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He Was Quite Satisfied (2)

Lu Zhi lazily got up and went to the table with the most people.


He took his cell phone but didn't plug in his earphones, and the sound of the game rang out.


It was quite resounding.


Chen Dongshu's face had a "** this **" expression.

What the hell is Brother Zhi going to do


Lu Zhi walked to the table and said expressionlessly, "Sit over."


His eyes swept a glance at a few class boys and girls from the class, calm and quiet, even with a hint of laziness.


Those few people glanced at him, then silently got up and sat at Chen Dongshu's table.


The distribution of the number of people was solved so inexplicably.


Song Baoyun swallowed what she wanted to say and spoke to other teachers instead.


Lu Zhi sat back down again.


Chen Dongshu gave a thumbs-up, and Lin Zichuan laughed heartedly.

"Crap, hahaha, What a godly stunt Brother Zhi pulled."


Lin Zichuan nodded, a little absent-minded.


Lu Zhi still didn't agree to return to City B, but this time he wasn't sure whether Lu Zhi still had a gap in his heart or if it was just for Ning Zhen.


Xia Xiaoshi breathed a sigh of relief and pulled Ning Zhen to speak, "Hey Zhen Zhen, I'll tell you a secret.

I actually woke up late.

Last night I watched a drama until midnight, and it was almost noon when I remembered that there was still a dinner party.

My soul was scared away, but luckily I wasn't too late."


Ning Zhen looked at Xia Xiaoshi's face.

Her eyes were swollen.

It seemed that she had stayed up very late.


When the order came, the dishes were served one after another.

The Chinese dishes they ordered were very ordinary meals.


Ning Zhen didn't dare to move too much.

She was afraid she wouldn't be able to cover up the letter on her skirt.

She vaguely regretted taking this seat just now.


Xia Xiaoshi was peeling the shrimp and spoke to her vaguely, "Zhen Zhen, you are so beautiful today.

It's officially the holidays.

Have you decided where to go I met Tong Jia before, and she said you might return to where your grandparents are."


Lu Zhi's chopsticks nudged the bottom of the bowl, and he looked at her with a smile.


When Xia Xiaoshi did things, it was always so unexpected that Ning Zhen couldn't even laugh.

She was finished.

She couldn't even go to her grandparents' place.


She said helplessly, "I should be at home; my father told me to study well during the holidays.

I'm going to be a senior in high school soon."


In the end, she was a bit guilty and didn't dare to look at Lu Zhi's expression.


In fact, the initial intention was to see her grandparents first, wait until it was almost time, and then go to S City to participate in the competition.


Grandpa's place is secluded.

The two old people lived in the countryside.

Their days were leisurely, and they also supported her dancing.


Besides, going to S City from there will not arouse Ning Haiyuan's suspicion.


But Xia Xiaoshi unintentionally threw out her trump card, and she wanted to cry.


She still remembers her previous life.

She thought she would be able to stay away from Lu Zhi temporarily when she returned to the countryside.

Before two days of fun, she met Lu Zhi while walking with her grandmother.


He drove here.


The roads in the countryside were rough, and the car's body was splashed with mud.


He still had a bit of the dignity of the rich kids on him, and there was disgust written on his face.


Before he had time to ask for directions, he caught the right person.


He suddenly smiled and came towards them.


Lu Zhi looked at Ning Zhen with a half-smile.

Ning Zhen's legs went weak from his eyes, and she gave him a warning glance.


He slowly averted his gaze and asked her grandmother, "Granny, may I ask where I can find accommodation"


Her grandmother smiled and pointed, "Only the town has a hotel.

Young man, you can drive there.

It will take about ten minutes."


Lu Zhi thanked her without looking back at her again and drove to the town.


Ning Zhen knew that this matter was definitely not over.


The next day when she was in his arms being teased, she bumped into her grandfather.


He was hale and hearty even in old age, brandishing his cane aggressively as he chased after Lu Zhi for 500m.


He clutched her wrist and ran.

His expression was willful, in stark contrast to her grief-stricken expression.

She refused to cooperate, and he said with a low laugh, "Be good, or I'll carry you and run."


Carrying her and running would only make her grandfather more angry.


Her veins pulsed beneath his fingertips, and his heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably.

Her eyes were clear and bright.

She was panting slightly, her cheeks were scarlet, and her hair was flying.


He suddenly spoke, "Ning Zhen, I think you're hiding something." She hid something very dazzling and charming, enough to fascinate him.

Although she was like this, he already liked her so much that he didn't know what to do.


Before Ning Zhen could comprehend his mindless words, she was pulled into the nearby cornfield.


The tall stalks covered them, and she could only hear her heartbeat and breathing for a moment.


The cicadas chirped, and the motorcycle engine noise could be heard dimly in the distance.


"Ning Zhen." The teenager beside her shouted softly.


She held her breath and turned her head sideways.


The warm wind rustled the corn leaves, and he kissed her lips.


Her heartbeat went out of control for a moment.


That kind of feeling was like watching the tides rise and fall and the stars flow.

He clasped her head, panting heavily.


She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him hard.


The sound of her grandpa's cursing came from somewhere close, and she was so nervous that her toes tensed up.

He let out a low laugh triumphantly, "Don't make a sound, ah." He gently lifted her chin, "Don't move either."




That was the first kiss with Lu Zhi in her memory.


Domineering, overbearing, gentle, out of control.

She has never done such an exciting and shameful thing in her life.


In short ......

it wasn't a good memory.


He was quite satisfied.


Ning Zhen returned to her senses and realized she was thinking too far ahead, but this time she was really distressed.

She couldn't let that happen again.

Her grandfather wanted to kill this bastard, and she was so ashamed that she wanted to bury herself and forget about it.


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