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Intimate (1)

The sunlight at dusk wasn't hot, and the red glow was very soft.

The branches along both sides of the street were scattered, and the green color was vibrant.


Ning Zhen was carrying a schoolbag, more than one meter away from Lu Zhi.


There were very few people on the street.

The house Ning Zhen's family bought belonged to the new development area.

The greening along the street was good.

Most of the renovated houses here were not yet inhabited.


Lu Zhi originally wanted to talk to her more, but who knew that Ning Zhen would be so serious and ignore him all the way


"Ning Zhen." He couldn't help it.

"Why are you walking so far away from me"


"It's hot."


"It's okay.

I'm not afraid of heat." Lu Zhi walked to her side.


"Lu Zhi, why do you have to follow me" Ning Zhen endured and endured and finally got a little angry.


"You're playing dumb with me.

Didn't I tell you before that I like you"


"But I don't like you.

Can you stop following me"


Lu Zhi's smile faded a little.

"You really don't like me, ah"


"I don't like you."


"Say that again!"


"I don't like you!"


"You said before that I was handsome."


"That was because you threatened me!"


Lu Zhi crossed his long legs and turned to her, hands on her shoulders.

She was 1.62 meters tall, much shorter than him.

The shoulders under his palm were delicate and weak, and he didn't dare to exert any force.


Ning Zhen waved him away.

"Lu Zhi, if you want to talk, then talk properly."


"Do you dislike me"




"What do you dislike about me Bad grades, being too aggressive, or smoking Give me a word.

I've changed my ways.

Don't bully me like that."


Ning Zhen didn't take the blame, "It's obvious that you are the one bullying me."


Lu Zhi smiled, "En, it's me who's bullying you." I want to bully you very hard.

He said in a negotiating tone, "Ning Zhen, can you just like me a little bit"


"No, no, no.

Lu Zhi, don't think about dating all day long.

You are still a high school student.

Wait until you are in college.



"I can't help it when I see you.

What's to be done"


Ning Zhen blushed, his black eyes were bright, and he had a roguish smile on his face.


"I don't want to talk to you anymore!" He was so shameless she simply couldn't outspeak him.

Ning Zhen didn't know how to scold people, so she could only suffer a stifling defeat.


He laughed in a low voice and teased her, "Don't want to talk to me, want to move to the next step immediately"


He said it subtly, but Ning Zhen was not stupid, so she naturally understood that it was not a good thing.


"Lu Zhi!" Ning Zhen stretched out her hand and pinched him.

"You rascal."


"Hssss, go easy on me.

Little cutie, are you trying to murder your husband." Still keeping his smile and not avoiding, he said in a garrulous manner.

"So fierce" 


Ning Zhen bypassed him and walked forward, not wanting to pay attention to him anymore.

The more she talked, the more disadvantaged she became.


He chuckled lightly and walked with her speed.


Ning Zhen's home from school was not far.

She was afraid that she would be seen walking with Lu Zhi, and she would not be able to explain clearly at that time.

Ning Zhen stopped.

"Lu Zhi, go back quickly.

I'm going home."


Lu Zhi knew she was timid and didn't intend to embarrass her.


He just wanted to make things clear to her, "Ning Zhen, I'm sincere, can you give me a chance"


He had never flattered anyone so much in his life.


Liking was a very magical thing.

Like a feather hanging over his heart, it will scratch whenever he sees her.


Ning Zhen didn't say anything and raised her eyes to look at him.

He wrinkled his brow as if he really couldn't help it.


Sometimes it could be said that Ning Zhen was soft-hearted, but she was really persistent.

Once she decided on something, it was difficult to be shaken.


The two stared at each other quietly for a moment.

Lu Zhi backed down and said, "I'm concerned about you."


I want to give you everything, and everything will be as you want.


"Why don't you head home I'll be watching you."


Ning Zhen breathed a sigh of relief.

She was afraid that Lu Zhi would be a rogue.

She said goodbye to him and walked toward her neighborhood.


There was a rush of footsteps and a gentle wind in her ears.


Ning Zhen turned her head.

Lu Zhi had caught up.

His dark eyes were deep, and his breath was a little rough.

Those eyes were like an ancient well that had been silent for too long, dark and deep.


"Ning Zhen, can you give me a hug I've been holding back for a long time." He really couldn't help it anymore.


He had dreamt about the feeling for a long time.

Compared with this, his smoking addiction was completely insignificant.


She didn't have time to voice her refusal.


Lu Zhi took a step forward and took her into his arms.


He rested his chin on her shoulders, wrapped his hands around her, and bent down slightly.

The tip of his nose was filled with the scent of her neck.

It made his heart melt.


Ning Zhen was caught off guard by his hug.

Embarrassed and annoyed, she just wanted to ask him to let go.


A little wetness suddenly touched her neck, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.


It was like fireworks exploded in her mind.

She couldn't tell if it was shock or fright.

The blush spread from her face and quickly burned to the tips of her ears.


She learned without needing a teacher, and for the first time in her life, she cursed at him, "Lu Zhi, you pervert!"


Ning Zhen took a shower, and after finishing her homework, she spent some time at her desk doing chemistry problems.


After so long, the feeling on her neck still seemed to linger.

Ning Zhen closed the book and threw herself on the bed.

She took the quilt and wrapped herself into a cocoon.


She doesn't even want to talk to Lu Zhi this semester!


Why was he so horny!


Nothing had changed, whether it was in her last life or this one.


Ning Zhen's family was well-off.

The air conditioner in the room was on, and she didn't feel hot even when she was wrapped in a blanket.


The phone under the pillow was vibrating.

Her mind was in a mess, so she didn't hear it until the second round of vibrations.


Ning Zhen took out her phone from under the pillow, a string of unfamiliar numbers.


She had an ominous feeling and hung up the phone.


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