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Early in the morning.

Xu Jingming arrived at a teahouse and had breakfast.

It was already drizzling.

Even in the virtual world, these planetary lifeforms whose memories are blocked still have to work hard to survive. Xu Jingming watched the people in a hurry on the street outside the teahouse. This is the law of survival in the universe.

The strong survive while the weak are eliminated.

Cosmic humans could proliferate to this extent only because of their strength.

Even so, there were some dark ages in history where even Paramount existences died.

The Cosmic Human Alliance spurs on countless people to work hard.

Only with a massive number of evolvers can a sufficient number of Origin lifeforms be born.

Only with a massive number of scholars can great scholars with educational backgrounds exceeding Lv.

100 be born.

Only by having enough Origin lifeforms and great scholars can the current cosmic human race be propped up.

Xu Jingming understood the order that was the cosmic jungle.

Although there were all kinds of people in the entire human race, most of them had to work hard in order for the race as a whole to improve.

If most people enjoyed themselves, the race would naturally decline until it eventually perished.

This was the most basic rule of survival.

This Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming daydreams even while eating breakfast The cyan-shirted man holding an umbrella on the street in the distance, Li Jinge, looked at Xu Jingming from afar and then ordered via voice transmission, “The operation is a go.”

As Xu Jingming observed the people outside the teahouse, he suddenly noticed a red-robed girl holding an umbrella.

The red-robed girl was very eye-catching among the plain-clothed crowd on the street as she walked toward the teahouse.

Huh Xu Jingming frowned slightly. This lady…

The red-robed girl looked to be 15 or 16 years old and was rather young.

She had a beautiful face and wore a red robe, attracting the attention of many people on the streets.

She walked to the teahouse, and her gaze landed on Xu Jingming.

“Are you Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming” the red-robed girl asked with a smile.

“Thats me.” Xu Jingming nodded.

“Im here to send you to hell.” The red-robed girl opened up the umbrella and turned into a red afterimage that attacked Xu Jingming.

The umbrella fluttered and fell to the street.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone on the street, the window of the teahouse Xu Jingming was in exploded.

The shattered wood hung in the air under the restraints of an invisible force, preventing it from affecting the terrified ordinary customers.

Xu Jingming stood there with one hand around the red-robed girls throat, and her feet were suspended in midair.

What a fast palm technique. The red-robed girls neck twisted as she struggled with all her might.

Her palms turned into afterimages as she struck Xu Jingmings body more than 100 times in an instant.

Xu Jingming stood there and allowed her to strike his body.

The starlight on his body rippled, and the red-robed girls palm technique couldnt break through the protective starlight at all.

“Is that all youve got” Xu Jingming exerted strength with his fingers.


The red-robed girls neck snapped, but she had her head tilted as she grinned at him.

Her entire body then suddenly disintegrated, turning into red ribbons that wrapped around Xu Jingming at close range.

“Youve been captured by me.

You cant escape.” A girls face wearing a smug smile appeared on the red ribbon.

Xu Jingming remained very calm.

If he hadnt obtained the Force of the world, he mightve needed to give it his all.

But after his Dawn Star Divine Body broke through, Xu Jingming confirmed that the Heaven Demon posed no threat to him from the onset of their clash.

Heaven Demons were different from Demon Vanquishers.

Heaven Demons were born from obsessions that drew upon the demonic aura of the world.

The stronger the obsessions, the stronger the demon body they condensed.

As long as one determined the strength of the obsessions based on the purity of the demonic aura, they would know the level of a Heaven Demon.


Xu Jingming exerted strength with his arms, and the red ribbons around his body suddenly snapped.

The red ribbons immediately flew into the distance, and as they flew, they quickly fused together.

“Trying to escape” Xu Jingmings eyes turned cold.

In the drizzling sky, a ten-foot-thick pillar of lightning suddenly struck the red ribbons.

“Ah!” With a miserable scream, half of the red ribbons were instantly destroyed.

The remaining red ribbons immediately condensed into a red-robed girl, and her eyes were filled with horror as she shouted, “Why arent you guys doing anything!”

“Miss Xue, your strength isnt up to par.”

“It looks like we have to make a move.”

“Everyone, be serious.

Demon Vanquisher Wu Ming is stronger than expected.”

“With the nine of us joining forces, we can crush him easily.”

Figures walked out of the teahouse and the street.

They looked ordinary, no different from ordinary pedestrians, but all of them were staring at Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingmings expression turned solemn.

All Heaven Demons are good at hiding their auras, but for me to fail to detect them, this means that these Heaven Demons are at least on par with eighth-realm Demon Vanquishers, Xu Jingming thought.

Heaven Demons usually hide. Why are there so many of them emerging all of a sudden

He knew that Heaven Demons also formed organizations.

They cooperated and hid carefully.

What makes them gather together and publicly attack Xu Jingming looked at the nine figures walking over.

These nine people were at least comparable to eighth-realm Demon Vanquishers, and it was even possible that some of them were comparable to ninth-realm Demon Vanquishers.

The nine people surrounded him as if they were looking at prey, eyes filled with confidence.

A spear had already appeared in Xu Jingmings hand.

He didnt have the slightest confidence in facing the nine Heaven Demons.

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