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  The Great Demon King (3)

Her eyes were closed.

Her long eyelashes were very curly, like a doll's.

The hair on her forehead was a little messy, revealing a white forehead.

Her nose moved slightly, and her little mouth was slightly open.

It should be because her respiratory tract was a little blocked.

This was she would feel better.


A very beautiful face.

He still remembers the feeling of seeing her for the first time.

Only half of her face, but it slowed his breathing, and he didn't dare to disturb her at all.


It was like an absurd dream.


But he wasn't obsessed with her face alone.


It was just because she was Ning Zhen.


He liked everything about her very much.


Fuck...it was like being totally out of control.


He wanted to kiss, wanted to hug, wanted to ......

He laughed lowly.

Well, Ning Zhen was right.

He might be a bit of a pervert.


The phone in his hand vibrated.

Lu Zhi lowered his eyebrows and hung up the phone expressionlessly.


The person was persistent.

Lu Zhi thought of something.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Ning Zhen.

She was sleeping peacefully.


The little girl in the hospital bed next to her was nibbling on an apple, and her mother was reading a magazine next to her.


Lu Zhi went to the corridor and closed the door.


When he answered the phone, Chen Dongshu's voice rang out, "Hey, Brother Zhi.

Is your little darling okay"




"Oh oh, that's good.

Let me tell you, you guys missed a good show.

That Xie Yu might look timid but once she gets serious, she'll make big news.

She directly posted what Yu Shanshan did on the web forum.

It was explained very carefully and clearly.

She even brought out a photo of Yu Shanshan putting back the admission ticket.

Don't you think it's awesome"


The person over the line went on yapping nonstop.

Lu Zhi leaned against the wall.

His eyes were cold as he listened to him (Chen Dongshu) continue to speak.


"I don't know whether to say Xie Yu was lucky or prepared.

Hahaha, she is a good student in the top few rankings.

But she even brought a mobile phone into the exam, tsk, tsk amusing.

Now the Third High School has exploded.

Xie Yu is really quick-witted, ah."


"She didn't leave her name and she didn't confront Yu Shanshan either.

She just presented evidence, and the blame was all on Yu Shanshan.

Now the class is discussing this matter.

It is estimated that the Academic Affairs Office will have to investigate in a few days, and Yu Shanshan will be disciplined for sure.

More importantly, after having done such a thing, her reputation also took a hit.


"Chen Dongshu."


"Ah Brother Zhi."


"Tell Xie Yu to come forward to testify against Yu Shanshan."




Lu Zhi's eyes were dark: "To prevent Yu Shanshan from biting back by saying that the photos were released by Ning Zhen."


Chen Dongshu broke out in a cold sweat.

Thinking carefully about it, it was true.

If Yu Shanshan said that Ning Zhen Zhen brought her cell phone to the exam and even used the photos to frame her, it would make sense.


"Okay, okay.

I promise to get it done."


Lu Zhi hung up the phone and walked into the ward.

Ning Zhen slept honestly.

Still, in the same position she was in before he went out.


The little girl next to her was playing a puzzle game on her phone, and her mother had gone to the toilet.


Lu Zhi sat back down next to Ning Zhen.


Outside, the sky was dark and heavy, and the ward was dimly lit.


She was covered with a thin blanket, revealing only a small white face.


The air became gentle and peaceful.


He leaned over and gently placed a kiss on her forehead.


The closer he got, the clearer the scent of her body was.

His gaze moved down, landing on her slightly parted lips.


His heart began to beat wildly.


Lu Zhi forced himself to straighten up and took a deep breath.


But that kind of feeling was like a hunger deep into the bone marrow.

The hunger of a ferocious beast.

If you don't do anything, you will starve yourself to death.


The light was dense, layer upon layer overlapping.


He was a little greedy.


He leaned down, propped his arms on her sides, and dropped a very shallow kiss on her lips, touching lightly and separating immediately.

In just one second, the longing to savor the lips again has grown greatly and his heart was almost jumping out of his chest.


Lu Zhi jerked up and took two steps back.

He reached into his trousers pocket to find a cigarette.

But ever after feeling around his pocket for a long time, it still hadn't dawned on him that he did not have a single damn smoke on him. 


He closed his eyes when the cold metal sensation of the phone was transmitted.


He didn't need anyone to tell him.

He knew he was finished.


Ning Zhen slept for a long time.

She rubbed her eyes in a daze and realized she was in the hospital.

When she looked at her watch, it was past twelve.


She had slept for more than three hours.


There was only a little fluid left in the drip.


Lu Zhi sat in the corner with his eyes downcast, holding his phone in his hand, but the screen was dark.

She didn't know what he was thinking.


She coughed lowly, "Lu Zhi"


Lu Zhi finally reacted and lifted his eyes.

"Hmm You're awake."


Ning Zhen's voice was a bit hoarse, and she pointed to the hanging bottle, "It's almost finished.

Can you call the nurse for me"


Lu Zhi got up and unscrewed a bottle of mineral water for her, "Have some water first."


Ning Zhen's dry throat finally felt a little better, and she thanked him in a small voice.


The nurse came over and removed the needle while urging, "Drink more hot water and go back to sleep.

You'll quickly feel better after sweating."


She felt much better after her sleep.

The morning class was impossible, so she could only go home to eat and then go to class in the afternoon.


Lu Zhi walked in front and opened the door.


The little girl on the hospital bed next to her blinked.



Ning Zhen looked back in surprise and smiled gently at her, "What's the matter"


"Come here for a moment." She waved her little hand.


Finding her adorable, Ning Zhen walked over, sat by her bedside, and gently stroked her soft hair.

"You need to get better soon."


"Elder sister, bow your head.

I have a secret to tell you."


Ning Zhen lowered her head.


Lu Zhi stood by the door with a faint smile on his face.

"Little friend, words can't be spoken carelessly, ah."




The little girl glanced at him timidly.

Suddenly, she covered her head with the blanket.


Ning Zhen hadn't heard anything yet.


When they walked out of the ward, the little girl showed her round eyes.

The big devil is so mean and fierce!



Translator's Note:


Another 3400 word chapter.


Ning Zhen is finally getting justice.


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