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In the July weather, the air was hot and dry.


The final exams were coming up, and the atmosphere in Class 7 was finally a bit tenser.

In addition to the tension, there was also the anticipation of summer vacation.


Xia Xiaoshi stopped reading novels and comics and occasionally read books after class.


She propped up her chin and looked at Ning Zhen in front of her.


Ning Zhen was wearing a ponytail.

Her neck was beautifully curved, and her eyes were downcast as she did her calculations.

The classroom seemed to be out of tune with her.


"Ning Zhen."


"Yes" Ning Zhen turned her head back, "What's wrong"


"It's almost vacation time, where are you going for the summer"


This question had been bothering Ning Zhen for a long time.

Today was the 7th, and she had three days to decide.


Before she could answer, Lu Zhi came from the back of the classroom.

His black hair was wet.

Water droplets slid down his face, and his eyes were dark.


The group returned from a ball game and used cold water to rinse off, but Lu Zhi didn't look bad at all.

The girls are secretly looking at him.

To be honest, he looked very sexy like this.


With a cold expression on his face, he walked straight to his seat.


Ning Zhen went silent.


Xia Xiaoshi continued, "I originally wanted to go to H City to play, and I've been thinking about it for a long time.

I heard that surfing there is very cool in summer.

But my mother won't let me go, saying that I will be in my third year of high school, so I should take it easy and not play wildly.

Ah, such a long summer vacation.

If I really stay at home, I will get moldy.

What about you, Zhen Zhen, did your parents let you go out to play"


Lu Zhi, who sat down next to her and happened to hear these words, looked at Ning Zhen with interest in his eyes.


Ning Zhen had to answer vaguely, "I don't know, there's still so much time left.

I want to prepare for my final exams first."


"Yeah, yeah! You have to do well in the exams.

I'm rooting for you.

After this exam, our class number one will be replaced hahaha." Xia Xiaoshi sneaked a glance at Lu Zhi and deliberately raised her voice, "Yu Shanshan, that bad egg, has been suspended and returned home.

This time you must be successful."


The matter of Yu Shanshan made a sensation.

She didn't wait for the punishment from the Academic Affairs Office and went home by herself.

She most likely couldn't stay in the Third High School anymore and would choose to transfer to another school.


Ning Zhen didn't want to mention it again.

She nodded and turned around to continue the question.


Lu Zhi didn't react.

His knuckles clasped on the table, his eyes still looking at her.


"Ning Zhen."


Ning Zhen turned her head sideways.

There was a smile in his eyes.

"Will you miss me if you go on vacation"


He spoke immodestly.

Fortunately, there was a lot of noise in the classroom, so no one heard.

Ning Zhen was a little embarrassed and whispered back, "No!"


"So heartless." He curled his lips, not feeling angry.

He leaned closer to her, smiling lowly, "But I'll miss you, it's unfair."


Ning Zhen bit her lip and looked around.

Fortunately, no one had noticed this place.

She simply ignored him, lowered her head, and went back to her questions. 


Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows, "It can't be that unfair, right How about we make a deal How many marks I get in the final exam will be how many minutes you will miss me every day"


Her hand holding the pen was nearly unstable.


What kind of deal is this!




"Lu Zhi!" She put down the pen in her hand.

She didn't know what to say, and her face turned red.


He laughed so hard that his shoulders trembled slightly.

"Okay, okay, I won't tease you." How could she be so cute


Ning Zhen took a deep breath and continued to do mathematical exercises.


The window beside her was open, and the blowing wind carried a shallow heat.

In a place she could not see, his smile gradually receded.

He was about to be in his third year in high school.


The last opportunity to change classes was at the end of this term.


Classes would be changed at the beginning of the third year of high school according to the final grades.


She appeared too late.

He was in such a hurry that it was too late to even make an effort.

Lu Zhi lowered his eyes.

His mind was like a mountain hidden behind the fog, and it was impossible to see the overlapping layers.


Lin Zichuan was also thinking about the summer holidays.

During class, he looked at Lu Zhi several times.


When he thought of his old man's explanation, he felt a pang of distress.


Chen Dongshu patted Lin Zichuan's shoulder.

"Chuanzi, where are you and Brother Zhi going for the summer Back to City B"


"I will return.

I don't know if Brother Zhi will."


Chen Dongshu's face relaxed and was tinged with a little embarrassment.

"Brother Zhi is still angry"


This matter, if you said it was serious, it was serious, but if you called it simple, it was also simple.


It was impossible for Lu Zhi not to return to City B in his entire life.

But he certainly couldn't forget the shame of leaving City B at the beginning.


No one dared to mention this matter in front of Lu Zhi.


Chen Dongshu still remembers when he first met Lu Zhi.

It was in his second year of high school.

Lu Zhi had just transferred over.

He was wearing a black shirt, and his eyebrows were cold.

His face was good-looking but also silently exuded a sense of pride.


At that time, Chen Dongshu thought that this was a little white face¹ who was trying to get ahead, so he rushed to bully the newcomer.


The result was that he was abused so badly that he could not bear to recall it.


Lin Zichuan later told him with a smile, "Ah, I forgot to tell you.

I know Ah Zhi and not many people in City B dare to provoke him.

Sorry for being late." After a pause, he added, "Don't tell anyone."


This incident could also be regarded as out of blows friendship grows.²


Chen Dongshu stroked his chin.

He was really curious about Lu Zhi's family, but Lin Zichuan always kept a secret.

He couldn't even ask s damn question.


In short, his family background was definitely not ordinary.

The Lu family must not be simple if he can get close to Lin Zichuan and look so mysterious.


Everyone has their concerns.


At dusk, the group of boys went to the billiard hall.

Lu Zhi sat on a chair not far away with a billiard cue in his hand.

He didn't play with them.

He was slightly lost in thought.


Lin Zichuan walked over, hesitated for a long time, and finally decided to ask aloud, "Ah Zhi, you still aren't going back this time"


Lu Zhi raised his eyes.

One could see the faint ridicule in his eyes.

"Go back to do what"


"I think, after so long, even the biggest things should also blow over.

Ah Zhi, Uncle Lu is your father in the end, you can't ......"


"All right." Lu Zhi rubbed his temples.

His eyebrows carried a faint weariness.

"Don't bother me about this."


Not far away, there were several cheers and whistles.

It seemed that someone scored a good goal.


Lu Zhi suddenly spoke, "Chuanzi, it's the third year of high school."


Lin Zichuan was confused for a moment.



"What do you think about class placement"


 just wanted to say don't worry, with our level certainly a class.

But seeing Lu Zhi's serious look, he swallowed his words.

Crap ......

he asked.

It should be Ning Zhen.

Lin Zichuan had just wanted to say that they didn't need to worry.

With their standard, they'll definitely be in the same class.

But looking at how serious Lu Zhi looked, he swallowed his words.


The one he (Lu Zhi) was asking about should be Ning Zhen.


"Why not cheat a little" If you get a better score, won't you be sorted into the same class


Lu Zhi hooked his lips.

"Do you think I haven't thought about it" Even if someone was asked to help in the randomly assigned examination room, you might not be able to test at the same level as Ning Zhen.


Lin Zichuan frowned.

"Then, how about you think of a way to let her almost fail the exam."


Lu Zhi was silent for a moment.

"No." It's something she cared about.

She would be sad.


In the end, it was annoying, Lu Zhi got up and sharpened his cue.

One shot past, and the black ball fell steadily into the pocket.


Originally, the summer vacation of second-year students should have been used for make-up classes.

But the Third High School was too liberal and humanistic.

It only asked for an extra week, and then the students were free for the rest of the summer vacation.

It wasn't until the winter break of the third year of high school that the students would be restrained to study properly.


Ning Zhen turned to the next page of the calendar, July 9th.


Her fingertips paused.


Grandma had said that the deadline was July 10th.


Her previous desire to learn dancing again was put on hold after she met Lu Zhi.

But it seems that the courage in her heart had not disappeared.


Ning Zhen took out her phone, hesitated for a long time, and clicked on the registration interface.


The competition date was July 30th, and the venue was S City.


Will twenty days be enough for someone who hasn't danced for four years to stand on the stage


1. 小白臉 can also mean pretty boy or gigolo.

I used "little white face" because it was more familiar and seemed to make more sense.

2. 不打不相識 is an idiom that literally says, "don't fight, won't make friends." It refers to the fact that friendship sometimes starts with fights and discord.



Translator's Note

Wow, what a friend Lin Zichuan is. 


This chapter is just a little over 1700 words, so I uploaded everything.


You all might not know this, but I'm still a student.

Some issues in my country caused studies to be suspended for a long time.


During that time, I got a job and started translating.

Now, my school is about to resume.

My schedule will be very tight, and my update won't be as frequent as before.


I haven't decided what the new schedule will be yet, but I'll be sure to update you once I do.


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