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Chapter 13: Chapter 13 Ordinary Women

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“Look over there. Those are all supermodels from Europe and America!” The man pointed in another direction and said, “And those women there are all new but outstanding supermodels from S Country.”

Lu Heting looked up at him with an utterly uninterested expression on his face. “When can we leave”

“Are you so unwilling to stay here I dont get it. What kind of women do you like You refused highly cultured ladies; you dont like gentle and dignified female doctors; you are not interested in female elites; and you are not bothered to sneak a glance at even the famous actresses. At least one of these supermodels here should be able to attract your attention, right”

Lu Weijian asked, throwing his hands up in defeat. If it werent for Mrs. Lus request, he wouldnt have brought Lu Heting here to see all these women. In fact, he had no interest in being at this party, either.

In his eyes, it was better to stay at home and play video games. Why did he have to spend time with this iceberg instead

Lu Heting was not interested in this party at all. The only reason why he hadnt refused the invitation today was because of that woman who had been relentlessly lingering in his mind. He wanted to find a distraction to help him drive that woman out of his mind.

He opened his eyes leisurely and looked in the direction at which Lu Weijian was pointing.

“What do you think Arent they beautiful” Lu Weijian asked excitedly.

“Theyre ordinary.”

“Well, is there anyone you like in particular” Lu Weijian asked curiously. “If there is, I will help you!”

At this moment, many of the supermodels standing in front felt a pair of eyes on them and turned around.

When they saw Lu Hetings handsome face, they felt flattered and raised their glasses to him.

Some of them even ogled at him.

“Theyre all ordinary women,” Lu Heting said casually with a slight shake of his head.

Lu Weijian touched his forehead and sighed. “Well, I know that in your heart, the woman on your marriage certificate is the most beautiful woman in the world! No one can compete with her!”

Even now, he still couldnt believe that his brother had a wife.

“Well, in that case, I might as well go home and play video games. Do you want to go back with me or do you want to stay for a few more minutes”

Lu Heting was about to reply when he saw a familiar figure talking and laughing not far away.

It was the woman he had seen on the street today, but instead of that thick coat, she was wearing a long dress that outlined her extraordinarily graceful figure.

He paused.

Taken aback, Lu Weijian looked in the direction of Lu Hetings gaze, only to see several men chatting with glasses of wine in their hands.

Lu Heting looked away as if nothing had happened and said, “You can go back first. Ill stay a little longer.”

After his brother left, Lu Heting sat down in a dark corner of the hall.

The woman had disappeared from his sight, but he waited patiently. As long as she was here, he would see her sooner or later, right

Most of the judges at the banquet were from Europe and America.

They were all whispering amongst themselves, discussing their thoughts about the models present.

This party was a good chance for Su Bei, who had stayed in the United States for five years, to forge connections and make a good impression. She could speak fluent English, and barely communicated in other languages, so she was good at dealing with such a situation.

With a glass of wine in hand, she chatted with the others. When she had time to rest, she saw Qiu Minxuan walking towards her in a hurry.


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