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As she moved her body to pull her head out, his grip became even stronger.

The man smiled as he saw Yoo-hwa making a pained expression.

“You’re preying on people, aren’t you”


Yoo-hwa’s body stiffened at the sudden talk.

“I heard you’re a murderer”


“I heard you killed a great serial killer without even blinking.”


“I heard there was another one after that too.”

The man squinted his eyes, reciting what he had learned about Kim Yoo-hwa.

“Was it the owner of the mart you were chasing after”


“Don’t pretend you don’t know.

I’m talking about the owner of the mart who ran away with only his wallet while you were trying to seduce him.

I heard he died”


“In a hit-and-run accident.”

Yoo-hwa’s face stiffened.

She was hearing that for the first time.

Yi-woon’s words suddenly came to her mind.

“Noona, I will protect you.

Even the people who torment you… So you just need to look at me.

Then you’ll be safe.”

Why did she remember those words now

She got goosebumps.

“In addition to that, I heard this time your brother died too”


“It’s weird.

Why do the bastards who are involved with you die so fast, one after the other Are you really an unlucky bitch”

The man looked at Yoo-hwa’s stiffened expression and grinned.

“Shall I try it too Will you be unlucky, or will I be unlucky Hm”

The man held Yoo-hwa’s chin with one hand and took off his pants buckle with the other.

Yoo-hwa came to her senses at the sound of the zipper doing down.

The man’s pants were down to his thighs.

The man grabbed Yoo-hwa’s shoulder with one hand and pushed her against the wall.

“Isn’t the air good today It’s cold, but it will get hot as we do it.

Hm I’ve always liked to do it outside.

It makes me really horny.

Not even knowing if someone’s watching…”

The man lowered his voice and laughed.

Whether they had listened to everything, the men’s faces emerged from the house.

“Hyung-nim, please look after us too next time.”


“Fucking bastards.

Find the money!”

Unlike the curse words he spat out, the man grinned and laughed as if it was a joke.

As she heard him, she got goosebumps all over her body.

Although she was familiar with misfortune, she was not familiar with misfortune turning into ridicule.

“Let go!”

Yoo-hwa struggled.

Like a crazy person, she pushed the hand of the man who was touching her body.

As he was still stuck to her like a leech, she swung her arms with all her might.


Suddenly, Yoo-hwa’s hand hit the man’s head.

The man’s head rotated slightly.

The expression of the man who had been smiling just until a moment ago turned cold.

Yoo-hwa thought in that brief moment that she had to run away, but the man’s action was faster.

“Fucking bitch, because you’re pretty, because you’re pretty!”

The man’s hand hit Yoo-hwa’s head hard.

Yoo-hwa, who staggered and collapsed as he hit her, gasped for breath.

She must have burst the inside of her mouth, as the smell of blood spread.

Yoo-hwa bit her lips.

Blood burst through her split lips.

Sitting down with her lips suddenly covered in blood, Yoo-hwa glared at the man.

Suddenly, her anger burst out.

“Why should I be the one paying back the money Kim Yi-woon borrowed”

She didn’t know she had the strength to project her voice like this.

Despite her voice sounding strange, Yoo-hwa couldn’t stop her words.

“You should get it from the person who borrowed it!”

“That’s why you have to pay it back.

How can I get the money from a dead bastard”

“If you want it so badly, you can report it to the police!”

“Blah blah blah, you sure talk a lot.

Fucking bitch.

Anyway, you borrowed the money.

Because that bastard Kim Yi-woon or whatever he’s called received it under your name.

You should pay back the interest, right”

The conversation went around in circles.

Yoo-hwa held back the soaring anger.

It wasn’t something she could respond to emotionally, so she unwillingly endured it and opened her mouth.

“I’ll make money and pay you back.”

“I gave you this much time, but you didn’t pay me back.

Will you pay me back now”

“I said I will pay you back.

I’m going to get work.”

“So what are you going to do about the interest Do you have 500 won in cash right now”

500 won.

She didn’t even have 100 right now.

“You don’t, right If you don’t have it, pay with your body.

What you’re paying with your body is definitely interest.”

“How can you do that”

Yoo-hwa couldn’t hold back and yelled.

“Why Is it dirty Then why did you borrow dirty money If you knew if Kim Yi-woon was that kind of bastard, you should have taken good care of your ID.

Don’t you think so”

The man slowly approached her.

She could see his swollen penis through his underwear.

She was about to throw up as she saw him licking his lips with each step.

Turning her head, she saw a large plastic bowl placed under the faucet.

Pretending to be looking only at the floor as the man approached her, Yoo-hwa raised the plastic bowl filled with water and splashed it with all her might.

The man shrieked as the cold water hit his face.


Yoo-hwa mustered her remaining strength and ran towards the gate.

She continued running despite having nowhere to go.

She thought she should hide somewhere.

She didn’t want to fall any further from here.

She felt like she had to live even if she was pathetic.

Why was her life like this


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