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 Love Letter (2)

The teachers focused on correcting the papers very quickly, and the results were released two days later.


Ning Zhen was the first in Class 7 and the fourth in the grade.


She breathed a sigh of relief when she got the transcript.

It was not far from her previous results, so Ning Haiyuan and Xu Qian wouldn't suspect.


Lu Zhi's report card was placed on the table.

He lightly tapped on the table with his finger.

The expression on his face was a bit cold.


In fact, forty-three was a rare good result for him.


But when someone slacks off for many years, it will always be a bit of a struggle to work hard again.


The distance between them seems to be very far.


So far that he was afraid it would be too late to catch up.


Ning Zhen was packing her school bag.

They were officially on vacation.

Over forty days of summer vacation, so the entire Third High School was overflowing with joy, but many felt sad.


The last vacation of the second-year students also meant that separation was likely.


Wei Yijie walked up to the podium and cleared his throat.

"Students, soon we will be on vacation, I hope you all have a pleasant holiday.

In addition, there will be a grade division at the beginning of the school year, and it is likely that we will no longer be in the same class." 


"Therefore, I have discussed with the teachers.

Class 7 will hold a last dinner this weekend.

The venue is the restaurant on Fanhua street.

I hope everyone will attend as much as possible.

I will send out a consent form later, and those who are willing to go will sign their names on the paper.

I will book a place after school."


There were boos from below, and a boy asked with a smile, "Class president, will Teacher Song and the other teachers come"


Wei Yijie nodded.

"Yes, Teacher Song said several teachers will be there."


The boy smacked his lips in disappointment.

He thought if the teachers were not attending, he could party like he was graduating.

What's the point of the teachers attending Most likely, they can't even drink beer, only drinks, and they have to be careful when speaking.


Immediately, many people became disillusioned.


The consent form was passed down from the first group.


When it reached Lu Zhi's table, he glanced at it and placed it in front of Ning Zhen.


Xia Xiaoshi patted Ning Zhen's shoulder, "Zhen Zhen, are you going Teacher Song and the others will also be there.

You definitely won't be able to enjoy yourself, and even if you don't have a table with the teachers, you won't dare to play any games.

I don't want to go, but I'm afraid the teacher will be upset if I don't go."


Ning Zhen stole a glance at Lu Zhi, who was lazily leaning back in his chair.

He was wearing headphones and playing a game.

His eyebrows were cold, and she couldn't make out any expression from the side of his face.


She breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Lu Zhi probably won't go.


Then today was the last time they would be so close.

There should be little contact between her and Lu Zhi when the third year of high school starts.


Ning Zhen unscrewed the lid of her pen and nodded, "Yes, I'll go."


If possible, she wanted to say thank you to Teacher Song personally.

Song Baoyun's tolerance and trust moved her.

She didn't have a chance in her last life, and she should make up for it in this life.


In black handwriting, the two words Ning Zhen were written delicately.


The wish form was passed to Xia Xiaoshi, and she bit the pencil and hesitated, "Then I'll go too."


If she didn't go, the teacher would think she had a problem with it.

Not to mention that she couldn't go out on vacation.

Having a dinner party was more fun compared to staying at home.


The consent form was passed down one by one.

Lu Zhi turned off the game interface and clicked on his phone.


[Chen Dongshu]


Chen Dongshu replied in seconds.

[What's wrong, Brother Zhi ]


[When the list is passed to you, add my name.]




At the back row of the classroom:


Xiao Feng came over to see.

"What's wrong"


"I don't quite understand Brother Zhi.

He's going to the class dinner." They were a group of underachievers.

To go to that kind of dinner was so embarrassing.

If they really want to go out, they can make an appointment among themselves.

It was more fun to go out with a large group of people.

What's the point of having a simple meal there


And...why didn't he write his own name if he really wanted to.


Xiao Feng smiled thievishly.

"I guarantee that Ning Zhen will go, believe it or not"


"Believe it." Chen Dongshu returned Lu Zhi's message and smiled along with him.

"Then let's go too.

It must be very interesting."


He was super eager to see what Lu Deqi could do to Ning Zhen with all the teachers there.


Is he really planning to eat and do nothing else


He felt like Brother Zhi was going to do something big.


At the back, a group of idle rich second-generation with the mood to sightsee all signed their names.


Ning Zhen took a deep breath, tensed her toes, and began to stretch her legs.


She turned on her phone, and a very gentle piece of light music, which made people calm from the inside, drifted out.


Her spirit seems to be slowly calming down, and the memories of her previous life seem to have become very distant.

It was like all feelings had been thrown into reincarnation, washed completely.


Luckily, her sixteen-year-old body was young and flexible.

Her body's instincts were able to help her control some basic movements.


She spent the last few days doing basic exercises, stretching her legs, loosening her back muscles, and doing jumps...


There is no big mirror in the room, nor any other equipment.

Even the handlebar for training was not adequate.


Everything could only be perceived by herself.


There was a knock on the door.

Ning Zhen froze and hurriedly turned off her phone.

A thin layer of sweat was on her forehead, and her breathing was a bit rapid.

Ning Zhen pulled out a tissue and wiped it.

She calmed her breathing before pulling open the door.


Xu Qian was standing outside the room, smiling at her.


"Can I come in"


Ning Zhen nodded.


"Zhen Zhen, although auntie knows that I shouldn't say these things, but if I don't say it, I feel very uncomfortable.

Auntie just wanted to ask you, do you want to go back to your grandparents this vacation"


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