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As Nikki lifted the curved sword, at the same time, the sound of swords being pulled out from various places resounded.

‘If Stella had come with us, this wouldn’t have happened…’

Declan’s heart was pounding, fearing that this might grow dangerous.

“If I had stolen the necklace, the necklace would not have responded.”

Still, he spoke calmly even when he faced the curved sword.

Nevertheless, Nikki didn’t look at him suspiciously and touched the necklace.

It was the same necklace as Stella.

“…Then, how can you say you’re not the savior”

“Because that’s true.”

Her eyes filled with confusion at those words.

‘His selfish way of talking that omits the start and end…!’

…This time, it would be making the situation worse.

With that thought, I thought to myself that when I returned to the Empire, I ought to change that habit right away.

So, while trying to calm my agitation, I smiled as wide as I could and called Declan.

“Your Majesty”

He looked like he didn’t know what the problem was.

“Shouldn’t you explain it more kindly They can’t even see me.”

“That’s what I was going to do anyway.”

…That was what he was trying to do

‘I was going to talk about it roughly again.’

At that, I consciously tucked my pouting lips in and asked softly, “Shall I go inside the doll and explain myself”

Even though it would be bizarre if the doll moved, it is still better than an invisible soul, isn’t it

“I’ll explain.”

However, the expressions of the Kefienas, including Nikki, were strange.

Perhaps, it was strange for him to talk to the air.

“How about putting that sword down first”

“I can’t put it down until I’ve made sure the necklace wasn’t stolen.”

“I didn’t steal.”

Declan clicked his tongue briefly at the accusation and continued, “The one you call the savior is here by my side.”

Nikki was stunned when his finger pointed to where I was.

“What a trick!”

“It’s not a trick, it’s a fact.

Your savior now exists only as a soul.”

“Do you think it makes sense”

“Then, you can check it out for yourself.

I’ll leave the necklace here, and I’ll go out now.”

When he got up with Stella’s necklace set down, the Kefienas became more vigilant and listened to the beat.

Declan slowly walked out of the tent, raising his hands, unwilling to attack.

Nikki’s face hardened as she looked at his back, not knowing what to do.

She touched her necklace and then touched the necklace that Declan had left behind.

Standing far away from the tent and watching them, he eventually entered the tent again.

“Erica, this time you should go out.”

When I returned to his original spot and sat down at Declan’s request a little later, Nikki was more bewildered than before.

“…What is this”

“She was even embarrassed at first, though when she saw the reaction of the necklace, she came to believe it, too.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Nikki put down the curved sword.

The next moment, all the others lowered their swords.

“I don’t think this is for me to judge.

First of all, let’s go to the place where our clan is.”


* * *



That way, Haram and the young nomads were sent back.

However, only the young man who responded to the word “Etila” remained.

As expected, he was one of the Kefienas.

An hour or so from where we stopped, we saw an oasis.

Dozens of tents were erected around the area.

“This is where we live now.”

With that said, Nikki went ahead of us.

As we approached the tents, the Kefienas stopped the camels.

After a while, she returned with a woman with the same hair color as her.

Nikki and she, like all the people, had a strong impression with a solid physique.

“My name is Yeriel, the first guardian of Kefiena.”

Yeriel bowed her head politely towards us.

She didn’t kneel or call Declan the savior—perhaps she had heard the whole story from Nikki.

“I still can’t believe this.”

As it was going to get a little complicated, I could see that it seemed that her head was already hurting from what she had heard.

“I am the Emperor of the Burgundy Empire, Declan Stauffen.”

Since he had never properly revealed his identity before, Yeriel and other Kefienas looked surprised.

“You were a precious person.

I’m sorry, I don’t know.”

Yeriel calmly lowered her head again before continuing, “You must have worked very hard to get here from the Empire.

Please, eat inside first.”

The place where she guided us to was the largest tent in the center.

“I have heard of the situation from Nikki.

Excuse me, but is it okay if I check again”

Carefully examined the necklace and Declan, she smiled softly.

Just as I was relieved that she would finally believe Declan’s words, she got up from her seat and knelt down on her knees.

…Right in front of me.

“Savior, the servant of the Gods, the first guardian of Kefiena, greets you.”

Nikki, who was next to her, was a little puzzled.

However, they fell down together.

“…Uh, can you see me”

It was a question that came out reflexively because I was so surprised.

“Of course.

I never imagined that you would come in this form.”

Yeriel’s eyes lit up with a face full of emotion.

“Just now, did you answer me…”

“Thanks to the spirit that descends only on the first guardian, I can see the savior.”

I didn’t know what to say, my lips twitched.

Declan also looked firm as if he had not foreseen such a situation.

Then, when our eyes met, he reached out and touched my eyes.

“Why do you cry over good things”

It was only when I heard those words that I realized that I was crying.

“Your Majesty can see the Savior… God is always one step ahead of us.”

Saying that, Yeriel’s face was doused with emotion.

I slowly opened my mouth to reply, “It’s the first time anyone can see me, except for His Majesty here.”

“It is one of the special powers that God has bestowed upon our clan.”

“The fact that Yeriel can recognize me fills me with joy and relief.

“God spoke to me a few days ago.

There must be truth in the invisible.”

“Have you received a revelation Thousands of years ago was the last…”

“Because we are the guardians of Perseum.”

It seemed that God continued to communicate with them even in the dark ages.

That meant that Perseum was important.

“I think we have a lot of stories to share from now on.”

As I spoke with a smile, Yeriel’s eyes lit up.

Thankfully, when she recognized me as the savior, the Kefienas’ vigilance were lifted.


* * *



Declan and I sat face to face with Yeriel and started talking in earnest.

“I am curious.”

“Say anything.”

“Why do you call me a savior”

Hearing that, I carefully blurt out the question that bothered me from the moment I heard the word savior.

“Because God said the owner of this necklace is the savior.”

“…So, am I the savior mentioned in the last revelation”

Why What is a savior What was the savior supposed to do… Several questions popped up in my mind at the same time.

“If you go to the Perseum, you will know all about it.”

Yeriel softly read through my thoughts.

I immediately glanced down at the questions that filled my mind and asked something else.

“Do you know where the Perseum is”

“We just stay in Potimos as God has commanded and keep outsiders out.”


It was none other than the place that Mazvin had told me about.

“Perseum is a place where God hides.

Humans cannot see or enter it.”

“Then, can’t I go in as well”

“Doesn’t the Savior already know how”

Was she referring to the words from Epist Then, that meant that I had to find the forgotten temple here…

“God has brought you here, so God will surely guide you on the way to Perseum.”

Those words reminded me of Mazbin.

‘…God’s compass.’

Like when Andre said he would surely find me even when he got lost.


“Your Majesty, let’s take a look around here tomorrow.”

“Let’s do that.”

Yeriel got up and led us to the tent where we would be staying.


* * *



“We will guide you.”

When I woke up at dawn and left the tent, there was Yeriel, dressed in black like Nikki, with a curved sword.

After that, there were other Kefienas.

“Then, please.”

Declan gladly agreed, and everyone got on their camels.

After leaving the oasis a little further, Yeriel stopped.

“This is Potimos.”

I was taken aback by her words.

It was because I thought it wouldn’t be easy to separate areas in the desert.

‘…This is too much.’

In the endless sandy desert, neither direction nor regional boundaries could be distinguished.

“I can’t tell from where to where Potimos is.”

When I couldn’t hide her embarrassment, Yeriel smiled softly.

“Don’t worry about that.

It’s in my eyes.”

If you have spiritual eyes, do you see things like that…

“What should I do from here”

“From now on, it depends on the savior.

We are just protecting the savior.”

It was a little burdensome to see the eyes filled with strong faith.

…Depends on me.

‘Can I really do it’

Naturally, my gaze turned to Declan.

“Your Majesty.”

He stroked my hair as if he knew what I meant by that single word as he opened his mouth, “I’m always by your side.

So, don’t worry and do what you want.”

It’s okay to fail.

‘Because I’m not alone.

I’ll find another way.’

My anxious heart gradually filled with courage.

“Give me Mazvin.”

I placed my hand on Mazvin and whispered quietly.

“Tell me where Namos is.”


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