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Chapter 24: Chapter 24 It Would Be Easy for Her to Sprain Her Ankles

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Liao Youhui was the daughter of a maid in the Su family. Before she had started working, she had often stayed in the Su family. Back then, Su Huixian had always been kind to her and had never put on airs in front of her, so Liao Youhui was very grateful to her.

Hearing Su Huixians words, Liao Youhui recalled Su Bei, the high and mighty Miss Bei of the Su family, who always put on an arrogant expression and looked down on everyone else.

Both of them were the daughters of the Su family, but Liao Youhui liked the gentle and generous Su Huixian, while she hated the haughty and condescending Su Bei.

“How did she even qualify to take part in the first test” Liao Youhui asked.

“Forget it. No matter how she got the qualification, the only thing I can do now is to try my best,” Su Huixian said and lowered her head. “Im going to put on makeup.”

Hearing this, Liao Youhui made up her mind to help Su Huixian.

She quickly ran towards the storage room.

A smile appeared on Su Huixians lips. She knew that Liao Youhui was a naive and gullible girl with a lot of gratitude. As long as she complained about something, Liao Youhui would take the initiative to help her solve her problems.

It seemed that over the years, she had gained a lot by being kind and generous to everyone in the Su family.

Su Bei is an idiot. All she did was put on airs. Undoubtedly, she was digging her own grave! Su Huixian thought indifferently.

When Su Bei entered the backstage, Liao Youhui ran over to her with a pair of high heels. “Miss Su, these are your shoes.”

Costumes were regulated for the first test. All the clothes and high-heeled shoes were provided by a particular brand.

“Thank you.” Su Bei took the shoes in a manner that was neither humble nor pushy. However, from her years of experience, she could tell at a glance that the platforms of the shoes were loose. If she wore these, it would be easy for her to sprain her ankles.

What was more, if the platforms broke while she was walking on stage, the judges would have a bad impression of her, and she would definitely score a zero on the first test.

Although the manager of the show might hold the logistics assistant accountable, Su Bei would lose much more.

“Please bring me another pair,” she said politely.

Liao Youhui nodded and brought her a new pair of shoes.

This time, when Su Bei took them, her face changed slightly. There was something wrong with the platforms of this pair of shoes too.

“Could I get another pair” Su Beis tone was a little unfriendly this time.

This exchange repeated a second time, which made Su Bei realize that it couldnt just be an honest mistake.

Liao Youhui patiently brought another pair of shoes to Su Bei and said, “Miss Su, are you satisfied with this pair If not, I will bring another one to you!”

Su Bei raised her eyes and glanced at Liao Youhui coldly. Seeing her sharp and powerful gaze, Liao Youhui almost retreated in fear. However, she had already decided to help Su Huixian to the end! So, she straightened up and puffed out her chest.

Su Huixian, who was standing at the side, complained, “Su Bei, dont go too far. Youhuis mother might have been a maid at the Su family before, but how can you treat Youhui like a servant now”

Hearing this, the other models and logistics assistants in the backstage area all looked at Su Bei with a hint of inquiry, doubt, and reproach in their eyes.

Obviously, no one in the workplace liked people who acted like they were superior.

It was only after hearing Su Huixians words that Su Bei recognized Liao Youhui.

She smiled faintly, knowing that no matter how many new p


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