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Handsome or Not Handsome (2)

Xia Xiaoshi squeezed in.

"Would you go down and help me score I had an upset stomach this morning, and now it hurts to death.

I managed to endure it until they paused for a while.

Please, just look at the referee's gesture and flip the scoreboard down.

It's very simple."

She clasps her hands together, her face a little pale.

Ning Zhen was a little nervous.

She had never done this, but Xia Xiaoshi seemed to be in a bad situation, so Ning Zhen agreed.

She went to stand next to the scoreboard.

There was a girl from Class 2.

She had a round face.

Smiling at Ning Zhen, she greeted, "Hello, are you scoring for Xiaoshi"

Ning Zhen smiled lightly.

Remembering that she was wearing a mask and others could not see her, she nodded again.

The girl said, "It's very simple.

You can just flip the sign after watching the referee's gesture.

Remember our class."

The two classes swapped to record.

This way, it was fairer.

Ning Zhen glanced at the scoreboard.

Her side was 23, and the girl's side was 38.

The gap is quite apparent.

It seems that Lu Zhi and the others were genuinely outstanding.

Applause broke out again on the field.

Ning Zhen looked up.

This time she was closer, and her sight finally became clear.

The players from Class 7 wore black jerseys, and players from Class 2 wore blue ones.

In addition to Lu Zhi in their class, Lin Zichuan and Chen Dongshu were all there.

It was Class 2's turn to shoot free throws.

Lu Zhi stood on the left side of the court.

His eyes skimmed over the scoring table and paused for a second.

Then, he quickly moved his gaze away.

The first ball was scored, and Class 2 cheered wildly.

Ning Zhen followed the referee's hand signal and flipped '3' to '4'.

The second goal was missed.

Now it was Class 7's turn to cheer.

Both teams scrambled for the ball.

The ball was passed to Lu Zhi.

He was a junior this year, with a height of 185.

The ball was dribbled in one go.

Even if you can't understand basketball, you couldn't help but want to scream and cheer.

He made a fake move and avoided everyone blocking him.

He didn't pass the ball to anyone.

Outside the three-point line, he threw the basketball in his hands.

The whole audience was silent for a second.

Then, huge cheers exploded.

The girls from Class 2 jumped up.

At this point, they all forgot who they were here to cheer for.

Ning Zhen heard a tut from the girl next to her, who turned the sign to 41.

However, this was just the beginning.

The school boss, who originally played leisurely, was now playing like he had been injected with chicken blood¹ .

Scoring one goal after another, he looked very dashing.

Some people screamed till their voices became hoarse.

Ning Zhen looked over and saw that his jersey was wet.

He had abused the players from Class 2 so much that they just wanted to throw the ball in his face, but they didn't dare.

They ended the game in frustration.

It stands to reason that the strength of the two classes that made it to the final was similar.

But now, they had been inexplicably tortured and killed by others.

The players of Class 2 inwardly felt depressed...

Chen Dongshu was stunned.

Brother Zhi was crazy.

Why did it feel like Lu Zhi was particularly flirtatious today Was it playing ball or playing for one's life

Class 7 won by a landslide.

The boys in Class 7 were also thrilled.

They whistled toward the audience, causing the girls to scream.

The girls in the first row waved their hands.

"Senior, we bought you some water~."

Chen Dongshu walked over and took the water from their hands.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Thank you, junior sister."

"Chuanzi take it." Chen Dongshu threw a bottle over.

"Eh Where's Brother Zhi"

 Lin Zichuan moved the corner of his mouth.

His gaze was a little complicated.

Lu Zhi walked to the scoring table.

Ning Zhen was helping clean up the table clutter when a shadow loomed over her.

She raised her head, and Lu Zhi smiled at her.

The black hair on his forehead was wet, but he looked sunny and energetic.

It was strange for him to look at her like that, and there were so many people on the basketball court, so Ning Ning couldn't help but ask, "What's the matter"

"Little classmate, you don't even give me a bottle of water ² to drink" It was only after he asked that he noticed there could be a deeper meaning to the question.

But luckily, Ning Zhen didn't understand.

She frowned and looked at her surroundings seriously.

There was a box of mineral water next to her.

She took a bottle out of it and handed it to Lu Zhi, but Lu Zhi refused to accept it.

"My hands hurt."

This troublesome demon.

Why didn't she see his hands hurt on the court just now Ning Zhen put the water on the table in front of him, and her eyes told him— do you want to drink or not

Lu Zhi rolled his eyes.

"Yo, you have such a big temper"

Ning Zhen felt wronged.

In all her life, only one person had said she had a big temper.

He leaned over to get the water in front of her.

As he lowered his head, his voice was slightly hoarse, and he asked her with a hint of a smile.

"Ning Zhen, am I handsome"

He deliberately lowered his voice so only the two of them could hear those words.

"Can you not ask such a question" Does this person want to lose face

"Hurry up and answer." He threatened, "Or I'll kiss you here, believe it or not"




Injected with chicken blood (打了雞血): It's a common term among netizens.

It means someone who is excited or very energetic.


In the text, it was 不給口水喝.

Which literally translates the sentence to, "Little classmate, you don't give me saliva to drink." Of course, he meant water, but if taken the other way, it means he's asking for a kiss.


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