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Chapter 30: Busy Place

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Su Ji greeted him, “Uncle Wang, good morning.”

She greeted him pretty coolly, but in Wang Zhichengs eye, her smile was like a cool wind in the summer morning.

How could there be such an adorable young lady in this world!

Su Ji sat in the passenger seat and yawned lazily.

She really couldnt be blamed for coming out so late. Last night, Su Qianrou had been wailing in the bathroom all night. She didnt know what kind of sad drama she was in.

Ning Lihua finally realized that Wang Zhicheng was just waiting for Su Ji.

He was really a loyal dog.

The car drove smoothly, and Su Ji leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes to rest.

Through the rearview mirror, Su Qianrou noticed that the wound on Su Jis forehead had fully recovered. She bit her lip and said with obvious jealousy, “Su Ji, todays test is for credits, right I heard that you need to complete 200 credits in three years to graduate, but youve only got less than 50 credits in two years...”

Kyokushin Art School was known to be difficult, and it had the highest entry requirements among all art schools.

No matter how popular you were, if you didnt have enough credits, you wouldnt be allowed to graduate. Once, there was a popular star who missed a few exams because she was too busy with filming. In the end, she couldnt graduate. That incident became hot news.

Therefore, there was no chance for a Z-lister like Su Ji.

“Isnt there still a year” Unexpectedly, Su Ji was unfazed when she heard this. She closed her eyes and said in a clear and indifferent voice, “thats enough. ”

Su Qianrou snorted and leaned back in her chair.

Stop pretending.


There was a row of luxury cars parked in front of Kyokushin Art School. Some were sending the students to take their exam, while some were talent scouts and directors looking for new talents.

One had to be bare-faced in the art examination. Su Qianrou had done an eyelash extension a few days ago to subtly improve her appearance.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she was immediately drowned in the crowd as soon as she entered a place full of good-looking men and women.

On the contrary, Su Ji was the center of attention.

“You guys saw the video last time, right Its quite popular on the internet. ”

“Why do I feel like shes more beautiful than before Isnt her skin glowing”

“She got an injection. I bet she got an injection.”

Su Qianrou was so angry that she pulled away from her and held onto Ning Lihuas arm as they walked.

She really didnt understand why they didnt talk about her and instead about a person who was past her prime.

Su Ji found the dance room for the test according to the location sent by the leader in the group.

The woman known as Coach Liu was a woman in her forties. Despite her age, she had a very good figure, a slender waist, and long hair tied up behind her head. She stood elegantly.

She seemed strict and intimidating, and the students were all in awe of her.

It was said that she had coached several famous movie stars, and each of them was better than the other.

When Su Ji arrived, there were already many students in the huge classroom.

This was the girls examination hall. Some were practicing dance while some were playing musical instruments. There was no lack of newcomers in the entertainment industry.

The music and dance tests would be held here in a moment and the scores would be announced on the same day. The students were all anxious.

The original owner had no friends in school, so she sat down next to a zither and played it.

The students were all nervously preparing, and the sound of the zither was not noticeable among the other sounds.

A few minutes later, the classroom door opened again, and the other three members of the Fallen Note arrived.

Meng Na, who had short hair and was wearing a black jacket, walked in front. As soon as she entered, she greeted Liu Yiqing warmly. “Coach Liu, I heard you playing the guzheng from outside the door. The melody is so beautiful!”


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