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Jins kill intent was so dense that a small veil of fog formed around them. Draven felt like he was in the presence of death itself.

Draven found it hard to breath the longer he was exposed to Jins killing intent.

"When a person plans to harm or hurt another person, it is impossible to hide their kill intent. It leaks out even when the person doesn plan releasing it. However, for highly skilled assassins hiding there kill intent till the last second of attack is childs play" Jin explain.

"Haaah.....haaah....haaaah" Draven continued to breathed heavily.

"Don fight the pressure instead release your own kill intent to repel against mine."

"I...I....I can " Draven replied.

"Draven you have to want to kill me for this to work"

"B-But I don want to kill you. I don think I can even bring myself to kill anyone." Draven panted as he replied.

Jin thought for second and said:

"Master Syven. Think about how master Syven has treated you like trash. Think about how he only treated Rina special. Think about how he took away you free will and emotions!" Jin shouted.

Upon hearing Jin say that, something triggered in Dravens mine:

"Yes... its all uncle Syvens fault. Its all his fault...." Dravens started filling with rage.

"Good now channel that anger to your intentions to kill me"

Draven stopped breathing heavily and calmed down. He stood and looked Jin with fierce eyes:

"You, master Syven and anyone who was a part of this.... Ill kill all of you for making me feel this way. You

e all dead you hear me."

Jin noticed Dravens presence completely changed. It felt as if Jin was face to face with vicious predator.

Jin dispelled his kill intent and the air began to clear up.

"Good, very good. Use those negative emotions to trigger your kill intent. And now that you been exposed to my immerse kill intent, detecting small levels of kill intent should be easy for you now." Jin smirked as said.

Draven closed his eyes and collected himself. He gathered up all the negative emotions he was filling and locked them away again.

"With that lesson one is complete. Its getting really late lets head inside."

Jin headed inside the house but Draven remained outside for a bit. His fingers were still tingling from sudden kill intent he just released. Draven looked at his hands and said:

"At that moment if i had any weapon in my hands, I would have attacked Jin without a second thought. No I was actually ready to kill him. So this is what kill intent is capable of. If I don keep it locked within myself I might end up losing myself to the urge to kill..."

"Hey kid whats taking you so low get inside!" Jin shouted from inside the house.

"Yeah am coming" Draven replied.


While in South Korea Jin had Draven take taekwondo and Judo lessons at dojo during the day while at night Jin taught Draven Korean and other school subjects. On weekends Jin had Draven do endurance training to build his stamina.

This went on for 5 months and within that time Draven had already become fluent in Korean and became the top student at the dojo. Draven had already defeated every kid in the dojo including his seniors from other dojos who wanted to fight him.

By the end of Dravens first year in South Korea, he had already attained a double black belt in taekwondo and Judo at the age of 9.


In the evening, at Jins house in South Korea...

Jin and Draven were in the kitchen preparing there supper. Draven had just finished his daily online academics lessons.

"Hey Jin do I really have to keep going to that dojo? Everyone there is so weak that its boring" Draven complained.

"Hahaha! Well for a double black belt such as yourself, it should be expected" Jin laughed "Plus you already defeated every student from each dojo in Seoul so its a given."

"Exactly, Jin why don you train me yourself now? I can say for a fact that there isn a single person in England or in Seoul that can face you in a fight." Draven asked

"That is true. But you

e not ready yet for my level of training. Master the 3 principles of assassination first then will talk." Jin replied.

"Okay spar with me. That way youll test me yourself" Draven smirked.

"Sorry kid am busy tonight. After dinner am heading out to meet one of master Syvens business associates."

"Again? When we came to South Korea I thought you were taking break from your Ghost duties but for the passed year youve still been working still." Draven pouted.

"Such is the life of the Ghost kid, now grab a plate and lets go eat."

The two had their dinner together while watching some nighttime television. As so as Jin finished eating he got up and left. Draven watched Jin drive away in his car into the night.

Draven liked his alone time in the house but he always felt a bit sad whenever Jin left for work.


Hours after Jin left, Draven decided to stay up late waiting for Jin. He stayed up until 11pm watching night time television patiently waiting for Jins return.

Outside, Draven heard something drop out in the yard. Draven quickly turned of the Tv and lights around the house then waited for the sound again.

Two unknown people had jump into the yard. They moved about around the yard surveying the house looking for a way in the house.

Draven picked outside the window to see who it was. From what he saw they appeared to be men. However, Draven did not recognize any of the two men so he automatically perceived them as enemies intruding on Jins property. One of the two intruder managed to open the back kitchen door, letting himself and his partner in.

They started moving around kitchen looking for valuable items to loot. One of them decide to got and check the living room:

[in Korean] "Hey Hyung, wasn the light on when jumped in the yard?" One of the intruders whispered to his partner Hyung.

[in Korean] "Yeah it was. Must have been that kid who lives here. I saw his dad leave earlier this evening so I know the brats home alone. He must be upstairs hiding, go capture him and bring him here. Will use him for ransom money later on." Hyung replied.

"Alright Hyung." the second intruder park replied.

Park started to make his to the stairs which led to the bedrooms. Despite the lights being off, the two men could still see around the house. Park walked quietly to the stairs not wanting to make unnecessary sounds.

As Park walked he kept looking at around. He saw so distracted that he didn hear that Draven had silently creeped up behind him:


"Argggghh" Park screamed

Draven stepped on Parks calf with force, breaking is his leg instantly. Park immediately fell to the ground holding his leg.

At that moment Draven was already in kill mode. Draven released his kill intent the moment he snapped Parks leg.

Draven swiftly went behind Park, held his neck in a sleeper hold and snapped it before Park even realized who attacked him.

[in Korean] "Park! Whats wrong! What happened!" Hyung shouted as he rush to the stairs.

There he found Parks dead body lying on floor at Dravens feet.

[in Korean] "Park! What the hell did you do brat!" Hyung angrily asked

[in Korean] "I killed him. Your friend here was killed by my hands" Draven replied with a cold expression.

[in Korean] "What?! You kill him?! Don ** with me kid! You expect me to believe you kill-..." Hyung cut his sentence midway.

Hyung felt a crushing sense of fear all of a sudden. Every fiber in his body told him to run for his life. The longer Hyung looked at Draven, the more he felt as though he was trapped in a cage with a vicious predator.

[in Korean] "J-just what are you"

"Am your executioner..."

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