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 Love Letter (3)

Ning Zhen looked up.

Xu Qian's eyes were sincere.

She explained, "Tang Zhuo will go back to his grandfather during the holidays.

I know you haven't gone back for a long time.

Soon you will be in your third year of high school and have less free time.

If you really want to stay with the elderly, talk to your father.

Your father looks very stern, but he cares about you very much.

You are too clever and sensible.

We don't know what we can do for you.

If you want to go back, just tell your father."


Ning Zhen nodded, "Thank you, Auntie Xu.

I understand."


Xu Qian smiled, "Just now at dinner, you said your class was having a dinner party, right Do you like the skirt I gave you last time I think you'll look beautiful in it."


When Xu Qian was pregnant with Tang Zhuo, she wanted to have a daughter.

How good was a daughter, ah She could let her live like a little princess, warm and beautiful.


She truly loved Ning Zhen.

Even if she wasn't her own, she couldn't help but love her as a daughter.


No one had discussed such things with her for many years.


When her mom was around, she used to say, "My Zhen Zhen is so pretty, she looks good in everything she wears."


Ning Zhen's heart was warm, and there was a smile on the corner of her mouth.

"Well, the skirt is very beautiful, I like it very much."


She smiled cleanly and beautifully, with a childlike shyness and cuteness.

Xu Qian couldn't help but touch her hair.


Both of them froze.


Ning Zhen smiled gently, "I'll wear that skirt."


Xu Qian also smiled.


The dinner party was scheduled for the weekend, and Ning Zhen was used to arriving early.


Following the waiter's instructions, she went up to the private room on the third floor.


Six or seven students were playing mahjong inside.

The students were no longer wearing school uniforms, and all had a youthful air.


She pushed the door in, and everyone was startled.


Someone patted their chest and breathed a sigh of relief, "Luckily it's not a teacher, Ning Zhen, do you want to play together"


Ning Zhen smiled at them in a friendly way and shook her head, "I'm not very good at it, you guys play."


There was shuffling of cards over there.

"Ok, ok.

Then you can watch out for the teachers for us when you have time.

Give us a word when they come, so we can put away the cards."


Wei Yijie was sitting next to him, reading a book.


He raised his eyes and glanced at Ning Zhen when she came in.

His face was slightly red and then slowly turned pale.

He sighed inwardly and continued reading.


Ning Zhen responded to them and went to sit by the window.


It was midsummer, and there were few pedestrians outside.

From this corner, you could see the traffic on the street and people walking into the restaurant.


The air-conditioning in the private room was on.

It was very cool, isolating the dry heat outside.


She held her chin, feeling somewhat satisfied in her heart.


Some people came one after another.

Some were chatting, while some were watching and playing cards.


Ning Zhen looked at the time, there were still twenty minutes left, and it was estimated that the teachers would be here soon.


As soon as she lowered his eyes and raised her eyes again, several boys were laughing and joking as they entered the door downstairs.  


Lu Zhi walked in front.

The sun was shining, and his whole person looked a little lazy.

His collar was slightly open.

With his long legs, he entered the restaurant in a few steps.

Chen Dongshu and the others were still joking around behind him.


She suddenly got up.


The movement scared the people playing cards in the private room, and they hurriedly collected their cards.

"Damn, is the teacher here"


Ning Zhen was a little embarrassed.

"No, no.



Her face was slightly red.

She was just a little surprised.

Lu Zhi clearly did not write his name.

She thought he would not come.


It was as if a stone had been thrown into a calm lake.

It was hard for her not to be apprehensive.


Lu Zhi pushed open the door, and the private room was silent for a moment.


Their eyes secretly fell on the big boss, a bit confused.

Ah, what's the situation Lu Zhi actually came to have dinner with the people from class


Wei Yijie took a look and lowered his eyes.


He received the consent form and naturally knew that a few messy people in the class would come.


The mahjong players couldn't play anymore.



They always felt that no matter what cool thing was done in front of the real big boss, they always end up looking like a brat.


Anyway, time is almost up, might as well close the cards and be done with it.


Lu Zhi's gaze crossed the crowd and fell on Ning Zhen.


She wore a light blue skirt, and her fair calves were drawn together.

Her face was looking out the window, but the tips of her ears were slightly red.


He curved his lips and walked over to sit down beside her.


The students of Class 7 were screaming inwardly.

They played on their phones with wooden faces, not daring to look over.


Chen Dongshu pushed open the door and came in.

"Hello, classmates, good afternoon!"


The students of Class 7 watched the big guys enter.

Their hearts were a little broken.


What the hell is this...


It's scarier than the teachers' arrival, ok!


Chen Dongshu's gaze swept across the room.

Yo, the little beauty by the window is damn beautiful.

She was wearing a skirt.

Her waist was slender, and her legs were long.

She looked like a goddess even though only her profile was visible.


In the next instant, he realized it was Ning Zhen...


I have to say, Brother Zhi's vision is really good.


It's a pity that the little beauty just doesn't look at Brother Zhi.


It is also very cruel.


"Ning Zhen, it's only been two days and you don't know me anymore Say hello." Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows and watched her turn around.

Sure enough, her little face was slightly red.


"Lu Zhi, didn't you say you wouldn't come"


"Who said I wasn't coming" His smile was a bit mean, "Huh Were you hoping I wouldn't come"





He knew that this little coward was duplicitous, and the corners of his mouth rose.


"You still owe me something, I have to get it."


Ning Zhen frowned.

She couldn't remember what he owed him.

Previously when she tried to give him the money back, he didn't want it and said she should give herself to him or not pay it back at all.


She could only choose not to pay him back.


He approached her and lowered his voice, "Ning Zhen, I have written 60,000 words.

Do you remember what you owe me"


60,000 characters.....60,000 ......


—If, I really wrote that I like you 10,000 times, will you say that you like me


Ning Zhen, I like you.


If you write it 10,000 times, it will be exactly 60,000 characters.


Lu Zhi he...


She met his dark and deep eyes, and the surroundings seemed to be quiet.


He had a smile in his eyes.

"My hand was almost broken from writing.

Feel sorry for me, ok"



Translator's Note

Hey guys,

I've decided to reduce updates to 1-2 times a week.

An update every Wednesday (GMT 1).

The second update will depend on how much extra time I can free up.

I could be on either Monday or Friday (GMT 1).



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