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I'm Changing For The Better (1)


When Ning Zhen went to class in the afternoon, her high fever had subsided, but she was a little weak.


As soon as she arrived, the eyes of everyone in the class fell on her.


Xia Xiaoshi was nibbling on potato chips.

She bit a potato chip and handed the rest to Ning Zhen.

She said, "Zhen Zhen, your friend Tong Jia cried this morning!"


Ning Zhen was a little dizzy and subconsciously let out an ahh.


Xia Xiaoshi explained, "She took out your previous grades from First High School.

Many people said that they were fake, so she had a yelling match with those people until she cried."


Xia Xiaoshi was like a storyteller.

"Then Chen Dong Shu brought Xie Yu over and told everyone to open the web forum and read.

Guess what"


She couldn't guess, but she knew that Xia Xiaoshi's expression was too exaggerated, and everyone in the class was watching this.


"Good Lord, it was Yu Shanshan who did it! She put the note in your admission ticket.

Xie Yu even came out to testify against her.

You can tell how bad Yu Shanshan is! She's really vicious.

I didn't expect Xie Yu who was so annoying, to have a sense of justice this time."


"Yu Shanshan did ......

Tong Jia cried" Ning Zhen looked at her watch.

There were still fifteen minutes before class.

"Xiaoshi, I'm going to Class 2."


Outside the balcony of Class 2, Chen Dongshu was chatting with Tong Jia.

The two of them were like a pair of good brothers.


"Ha! That bad woman! Evil has its retribution.

It's her turn to suffer like Ning Zhen did!"


Chen Dong Shu nodded with a face that said you're right.


"Hmph, hiding in Class 1 without seeing anyone.

Let me see what she will do this time."


"Tong Jia"


Tong Jia turned around and slapped Chen Dong Shu's hand off her shoulder.


"Zhen Zhen!" Tong Jia rushed over and held her face, "Are you okay I was worried sick about you."


Ning Zhen smiled, "I'm fine, don't worry.

What about you Why are you crying"


Tong Jia beamed, "Who was crying I'm just a little excited! They wronged you like that, aren't they annoying A bunch of people who have eaten enough and have nothing better to do than to spew **.

Hmph, now the truth is clear!"


"Thank you, Jia Jia." Ning Zhen said sincerely.


Chen Dongshu, who was listening, came over with a smile.

"Student Ning Zhen, why don't you thank me I also helped a lot, didn't I"


Ning Zhen nodded, "Thank you, Chen Dongshu."


Chen Dongshu became embarrassed, "Hey, I was just joking.

I want to thank ......"


He was speechless for a moment, remembering that the person who should be thanked was hiding his merits and fame.

He also remembered that Brother Zhi was still the chief culprit.

He coughed embarrassingly twice.


Ning Zhen ensured Tong Jia was fine, and she went back downstairs to class while Chen Dongshu went down with her.


Before she turned around the corner, Ning Zhen stopped in her tracks.


Yu Shanshan was standing outside of class 7, and Lu Zhi was standing in front of Yu Shanshan with his back to them.


He looked carefree.

His hands were in his pockets, and his eyes were looking out at the pale green Chinese parasol trees.

There was a sneer on Yu Shanshan's face, "Lu Zhi, is this how you treat me In this ruthless manner"


Lu Zhi rubbed his temples a little sleepily and looked at her impatiently.


"Is that all you have to say I'm not interested in listening.

I'm going back."


Yu Shanshan's voice rose sharply, "Two months! Don't you have any feelings for me at all"


With her voice, not only did the people in Class 7 stretch their necks to look out, but Ning Zhen also raised her eyes slightly.


Chen Dongshu sighed.

Brother Zhi, Brother Zhi, romantic debts are difficult to repay.

He was still gloating a little about this misfortune in his heart.

In this scene, one is a girl who likes Brother Zhi, but behind Brother Zhi, stands a little girl who he likes to death and a group of onlookers who only dare to watch from afar.


Chen Dong Shu grinned darkly.

Here it is.

The drama he had been waiting for was finally happening.


He didn't want to remind Brother Zhi that, hey, your little darling is watching.


He will also be watching.


 Lu Zhi's lips curled up, showing a faint sarcastic smile.

"Feelings What's that"


It was very clear that, it was just a game bet for him.


Yu Shanshan couldn't stand his indifferent look.

Her face changed several times, and finally, she let out a soft laugh, "Oh, you just like the new experience.

It doesn't matter who it is.

Once the novelty fades, you lose interest.

Lu Zhi, someone like you, whoever likes you, is unlucky!


Lu Zhi didn't even bother to pay attention to her.

He was forced to listen to the girl's noisy voice rattle on.

He raised his eyes indifferently.

"Have you said enough Go back when you have said enough."


Yu Shanshan raised the corner of her mouth and went upstairs.

After a glance at Ning Zhen and Chen Dongshu, she looked away coldly.


Lu Zhi turned around and saw the two people standing there.


He subconsciously knitted his brows and looked at Ning Zhen.


Her complexion was pale, and her lips were red because of her fever.

Ning Zhen did not look at him and silently entered the classroom.


Lu Zhi's face did not look very good.


Chen Dong Shu was laughing in his heart, but he looked innocent on the surface.

He sat at the back and did not enter through the front door.

When he passed by Lu Zhi, he held back his laughter and pretended to be sympathetic, "Lu Zhi, coax your little darling and it will be fine."


Lu Zhi kicked him in the ass.




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