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Chapter 25: Chapter 25 You Are a Nobody in the World of Modelling

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“Miss Su, why dont you try them on first” Liao Youhui suggested.

Su Bei nodded and didnt say anything more. The models in front of her were already ready for the show, and would start taking part in the first test one by one. She had to solve this problem as soon as possible.

Su Bei sat down and quietly put on the shoes before standing up again. She had barely taken a step forward when, all of a sudden, she seemed to lose her balance. With a scream, she leaned forward and threw her arms around Liao Youhui for support.

Liao Youhui hadnt expected Su Bei to fall right away.

She had tampered with the platforms of the shoes in such a way that they wouldnt break off at once. According to her calculation, Su Bei should have fallen after taking a few steps on stage. She had just wanted Su Bei to fall down and sprain her ankles, and fail the first test in the process.

But now that Su Bei fell on her without warning, Liao Youhui didnt have time to dodge and fell back, pressed onto the floor by Su Bei.

The logistics assistants standing around them were shocked, but they quickly hurried forward to help them up. Some of them held up Su Bei while the others supported Liao Youhui.

Qiu Minxuan also stepped forward just in time to check the condition of both parties.

Su Huixians eyes turned red with concern as she asked, “Whats going on Su Bei, are you hurt You have to take the first test soon! You cant get hurt!”

“Im fine,” Su Bei said lightly, standing up without any difficulty.

While working as a model in the United States, she had gone through intense training and knew how to handle such situations. After seeing that there was something wrong with every pair of shoes that Liao Youhui brought her, she had already guessed that they had been tampered with on purpose.

Therefore, when she had put on the shoes, she had deliberately put a lot of weight on her feet so as to remove the loose platforms at once. Then, she had leaned forward and fallen on Liao Youhui, toppling her to the floor.

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with Su Bei, Su Huixian forced a smile. “Youre so lucky!”

But on the inside, she couldnt help cursing. Why didnt Su Bei get hurt by the fall She hadnt even sprained her ankles!

“Dont touch me. It hurts...” Liao Youhui sat in a chair with the help of a few people.

There was definitely something wrong with her feet. She felt a sharp pain every time she tried to move them.

“Hold on. Ill call a doctor for you right away,” Su Huixian said worriedly. “Luckily, you protected Su Bei from the fall, or she would have gotten injured. But now, you cant work for the rest of the first test. And with your injury, Im afraid that you wont be able to work even on the day of the second test and at the actual fashion show, will you”

Realizing that she might not be able to work for the rest of the fashion show, Liao Youhui burst into aggrieved tears. It had taken her a lot of effort to become a logistics assistant at the show. She had wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to perform well, so that she could get ahead in her career.

She hadnt expected that she would lose this opportunity because of her injured legs!

“I dont dare to blame you, Miss Su,” Liao Youhui said in a low voice. “No matter what the consequences are, I will bear them myself.”

The other models didnt say anything, but the logistics assistants were burning with anger after hearing Liao Youhuis words. They looked at Su Bei with contempt in their eyes. One of them jumped out on impulse and yelled, “Youre Su Bei, right Do you think youre so special just because youre a model Even top international supermodels dont have a temper like yours. Who do you think you are You are a nobody in the world of modelling. Just because you didnt like the shoes that Youhui brought you, you hurt her. Did you have to do that”

The other assistants also glared at Su Bei.

Liao Youhui stopped her in a hurry. “Xiao Tong, dont blame Miss Su. Its just a bad day for me.”

On the surface, she didnt seem to blame Su Bei, but there was actually deep hatred behind her words.


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