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Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Why Had She Come Back

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As the car passed her, Su Bei recognized the man who was sitting in the drivers seat. It was her husband, Lu Heting!

It seemed that he was more mature than five years ago, and even at a glance, his temperament seemed to be calmer and wiser than before. She had always known that he had a handsome face, but she had never thought that even his side profile would look this good. His sharp jawline looked perfect.

“Lu Heting!” she cried out without thinking.

Hearing this, the man turned his head sideways and shot her a cold glance, but then he turned back to the front and continued to step on the accelerator without looking at her anymore. The car quickly moved forward.

In just a moment, he had already put considerable distance between him and Su Bei.

Su Bei immediately snapped into action and ran after Lu Hetings car. “Lu Heting! Lu Heting! Please stop the car!” she shouted.

But the car was moving so fast that she was left far behind in the blink of an eye.

Looking at the cloud of dust caused by the car, Su Bei bent down in frustration and gasped heavily with her hands on her knees.

She was sure that the man had seen her, but he had completely ignored her.

“Doesnt he remember me Well, its possible,” Su Bei murmured to herself. “After all, that special time we had shared happened five years ago. After that, our paths have never crossed again.”

But for the sake of her son, Su Bei had no other choice but to meet Lu Heting somehow.

In the car, Lu Heting hesitated for a moment, but he still kept driving.

Was it an auditory hallucination

Was it because he missed her so much that he often had such uncontrollable illusions

Lu Heting raised his head and rubbed the space between his eyebrows. It was not until he saw the reflection in the rearview mirror that he realized that it was not a dream.

On that fateful day, this woman had floated to him like a beautiful cloud. After disappearing for five years, she had finally appeared in front of him, like a lovely elf.

If the two marriage certificates didnt exist, proving that the woman was real, he would have thought that he had just imagined the whole thing in his head.

A faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. That day, the girl had hurried to ask him for help, and he had helped her in the car. Then he had answered a phone call for a few minutes. In that gap, she had left without saying goodbye and disappeared without a trace!

A few days later, she had even sent him the divorce agreement.

From beginning to end, everything had been under her control.

That divorce agreement had caused him a great deal of heartache. So for the past five years, he had never asked anyone about her whereabouts. He had forced himself not to look for her.

But now, she was back

Yes, it seemed that she was.

After moving forward for a while, Lu Heting suddenly slammed on the brake, leaving skid marks on the road. The car had almost crashed into the fence, and he could smell the smoke from the tires.

He opened the car door and got out quickly. Then, he turned around and ran to the place where he had seen Su Bei just now, his long legs making his every step powerful.

Just when he was about to reach the destination, Lu Heting slackened his pace. He regained his usual calmness, but he still couldnt hide his anxiety.

Why had she come back this time What did she want to say to him Did she regret her actions back then

However, when Lu Heting finally reached that place, he found that the woman had disappeared without a trace, as if she was never there at all.

It was as if history had repeated itself!

Lu Heting knew that this woman wouldnt stay for him!

So why had she come back


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