu Haiyang saw that Su Jin acted seriously and could not help but mock, “Is that so Then what should I do”

Su Jin stretched out her small hand, her palm facing upwards, directly reaching out in front of Yu Haiyang. Her other hand also quickly typed on her phone.

“Its not like theres no other way. If you give me 20,000 yuan, aunt will personally escort you to resolve this crisis.”

She originally thought that Yu Haiyang could not come back to school after going to the hospital today, so he would avoid it. She did not expect him to come back.

However, when the two of them accidentally touched each other just now, she realized that Yu Haiyangs matter had actually been delayed for many days.

Yu Haiyang rejected expressionlessly, “I dont have any money.”

Yu Haiyang had bodyguards by his side, but they were all hidden in the dark. How could there be a bloody disaster It was even more impossible for him to believe the words of a lunatic like her.

Su Jin cursed in her heart. You f*cking b*stard, if you did not have money, you should have said so earlier. You wasted my time.

Glaring at Yu Haiyang angrily, Su Jin sat back down. Ignoring Yu Haiyang, she took out her phone to contact Xiao Lin.

“Xiao Lin, how is it Do you have orders”

Xiao Lin saw Su Jins message and was very helpless. She replied.

“Boss, I just asked last night. How could it be so fast And according to your request, it is extremely rare.”

It could not be against morality or nature. Just these two conditions were enough to kill most of the orders. Which one of them did not find the hacker to steal some business secrets or something else

“Alright, Ill wait then.”

Su Jin replied and quickly went offline. She picked up her phone and walked to the infirmary.

She had said that she was going to see Gu Mengyao after class. She had almost forgotten about it just now.

Su Jin came to the infirmary and was about to go in to see Gu Mengyao when Grandpa Mou told her, “Theres no need to look. That girl has already left.”

Su Jin took out her phone in confusion and typed.

“Left Who took her away Can she walk back on her own now”

Grandpa Mou thought for a moment and said, “I think she was taken away by your fourth-year mysterious campus handsome boy.”

Su Jin was surprised. Her pretty brows twisted tightly.

Su Mo The guy who was silver-gray-haired, dark-robed, silent all year round, did not communicate with others, and disappeared after class

How did he know Gu Mengyao

After school, Xiao Lin sent a message to Su Jin, making her feel better.

“Boss, I just found a mission that fits your requirements. Ive accepted it. Its really too difficult.”

Su Jin was in a good mood when she saw the message. It did not matter if it was difficult or not, as long as it was there, she would be fine. She did not want to be penniless now and still have to go back to see the face of that devil, Xi Chenxiao.

“What mission”

Xiao Lin replied happily.

“This mission is actually not difficult. Its just that someone wants to take you as a teacher and learn technology from you to become a skilled hacker.”

Su Jin frowned. Could it be that devil, Xi Chenxiao

Su Jin was puzzled and immediately typed a reply to Xiao Lin.

“Want to learn hacker technology from me Then, do you know who placed the order”


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