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 Love Letter (1)

The sky was blue and cloudless, and the sultry feeling dissipated a little.


When the last bell of the Third High School rang, a relaxed smile appeared on everyone's face.


After the exams, even if they didn't go on holiday immediately, they were almost on holiday.


When Ning Zhen returned to the classroom from the exam room, there was laughter everywhere in the class.

They were all discussing plans for the summer vacation. 


Xia Xiaoshi took out her magazine and read it again, smiling as she read, very much engaged.


 Ning Zhen's eyes moved forward slightly, and she saw Lu Zhi.


He was tall and had long legs.

When he sat lazily, he had a kind of aura that kept people at a great distance.

His eyes were beautiful, but they cast an unsympathetic gaze.


He had something pink between his fingertips, and his thin lips were slightly hooked, looking a bit cold.


Ning Zhen drew closer and lightly glanced at the pink envelope, which should be a love letter.


She moved her gaze away lightly.


"Lu Zhi, give way, I want to go in."


He slowly moved his legs to make room for her.


But it was only a tiny bit of space.

If she wanted to sit inside, she had to pass close to him.

Ning Zhen raised her eyes to look at him, and he happened to look over at her with a smile at the corners of his lips.

In short, he was not in a good mood.


Ning Zhen sighed silently in her heart and tried not to touch him as she walked inside.


Her legs still inevitably touched his knee.


Lu Zhi didn't move.

His eyes dropped slightly, and it happened to fall near her waist.

Looking at it this way, it seemed like she was in his arms.

The heat and breath that came from her body were very warm and fragrant.


His fingers moved slightly and squeezed the letter a little tighter.


After all, Ning Zhen had learned to dance, so even if he deliberately made things difficult, she still squeezed in.


Just as she sat down with a sigh of relief, Lu Zhi placed the pink love letter in front of her.


On clean paper, two very delicate and beautiful characters were written in the lower right corner - Ning Zhen.


So...this was a love letter to her


She raised her eyes and looked at it with a bit of daze.

Lu Zhi curled his lips.

"What Don't you want to open it and take a look"


The handwriting was unfamiliar.

In any case, it wasn't Lu Zhi's overly confident and unrestrained handwriting.


Ning Zhen finally understood that someone had written a love letter to her, but she didn't know how it got to Lu Zhi.

She had a headache just thinking about it.

She picked up the letter and opened it.


The person beside her moved even faster.

He leaned over and took the letter out of her hand.


"Don't read it.

There's nothing to see." He crumpled it into a ball and shoved it into his desk with a blank expression.




"Lu Zhi, can you not be so childish." Not only childish but also schizophrenic.


He raised his eyebrows and turned his head to look at her.

"Ning Zhen, who are you calling childish"


He was in a bad mood these days.

She was intelligent and sensitive, so she long felt it.

At this moment, seeing his threatening domineering look made her want to laugh a little.


She pursed her lips and didn't answer.


"This childish person will kiss you here, believe it or not


Ning Zhen couldn't stand the teasing.

She blushed slightly.

"Why do you threaten people at every turn!" And it's always with the same few sentences back and forth.


"You think I'm bad-tempered" He suddenly came close.

His dark eyes met hers, and Ning Zhen couldn't tell what emotions he was feeling.


He was too close.

Ning Zhen felt uncomfortable and leaned towards the wall, but with her back against it, she realized there was no way out.


She panicked, really afraid that this little bastard would kiss her here.

Ning Zhen's eyelashes trembled, and she raised her eyes to look at him, "Don't you mess around."


He smiled when he saw her timid look.

He wanted to mess around, but she couldn't stand it.


All his wantonness had to be turned into restraint for her sake.


But she was heartless and didn't like him.


He gave a light laugh.

"Want to read the love letter, huh"


"I don't want to read it.

Stay away.

We are in the classroom."


"I'll write one for you, ok What kind do you want to read I'll write whatever style you like to read."


"I don't want it."


He resisted the urge to pinch her cheek.

"This is the first time I'll write a letter to someone since I was a kid.

You can't refusal."


He was so close, and the surrounding air seemed to be filled with his scent, a very clean fragrance.

Lu Zhi really hadn't smoked, and he quit smoking earlier than in his previous life.


She was dazed for a few moments, and only after she returned to her senses did she realize that many gossipy eyes were looking this way.


Ning Zhen whispered, "Then, you can write if you want."


Anyway, stop leaning over.

Everyone is watching.


So in the last self-study session, Ning Zhen was solving physics problems, and the person next to her was writing a love letter.


He had a smile on his lips.

"Ning Zhen, what color would you like on the cover"


Song Baoyun oversaw the self-study session while writing a lesson plan on the podium.

Occasionally, her gaze swept downward in a quick glance.


Ning Zhen wanted to cover his mouth.

She lowered her head, and her lips moved slightly.

Her voice was so small that only the two of them could hear her, "Whatever you want."


He was restless.

"Ning Zhen, I'm short of words.

Do you mind if I wrote that I like you ten thousand times"


"Lu Zhi, stop making trouble."


"If I really write it 10,000 times, just say you like me, ok"


Her heart skipped a beat, and she turned to look at him.


The youth's eyes were very clean.

The teasing smile in his eyes did not dissipate, but his eyes were filled with seriousness.

He didn't seem to expect her to look over, so he lowered his eyes slightly.

When he raised them again, it was like a layer of light mist, which made one unable to see clearly.


The eyes that appeared somewhat indifferent were unable to hide the shallow tension.


If I really wrote that I like you 10,000 times, can you say that you like me


The air seemed to quiet down, and she looked away, suddenly not knowing how to answer.


It shouldn't be like this.


She actually wanted to say, Lu Zhi, don't like me anymore.


Don't be so persistent.


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