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He Was Quite Satisfied (3)

She couldn't go to her grandparents' place.

She had to practice dancing secretly and think of a reason to deceive Ning Haiyuan to allow her to go to S City, which gave her a headache.



Xia Xiaoshi, who did not realize that she had accidentally sold her little goddess, happily finished her meal.


After eating, it was inevitable to chat for a while.

Song Baoyun asked the teachers of each subject to say a few words to the students.


The chemistry teacher, Bald Li, was the first to speak, "I don't have anything to say to you.

I hope you will always stay motivated to learn, just like Ning Zhen.



He still thought it was rare to find a good student who raised her hand to answer questions.


A burst of laughter followed, and Ning Zhen blushed.


"But don't be like classmate Lin Zichuan who plays pranks on the teacher."


This time most people didn't know why, but only Chen Dongshu and Xiao Feng laughed in an earth-shattering manner, "Hahaha, Chuanzi...


Lin Zichuan's expression darkened.

What the **, man! Why does this teacher remember everything That feud was ancient history today, okay. 


The language teacher spoke a few words in ceremony.

Then, looking at Lu Zhi, she sighed silently.


Alas, she has worked hard for so long but still hasn't brought this child on the right track.

He spends all day hanging out with the second-generation rich kids who aren't doing what they should.

What will happen to him in the future...



After speaking in circles, Song Baoyun finally spoke, "I don't care where you guys go in the future or what kind of work you do.

Teacher only hopes you will not forget your original intentions and become useful to society.

I also hope that everyone will be happy and content for the rest of their lives.

As healthy and happy as at this moment.

People's lives are very long.

So no matter what you do, don't let yourself look back on this moment in the future and feel regret..."


Her words were melodramatic, and several girls were red-eyed.

Chen Dongshu and the others were no longer playful.

There was, after all, a smidgen of reluctance to part with them, having known these teachers for two years.


Ning Zhen was stunned.

She had lived two lifetimes.

Although she was still young, no one could understand this feeling better than she did.


People's lives were very long.

So one had to do something one wouldn't regret when thinking about it.


Xia Xiaoshi cried, hugging Ning Zhen's arm: "My God! Eating a meal is so dramatic.

I can't stand it.

~Ying~ying~ I really feel like I'm graduating."


However, this was not graduation at all.


After the teachers finished speaking, the students expressed their gratitude to the teachers in turn.


Remembering what she thanked Song Baoyun for, Ning Zhen felt that this love letter on her lap was about to burst into flames.

She couldn't stand up, so she had to look at Lu Zhi.


Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows, somewhat understanding her thoughts.


His lips moved slightly, telling her silently, "Wait a while.

Don't leave."


Under the tablecloth, he moved inadvertently and quickly took the love letter.


No one noticed his little movement.


Lu Zhi took the letter that returned to his hands and gave a soft tsk.

Both the person and the love letter were completely disliked by others. 


He watched her stand up.

The light blue skirt was beautiful.

It fit her slim waistline, outlining the slender figure of the young girl.


The calves under the skirt are white and well-proportioned.


She was very beautiful and seductive, but he only thought she was very good.


Too good to be true.


Ning Zhen thanked the teachers of each subject one by one, and finally, it was Song Bao Yun's turn.


A butterfly flapping its wings could cause a tornado.

In this life, Ning Zhen had matured a lot, and Song Bao Yun did not take care of her as much as she had in her previous life, but her gratitude was undiminished.


She sincerely said thank you.


Song Bao Yun smiled and hugged her, "Ning Zhen, work hard."


"Mm." Starting over her life, she was going to make up for the shortcomings and become a different version of herself.


After finally having a meal, Chen Dongshu felt bored to death.


Their spines hurt as they, a group of underachievers, sat here playing with their cell phones while listening to the good students and teacher exchange pleasantries.


Lu Zhi was so calm and didn't look like he was going to do anything major.


He was so detached that Chen Dongshu couldn't wait to yell at him, "Brother Zhi! Your little baby is leaving.

Why are you still so calm! After your classmates are separated, you will regret it to death ah.

So confess ah, Go ahead ah, go hug ah, go kiss ah!


But no matter how surging his heart was, he still didn't dare to say these words...


Having dinner with the teachers, the afternoon was destined to have little entertainment.


Chen Dongshu and the others were having fun, but for the rest of Class 7, it was liberation.

Finally, they didn't have to pretend to be calm under the authority of the big boss.

It was hard for them too!


The teachers left first, and the students left one after another.


Ning Zhen followed behind Song Bao Yun and quietly left the private room.


The heat wave outside hit her.

Even though the coolness disappeared, the lightness in her heart was indescribable.

She was sandwiched among the good students, listening to everyone ramble on for a long time.

Lu Zhi was never a very patient person.

After looking at them a few times, he frowned and went to play games.


Thinking about it, she didn't have the guts to run.


But Song Baoyun's words emboldened her, and she couldn't say those words to Lu Zhi.


So, just run away ......



This was the best.


If the past between hereand Lu Zhi happened again, none of them could endure it. 


The sun shone down.

One half was radiant, and the other half formed shades under the shadow of the trees.


She slowly walked home along another road.


The mottled sunlight occasionally fell on her.

It was rare to have such a time.

The sun was warm and gentle.

She felt a little relieved in the quiet afternoon, with dense greenery on both sides of the street.

She finally thanked Teacher Song.


So many things would be different.

Her footsteps lightened up.


Someone suddenly grabbed her wrist at the corner of the alley, and she slammed into a hug.

The person's scent was all too familiar to her.


Ning Zhen broke away from him and tried to run outside! What the hell! He obviously didn't notice she was gone, and she had deliberately changed paths.


Lu Zhi grabbed her waist and held her in his arms.


The collar of his shirt was slightly open.

A thin layer of sweat covered his forehead, and his breath was slightly messy.


After running the wrong way, he realized that this little villain was really ruthless!


Her courage was not as small as he thought.


He chuckled lowly and said, "Ning Zhen, try running one more time.

I'm also a person with a temper."


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