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Qiao An asked the teacher about Joey and Angel Qiaos performance at school.

Although their grades were good, Qiao An felt that the two girls were weak and afraid that they would be bullied by the children in the older class.

Moreover, they themselves were resistant to changing classes, so they kept their current class.

After leaving kindergarten, Mr.

and Mrs.

Huo praised Qiao An.

“Qiao An, were very relieved that youve raised the children very well.

In gratitude for giving birth to such adorable babies for the Huo family, weve decided to reward you and the children with a sum of money.”

Qiao An was flattered.

“I gave birth willingly.

Its every mothers responsibility to raise her child.

I dont want any reward.”


Huo laughed loudly.

“Many women fight to the death to get into a wealthy family in order to obtain the support of the mans family, but you, Qiao An, are pure.”

Qiao An glanced at Huo Xiaoran and whispered, “I like Brother Xiaoran not because hes rich.”


Huo said, “I know.

Your love is touching.

But Qiao An, the more you dont want anything, the more I should reward you.

Kind girls deserve more preferential treatment.”

Qiao An was helpless.

She muttered under her breath, “I have Brother Xiaoran.

Im not short of money.”

Huo Xiaoran smiled smugly because Qiao An was only willing to use his money, which meant that she was willing to rely on him and trust him.

This made him very gratified.

Huo Xiaoran said to Old Master Huo, “Grandpa, I wont let my Anan suffer.

Leave your money for your own retirement.”


Huos tone sank.

“This is a token of my appreciation.”

Qiao An softened when she saw that the old man wasnt happy.

“Then… Ill take it.

But not too much,” she begged.

In the end, Mr.

Huo gave Qiao An a jewelry store and 10 billion in cash cards.

After receiving such a generous gift, Qiao An sighed at Huo Xiaoran.

“I finally know why Lu Mo wanted to be the daughter-in-law of the Huo family.

I became rich through marriage.”

Huo Xiaoran smiled and said, “It is said on the internet that Lu Mo is a bride worth tens of billions.

I think Grandpa and Grandma dont want you to be inferior to Lu Mo, so they gave you more.”

Then, Huo Xiaoran thought for a moment and said, “I should give you a big gift too.”

Qiao An beamed at the mention of gifts.

“What kind”

Huo Xiaoran tapped her forehead.

“Ill give you the Angel Group.

From now on, youll be a bride of hundreds of billions.”

Qiao Ans mouth thinned.

“Does that mean Im married to a poor boy I dont want to.”

Huo Xiaoran said, “Youre already complaining that Im poor”

The two of them laughed and played around.

The next day, after breakfast.

Huo Xiaoran was about to go to work when Qiao An personally helped him put on his tie and jacket.

Huo Xiaoran looked at the gentle and considerate Qiao An and couldnt help but kiss her face.

“Anan, youre so kind.”

Qiao An smiled warmly.

“Anan, Ill be back early this afternoon.

Ill make dinner.”

“Okay,” Qiao An said.

After Huo Xiaoran left home, Qiao An received an unfamiliar call.

The other party said anxiously, “Is this Miss Qiao An Do you know Lu Mo”

Qiao An was stunned for a moment.

She thought she would never cross paths with Lu Mo again in her life, but she didnt expect to hear from her so soon.

“I do.”

“Thats good.

Please come to the First Hospital immediately… Miss Lu Mo wants to see you.”

When Qiao An heard about the hospital, she guessed that Lu Mo was sick.

“How is she” She didnt know what kind of feelings she had for Lu Mo.

She didnt seem to pity her, nor did she gloat.

It was just a very ordinary feeling.

“She tried to kill herself.

But the wound wasnt serious.

Right now shes mentally unstable and in mortal danger.”

Qiao An was stunned.

Hearing that Lu Mos life was in danger, Qiao An came to the First Hospital in a humanitarian spirit.

After she gave her name at the nurses desk, and a nurse immediately led her to the end of the corridor.

At the end of the corridor was a cramped waiting room.

There was a small window above it, and Lu Mo was sitting in it, cutting her arm with a knife.

One arm was already in a bloody mess.

When she saw Qiao An, perhaps it was because she didnt see Huo Xiaoran, her eyes revealed great disappointment.

At this moment, a few doctors comforted her.

“Miss Lu Mo, Miss Qiao An is already here.

If you have anything to say, come down and talk to her.”

After not seeing her for a few days, Lu Mos expression was especially bad.

Shed lost weight.

Her clothes were filthy, her hair greasy.

Her eyes were dull and lifeless.

When she saw Qiao An, her gaze chilled.

“Why isnt Senior here” she asked angrily.

Then, she suddenly smiled smugly.

“Arent you with Senior Is that why he doesnt know about me”

Qiao An was about to explain when she saw a few psychiatrists looking at her pleadingly.

She understood their gazes because back then, when she fell from the building and was hospitalized at Jinghang Hospital, she saw with her own eyes how Huo Xiaoran patiently tried to save those girls.

She didnt pity Lu Mo, but she pitied these doctors.

She changed the topic, not deciding to provoke Lu Mo.

“Im not with him.” She had meant that she was alone this morning.

Lu Mo smiled.

“Qiao An, I thought Senior would marry you.

I didnt expect him to not be with you in the end.”

Qiao An said, “Lu Mo, what do you mean by making a scene today”

Lu Mo cried, “I want to see Senior, but I cant get through to him anymore.

Hes blacklisted me.

Qiao An, you have a way to get him to see me, right”

Qiao An frowned.

“Why do you want to see him”

Lu Mo said, “I just cant accept it.

I just want to ask him if he regrets making me suffer so much because I love him so much I just want to see him.

Without me loving him, can he still find a sense of superiority in you”

Qiao An thought Lu Mo was sick in the mind.

But she had always been so obsessed with Huo Xiaoran.

“Lu Mo, you are forcing him to meet you by jumping off a building.

Do you think hell feel guilty when he sees you Let me tell you, no.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

With your self-destructive look, he should be extremely glad that he dumped you.”

Lu Mo roared angrily, “Ive never harmed him.

I love him so much.

How could he do that to me”

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