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“You’re alive You’re alive”

Tears welled up in Yi-woon’s eyes.

Since Yoo-hwa couldn’t say anything, Yi-woon said, ‘I’ll release you, noona.

I’ll do it for you.

I will save you.’, like a crazy person, and then proceeded to untie her hands.

Then he untied the rope tying her ankles.

“This… this b-bastard…”

Beom-sik crawled and grabbed Yi-woon’s ankle with one hand.

There was a small knife in the other hand.

Don’t do it, don’t do it.

‘Don’t do it.’, were the only words that came out of her strangled throat.

Gaining strength somehow, Yoo-hwa jumped up and pulled Yi-woon towards her.

Beom-sik’s body twirled after missing Yi-woon’s pants.


The horrifying sound of the sharp metal object getting buried in his body echoed inside the room.


Beom-sik writhed in pain.

The red blood left a round pattern in the room.

Beom-sik looked at the ceiling and panted as if he was going to die at any second.

Looking at him, Yoo-hwa’s fingers were turning pale.

The soles of her feet stuck to the floor.

All her sense of reality disappeared.

Should she call 119, or should she call 112 Although she had that thought, her body didn’t move.

What if she reports it and Beom-sik survives

Her wicked heart asked.

Her life will be painful again if Beom-sik survives, so is it fine She couldn’t answer.

Because it wasn’t fine.

Just having that person living under the same sky scared her.

But she couldn’t kill him like this.

If she didn’t do anything, she was going to kill Kim Beom-sik.

She couldn’t live with the label of having killed someone.

Kim Beom-sik was already a serial killer, so he would serve a long term if he was arrested.

In the meantime, she could change her name and hide somewhere far away.

There must be a way to escape Kim Beom-sik.

Yeah, that’s it.

Thinking with difficulty, Yoo-hwa raised her body, staggering.


Let’s r-report it.

Do you have your phone”

Instead of answering, Yi-woon continued to look at Beom-sik.

“Yi-woon! Let’s get out of here.

Let’s go out and report it.”

As she got up, her legs gave out and she stumbled.

The world was spinning, as if she had become anemic.

This was all because of the disgusting blood smell.


Yi-woon grabbed Yoo-hwa.

His eyes turned to her.

Eyes that became exceptionally brown and clear when facing the light…

Yoo-hwa got goosebumps all over her body.

“Just leave him.”

“… What”

“Let him die.”


“We finally got revenge on the killer who murdered mom… Why should he live”

Yi-woon asked back, with a face so serene that she couldn’t tell whether he was calm or out of his mind.

“If we let him live, you too… like mom…”

When she was about to say something, blood gushed out from Beom-sik’s mouth.

His body trembled as if it were twitching, and soon drooped.

Yoo-hwa, who was raising her body with difficulty, quietly looked at the unrealistic situation.

… A person died.

In front of her own eyes.

Numerous thoughts came and went.

Everything felt as distant as a dream.

If she had reported it without persuading Yi-woon, if she had just run out and screamed.

At that moment, while making such meaningless assumptions, Yoo-hwa knew.

She knew that her life would never be as normal as it was a long time ago.

As expected, her life turned upside down even more wildly.

The story that serial killer Kim Beom-sik’s son and stepdaughter, who had been abused by him for a long time, murdered him covered the whole world.

The panelists’ discussions, about it still being murder although it was self-defense, recorded high ratings.

At the end of the trial, Yoo-hwa was found not to be directly involved in the crime and was released on probation because her mind and body were weak at the time.

Yi-woon was able to avoid punishment as well, as he was underage and had been abused by his father for a long time.

However, they were named as the siblings who got together and killed their father.

“They could have reported it, but they didn’t do it, right Anyway, it’s a bystander murder.”

It wasn’t clear whether it was because some panelist said it, or whether everyone thought like that.

After the trial, Yoo-hwa, who was in the center’s care, received free psychological treatment.

She had been having nightmares and cried countless times while receiving the consultations.

With the counseling, Yoo-hwa realized that while she loved her mother and felt sorry for her, she also resented her.

It took a long time to solve it and accept her again.

After a few changes of season, the counseling ended.

Yoo-hwa had to become independent from the women’s center, where she stayed for a year, due to the expiration of her term.

Fortunately, she was able to get a small room with the welfare she received.

However he may have found her, Yi-woon visited her not long after.

Wearing thin clothes even though the weather was cold, Yi-woon stood in front of her house, trembling so much that he looked pitiful.

She couldn’t ignore him despite being uncomfortable, so she took Yi-woon and let him inside her house.


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