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“Suppress!” the levitating Gu Shan said softly when he saw this.

Immediately, the might of the huge array that split the clouds and changed the weather suppressed the demonic aura vortex and the demonic aura which attacked Xu Jingming! Under the suppression, all the demonic aura began to dissipate.

Xu Jingming heaved a sigh of relief with the spear in hand.

He sensed that the demonic aura was connected to the demonic aura vortex.

There were all kinds of strangeness about it that he might not be able to withstand.

The Heaven Demons also felt their bodies lighten, and the suppressive force disappeared.

They immediately took the opportunity to hide in the distance and stared at the levitating Gu Shan.

They felt fear in the face of a clash at this level.

“You actually destroyed the Demon Abyss I summoned.” Li Jinge looked at Gu Shan.

“Even without the Demon Abyss, I can still kill you!”

“I heard that the power of demons has no limits.

The stronger the obsession, the more terrifying the strength.

Show me how strong you are!” Gu Shan smiled.

“As you wish.” Li Jinges eyes turned cold as he abruptly stomped his foot.


The ground trembled, and the huge array formation within five kilometers suffered a terrifying impact, producing many cracks.

As for Li Jinge, he had already turned into an afterimage and instantly crossed the distance between them to arrive in front of Gu Shan.


The sword at Gu Shans waist had already been unsheathed.

Xu Jingming focused his attention.

His senior brothers actual combat techniques were indeed above his.

Although Li Jinge dodged, the sword still struck his neck.

However, the skin on his neck was extremely tough; the strike didnt leave a single scar.

“Huh” Gu Shan was a little surprised.

“Your sword is so fast—even faster than me,” Li Jinge said softly.

“But you cant even break through my skin.

How are you going to fight me”

With that said, the cyan-shirted mans right hand chopped down gently like a blade.


Ripples appeared in the void and swept past Gu Shan.

Gu Shan turned into a blur as he arrived behind the cyan-shirted man.

A sword beam then stabbed into the cyan-shirted mans back, but it failed to pierce through his skin.


Gu Shan appeared in various spots around the cyan-shirted man.

Sword beams stabbed, struck, stabbed, and shot up.

The cyan-shirted mans moves were clearly weaker, so he failed to block a single strike.

What movement technique What sword technique Li Jinge was a little angry.

Although the might of these sword beams failed to tear through his skin, he still didnt like taking a beating.

In his anger, pairs of arms grew out of Li Jinges back and ribs, and a face appeared behind his head.

The two-faced and ten-armed Li Jinge attacked in all directions.

He used numbers to make up for the weakness of his saber technique.


Finally, his palm collided with the sword, touching the other partys weapon.

Li Jinges palm unleashed its full might, and the clash with the sword was like the collision of two mountains.

The collision produced a visible shockwave that blasted out in every direction.

The shockwave radiated for more than 100 meters before being suppressed by the array formation and dissipating.

Gu Shan frowned at the sword in his hand—the blade was already damaged.

“You broke through the limits of a Heaven Demon and received a gift from the heavens,” Gu Shan said.

“You obtained an indestructible body”

Li Jinge glanced at Gu Shan.

“I stand invincible in this battle.”

“Junior Brother, stay away.” Gu Shan frowned and stated, “This demon is a little troublesome.”

“Alright.” Xu Jingming immediately turned into a stream of starlight and hid in the distance.

Xu Jingming could tell that Senior Brother Gu Shan and the cyan-shirted man had reached an extremely terrifying level.

Gu Shan had used a Dharmic artifact against it in close combat, only for it to suffer damage.

It was obvious that this demons body was even more terrifying than a divine weapon!

“Can the Supremacy win” The ten Heaven Demons hiding far away were also very nervous.

“Didnt you see That old mans Dharmic Artifact is damaged, but he cant injure Supremacy at all.

Perhaps Supremacy wont win this battle, but he wont lose either.”

“As long as we can hold back this mysterious Demon Vanquisher, the other Demon Vanquishers in Scarlet Cloud City will be nothing to worry about.”

At this moment, although battles were erupting elsewhere, the ninth-realm Demon Vanquishers and the terrifying Heaven Demons were also paying attention to the battle between Gu Shan and Li Jinge.

In the eyes of those Heaven Demons, Heaven Demon Supremacy—Li Jinge—was their leader and the person they relied on to fight the Demon Vanquishers in the open.

In the eyes of those ninth-realm Demon Vanquishers, Sect Master Gu was famous.

If Sect Master Gu couldnt withstand that demon, it might usher in the reign of a terrifying demon in the Demon Vanquishing World.


Boom! Boom!

Li Jinge was displaying the terrifying might of his Indestructible Demon Body to his hearts content.

His speed and strength were above Gu Shan.

His ten arms were sometimes as sharp as divine weapons, sometimes as soft as water, sometimes dozens of feet long, sometimes forming an Inescapable Net that attacked Gu Shan in all kinds of ways.

As long as Gu Shan made a single mistake, he would be captured alive.

No matter how strong Gu Shan was, he was only at the ninth realm of Demon Vanquishing Dharmic powers.

This was also the limit of Demon Vanquishers.

However, his realm was too high.

His actual combat techniques were brilliant, far exceeding Xu Jingmings, whats more Li Jinge.

Moreover, the great divine powers he created and the artifacts he refined were very difficult to deal with.


A huge seal fell from the sky with mysterious runes engraved on it.

The moment the seal appeared, the rain and clouds dissipated.

Even the stars vanished, making way for the dazzling sun.

The dazzling sun seemed to plummet into the seal.

The huge seal was squarish and 120 feet long on each side.

It carried an invincible might as it pressed down.

Li Jinge appeared tiny under the huge seal, and his ten arms tried their best to resist it.

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