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Chapter 12: Chapter 12 Dont Give Her Any Opportunity

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With her long legs and strong but slender figure, Su Bei was particularly eye-catching in the crowd.

“Su Bei, come here,” Qiu Minxuan called excitedly. “You look even more graceful now than when you were on the stage. Youre really a treasure.”

“Thank you, Minxuan. Ill count on your care and help in the future,” Su Bei said, raising the corners of her delicate red lips into a smile.

“Of course. You are my model now. Go inside. You should first establish a basic friendship with the interviewers tonight and try to pass the initial test in a few days,” Qiu Minxuan smiled.

Su Bei nodded and walked along the red carpet. She had done this before, so she was not anxious at all. She walked in a calm and elegant manner, exuding confidence from every inch of her body.

Qiu Minxuan had to wait for the other models that she managed here.

A luxurious nanny van stopped in front of Qiu Minxuan, and a sophisticated young woman in a black gown stepped out.

She looked like the epitome of femininity, and when she smiled, it seemed to light up everyones hearts. She was none other than Su Huixian, one of the most famous models in the country.

Qiu Minxuan strode forward and greeted her with a warm smile. “Huixian, you look very beautiful today. With your temperament, youll definitely win in the show!”

“Dont say that, Minxuan. Only five models will be selected from S Country. The rest will be all selected from Europe and America. We must be careful.” Su Huixian appeared very modest.

“Yes, thats why I asked Su Bei, our newcomer, to go in first. We must strive to get another model from our company selected, and shes perfect for it. She has an enviable figure and looks even more beautiful than she did in the video.”

“Su Bei Your new model is called Su Bei” Su Huixians face changed slightly.

In the five years that had passed, she hadnt gotten word about Su Bei at all. Su Xingfu and Du Luo seldom mentioned her, but it was obvious that they still missed her.

Nevertheless, Su Huixian did her best to take good care of her father, and she treated Du Luo well. Over time, the two men had willingly become her most powerful backup.

But now, unexpectedly, Su Bei was back!

At the thought of Su Beis stunning appearance and unmatched figure, Su Huixian couldnt help feeling jealous.

In the Su family, Su Bei was like a bright star in the sky, while Su Huixian was just a firefly in the grass.

It was only in Su Beis absence that she had the chance to shine and be seen.

Su Huixian opened the photo album in her phone and asked, “Is it her”

Qiu Minxuan nodded. “Yes, thats her. Huixian, do you already know Su Bei”

A trace of undisguised disgust appeared in Su Huixians eyes. “Minxuan, I dont want her to get this opportunity. And I dont want her to have any development in Qian Yu Entertainment Company!”

Qiu Minxuan was surprised, but she immediately understood what she had to do.

Su Bei had a stunning appearance and a perfect figure for modelling. Her long legs were a great fit for this job. With all that in mind, Qiu Minxuan had planned to turn her into a successful model.

However, Su Huixian was the precious daughter of the head of Su family and the fiancee of Du Luo, the young master of the Du family. She was already considered to be a famous model in the country. Therefore, she had seniority over the new comer, Su Bei.

Qiu Minxuan had a passion for training any good talent that came her way, but at the end of the day, keeping her job was the most important thing for her.

Besides, a model couldnt become famous with just a good figure alone.

Meanwhile, at the party,

a man in a light-colored suit was standing next to Lu Heting. He excitedly said, “Brother, this is the top show for choosing supermodels!”


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