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Chapter 8: Chapter 8 Giving the Child Back to His Father

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Five years later.

Su Bei had just arrived at the Jingdu Airport.

With her chestnut hair hung over her shoulders, the woman in a beige long coat and high-heels looked at the strange yet familiar clouds in the sky while holding a suitcase.

She was only 18 when she left. Now that she came back, she was already 23. Her previous baby face, however, had grown mature and more beautiful with time.

A four-year-old boy in a formal suit could be seen accompanying her. Judged by his stern little face, one could assume he would become a handsome man in the future. Pursing his thin lips, he followed closely behind Su Bei as she walked.

“Da Bao, Xiao Bei!” A woman suddenly rushed over and hugged Su Bei.

At the sight of her old best friend, Lin Moli, Su Bei held her back.

Releasing her friend, Lin Moli couldnt wait to lower her head to look at Da Bao. She then said in astonishment, “Xiao Bei, your boy is even more handsome in person than in the video!”

“Of course. Hes my son, after all,” Su Bei answered with a smile.

“Good to see you, Mommy Moli.” Da Bao looked up at Lin Moli and greeted her politely before resuming his cold demeanor.

Lin Moli gave him a thumbs-up and said, “Nice! Keep up with the little CEOs attitude!”

Da Bao smiled briefly in response, and then once again, his poker face was back on.

Lin Moli couldnt help but shake her head, feeling sorry for her friend. Su Bei should have had twins, but unfortunately, the other baby was born with an illness and didnt make it. If only that child had survived...

With a smile, Su Bei couldnt help but remember Lu Hetings face every time she looked at her son. At such a young age, Da Bao already resembled his father a lot, even in his manners.

However, the man was just a driver for the Lu family, not a CEO.

Wanting to give the mother and son a nice reception, Lin Moli took them to a buffet restaurant.

Since Da Bao was wise enough to pick up his food by himself, Su Bei didnt have to accompany the boy.

As soon as Lin Moli sat at the table, she whispered to her friend, “Are you really going to give the child back to his father”

“I have no choice.” Then she raised her voice again and added, “As his father, hes the most suitable person to take care of Dao Bao until he grows up.”

“Is there really no cure for your disease” Lin Moli asked worriedly.

“I have advanced gastric cancer. I only have a year left. I dont want to waste time on useless treatments. Ill try my best to earn as much money as possible this year so that father and son can live happily for the rest of their lives.” A faint smile appeared on the corner of her lips as if for a brief moment, she had forgotten the sadness her condition brought her.

Although she seemed calm on the surface, no one knew the pain she had been carrying inside.

For an instant, Lin Moli didnt know what to say, so she silently put a bowl of porridge in front of her before speaking again. “I had sent him the divorce agreement as you said back then. I dont know if he is married or not nowadays...”

“Thats why I want you to help me take care of Dao Bao for the next few days. I need to find out more about him. If he has remarried or has a child, I wont disturb him anymore. But if he doesnt have anyone and is willing to take responsibility for our son, I still need to make sure hes not a terrible man. After all, Da Bao will have to live with him for so many years.” Before she came back, Su Bei had already thought about everything.

“Of course, leave Da Bao to me. I dont have a job now anyway, so I have plenty of time,” Li Moli assured her and then handed her a bunch of keys. “Ive bought the house you asked for.”


It should be highlighted that Su Bei was actually misdiagnosed with advanced gastric cancer.


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