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Nothing could withstand the suppression of the seal.

The ground caved in, and the huge seal crushed open a deep crater.

“Hmph.” The seal swayed, and a figure flew out from under it—it was the bloodied Li Jinge.

“You actually managed to injure me.” Li Jinge stared at Gu Shan.

Gu Shan was surprised when he saw this.

“Even the mighty Sun Seal cant crush him to death.

It looks like I have to use softness to counter hardness.


Gu Shan extended his left hand, and a black and white bracelet flew out from his wrist.

After flying out, the black and white bracelet immediately disintegrated into two chains.

A black chain and a white chain.

The black chain was endlessly connected to the darkness.

The white chain was endlessly connected to the void.


The chains wrapped around Li Jinge, and no matter how he struggled, he couldnt break free.

He alternated between being hundreds of feet tall and being tiny.

His ten arms struggled with all their might, but the black and white chains formed a binding array.

Although it couldnt destroy Li Jinges demon body, it could seal all his demonic aura and prevent a single wisp of demonic aura from escaping.

Li Jinge was extremely strong, but he couldnt break free from the black and white chains.

“All Heaven Demons, listen up—leave quickly.” Li Jinge suddenly roared, his voice resounding through the world.

“Even Supremacy cant break through those chains.”

“Lets go.”

The expressions of the ten Heaven Demons in the distance changed as they used all kinds of means to escape.


“Supremacy cant defeat that old man”

On the other battlefields in Scarlet Cloud State City, the Heaven Demons had been paying attention to the battle between Li Jinge and Gu Shan.

When they heard Li Jinges order for evacuation, they panicked and lost their fighting spirit.


“Lets go.”

The Heaven Demons quickly retreated.

Li Jinge ordered his subordinates to escape, but he continued struggling with all his might.

Gu Shan also did his best to control the black-and-white chains restraining him.

Finally, the black-and-white chains wrapped around him another 12 times before he was fully locked in place.

Li Jinge couldnt struggle anymore.

All his demonic aura was sealed, and his ten arms degenerated into two arms.

His face and height returned to normal as well.

Under the 12 black-and-white chains, Li Jinge tried his best to stabilize himself and stared at Gu Shan.

“So what if youre restraining me You cant kill me.”


Xu Jingming had already arrived beside his senior brother.

“Theres no limit to a demons strength,” Gu Shan said to Xu Jingming with a smile.

“The stronger the obsession, the stronger the demon.

I cant even destroy this Indestructible Demon Body head-on.

I can only trap it first before using an array formation to slowly refine it to death.”

Li Jinges expression changed when he heard that.

The other party was confident in killing him

“Senior Brother, you used at least six great divine powers.” Xu Jingming exclaimed in surprise.


“How can I capture him without great divine powers” Gu Shan said.

“This demon is considered easy to deal with; its just an Indestructible Demon Body.

I once encountered a demon that broke through the limits of a Heaven Demon.

He had a total of 99 clones, and I had to wipe out all his clones to kill him.”

Xu Jingming was surprised.

Senior Brother Gu Shan was more than 1,000 years old after all, and he had been in the Demon Vanquishing World for a long time.

He had probably established many accounts, so he naturally encountered many demons.

“Can you really kill me” Li Jinge finally spoke.

Gu Shan looked at him.

“Theres no need for me to lie.

Youll know in two days.”

Li Jinge fell silent.

Once he was refined to death, his intrinsic demonic aura would be sealed.

With the strength of the Demon Vanquisher in front of him… Even if he couldnt refine his obsession, his mind probably wouldnt be injured.

That way, he would be sealed forever.

“Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming.” The chained Li Jinge looked at Xu Jingming.

“Do you know me”

“You” Xu Jingming looked at him and shook his head in confusion.


“Back then, you were quite famous in Chengan Prefecture.

Many people moved close to your Wu residence and believed that it must be very safe around it,” Li Jinge said.

“Who wouldve thought that Mountain Lord Dongming would attack you and implicate all those living a few kilometers from you Everyone died tragically.”

Xu Jingming was slightly stunned.

Yes, it was also because of this that he didnt have a permanent residence from then on and had been wandering around.

“Of the countless people who died, my family was one of them.” Li Jinge gazed at Xu Jingming.

“My family was implicated by you.”

Xu Jingming fell silent.

“I know; I cant blame you.

It was Mountain Lord Dongming who released the demonic aura and turned an area of several kilometers into a demonic domain,” Li Jinge said.

“It was the demons who were too ferocious and slaughtered ordinary people wantonly.

Demons… are more dangerous than Demon Vanquishers!”

“But you became the leader of the demons,” Gu Shan commented.

“Only by becoming a leader can I command greater strength and better achieve my goal.” Li Jinge sighed softly.

“But clearly, there are always stronger opponents.

I lost again, but this time… it will probably be very difficult for me to make a comeback.”

He had failed and suffered setbacks in the past, but he had come back stronger.

However, he had failed at the hands of a Demon Vanquisher.

“A person has to know their limits.” Gu Shan looked at Li Jinge.

“A demon also has to know their limits.”

“Didnt you say that the power of demons has no limits” Li Jinge stared at Gu Shan.

“Therefore, ones goals have to be big!”

Gu Shan grabbed the chain, and Li Jinges demonic aura was completely sealed, preventing him from speaking again.

“Junior Brother, Ill return to my residence first.

I still have to spend time refining him,” Gu Shan said before grabbing the bound Li Jinge and immediately turning into a stream of light that left.

Xu Jingming watched his senior brother leave before turning to look in the direction of the inn.

In the inn, in the single courtyard where Xu Jingming lived.


Xu Jingming pushed open the door and saw Wu Qi sitting at a stone table with a flask of wine on it.

“Uncle Qi.” Xu Jingming walked to the table and sat down.

Wu Qi hunched his back and poured a cup of wine for him.

He handed it to Xu Jingming and smiled.

“I even used a saber technique in front of you.

With your acumen, you shouldve recognized me, right”

Saber techniques that had reached the level of a super expert were very rare among Heaven Demons.

Wu Qi usually used his saber technique, and in order to resist the ninth-realm Heaven Demon, he was forced to execute his saber technique with all his might.

Xu Jingming saw everything.

“Yes, I recognized you.” Xu Jingming nodded.

In fact, on the night of Senior Brother Gu Shans visit… With his realm, he could tell that Uncle Qi was a Heaven Demon and had informed Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming was very surprised back then, but he trusted the decade that they had spent together!

“Hehe…” Wu Qi held his wine glass and finished it in one gulp.

“I knew this day would come.”

As he spoke, he reached for the wine flask.

Xu Jingming grabbed the wine flask first.

“Let me pour the wine for you, Uncle Qi.”

Wu Qi was slightly stunned, and his eyes turned red.

“Uncle Qi, when did you become a Heaven Demon” Xu Jingming asked.

Wu Qi looked at the sky with an ethereal gaze.

“A long, long time ago.”

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