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Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Finding a Man She Liked

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Today was May 20th. In this country, this date represented love, so many couples chose to register for marriage on this day.

Su Bei had been worried that the Civil Affairs Bureau would get crowded today. Afraid that she couldnt register for marriage today, she had asked a servant to take the ID cards and every other type of document that was needed to the Civil Affairs Bureau before it opened. This way, she and Du Luo could get their marriage licenses as soon as possible.

But now that she wanted to leave home, she had to go there and take her ID card back first.

Su Bei began to feel a little uncomfortable on her way to the Civil Affairs Bureau, as if her body was on fire. This feeling was a little alien to her.

It suddenly occurred to her that she must have been drugged by Su Huixian after all!

What was more, the effect of the drug was very powerful.

If Su Huixian hadnt put the drug in the edible birds nest, then she must have put it somewhere else. Su Bei had washed up in the morning, and she had also drunk some water. Therefore, there had been a lot of opportunities for Su Huixian to drug her.

But even if the medicine took effect now, it would be useless for her to seek justice for herself.

She knew that both her father and Du Luo would think that it was just another trick to protect herself.

She had never realized that Su Huixian could be so calculating that she would set a trap for her this way!

Su Bei was a righteous and honest person, so she was no match for someone as cunning as Su Huixian.

By the time she arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau, she felt weak all over. Her small face was flushed a deep pink color, and was covered with a layer of sweat. She slightly blinked, revealing her watery eyes.

After finding the servant of the Su family, Su Bei finally got her ID card back.

“Miss Bei, this is Mr. Luos ID card.”

Su Bei gave him a small smile. “You can return it to him yourself.”

Just the thought of Du Luo sent a chill to her heart, so she was very reluctant to touch his things.

The strange feeling in her body slowly became more and more overpowering. It seemed that Su Huixian had been determined to make her lose her virginity today.

But to Su Bei, it was no big deal. Today, she had lost almost everything. She had lost her fathers love, as well as her fiances. Now, she had nothing left to lose.

Since she was doomed to lose her virginity, she decided to at least find a man she liked to do the job.

She looked around the Civil Affairs Bureau. At that moment, a man suddenly walked into the door. He was dressed in a well-tailored suit that enhanced his tall and straight figure. It was as if a light shone down on him from above, making him look impeccable.

The mans presence lit up Su Beis bleak world in the blink of an eye.

He was followed by another man, who leaned in and said in a low voice, “Mr. Lu, she didnt come.”

“Then you can tell her that she doesnt need to come here anymore,” Lu Heting said calmly. But his words gave people a kind of invisible pressure.

After saying that, he turned around to leave, but Su Bei had already stood in front of him.

As soon as she had heard that this mans bride hadnt shown up, she had decided that he was the chosen one!

Being stopped by an unfamiliar woman in front of him, Lu Heting lowered his eyes to look at her face. The womans face was as red as an apple, and her long black eyelashes were fluttering. She was enchanting and lovely. He looked at her with a frown, as if he was thinking about something.

“Sir, it seems that your bride didnt show up. In that case, I have a little favor to ask you,” the woman said shyly. Her young voice was filled with energy.

“A little favor Do you know who I am” Lu Heting asked as he looked at her upturned face.

“Of course I do! You are Lu Weijians driver. Ive met you twice when you picked him up,” Su Bei said with a charming look on her face.

Just now, she had overheard the part about his bride not showing up, but she hadnt overheard his title—Mr. Lu!


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