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Chapter 50.2 Come of Age Ceremony

Anonymous Bee [Translator]10-12 minutes 24.09.2022

Su Su looked at him expressionlessly, “There isn’t a way.”

Tantai Jin gave a low chuckle, and the curve of his mouth straightened as he sighed, “It’s a pity then.”

While they were speaking, a few more slaves died.

Su Su tightly frowned and had no choice but to speak, “I really have no way.

You can deal with ordinary corpse demons by using peach wood and black dog’s blood.

Otherwise, you can also use glutinous rice, but they are different.

They were born by absorbing the thousands of years of resentment at the bottom of the river.

You can find masters to kill them using spiritual weapons, but they can’t be controlled!”  

Tantai Jin nonchalantly said, “Is that so”

He gazed past Su Su and looked at the Mo River.

People continuously fell, but fortunately, the resentment at the bottom of the river was all absorbed by the forty or so corpse demons, so the dead couldn’t turn into new corpse demons.

While they were killing, the Night Shadow Guards and soldiers drove them into a Xuan iron cage.

Gradually, the many corpse demons were caught in the cage.

Tantai Jin looked extremely pleased.

He asked Su Su, “How many do you think Xiao Lin’s army can deal with”


Tantai Jin’s dark eyes looked at her and he suddenly propped up his chin and smiled, “Do you think Xiao Lin will have a solution”

Su Su was surprised. Tantai Jin could actually guess what I was thinking.

Tantai Jin yawned and indifferently said, “You can wait and see.”

Tantai Jin glanced at the blood-stained land and asked Su Su with interest, “Are you sad after watching these mortals die”

Su Su’s caltrop-shaped lips coldy spat out, “Crazy.”

He closed his eyes and burst out laughing.

Su Su felt like she must’ve not kicked him hard enough two days ago, how else could a man with his family jewels broken be able to laugh.

She understood, Tantai Jin probably already knew that she couldn’t do anything about the corpse demons too, so earlier, he’d deliberately said that to provoke her, and deliberately brought her here to watch this bloody scene.

If Su Su was provoked, or if she begged for mercy for the Great Xia captives, it would excite him.

The cold look on her face now also made him feel pleased.

She took a deep breath.

Realizing that anything she did would please him, she simply looked away— what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over1眼不見心不煩 (yǎn bù jiàn, xīn bù fán) – an idiom.

Tantai Jin didn’t mind, as he was indeed quite happy.

After achieving his goal, he majestically brought the group of people back to Mohe City.

He sat in the gold-plated horse carriage, watching Su Su walk in the rain.

Today, she didn’t play along, so this was her punishment.

Nian Muning also walked in the rain, following behind Su Su.

The young girl folded her arms.

The light rain fell on her white flowing dress, which was woven from fine ice silk, so it wouldn’t get wet.

Sparkling and translucent raindrops glistened as they ran down the golden hem of her clothes.

Nian Muning looked back at Tantai Jin, and seeing His Majesty looking at the figure in front of her, she suddenly felt upset.

Ning Baiyu had already told her that the young girl’s name is Ye Xi Wu, His Majesty’s wife in Great Xia.

She used to abuse His Majesty when he was still a teenager.

But…… even with Tantai Jin’s ruthlessness, he still didn’t kill her.

Nian Muning gripped her sword and coldly stared at Su Su.

Indeed, she was quite good-looking, but her heart wasn’t on His Majesty, sooner or later, His Majesty wouldn’t be able to resist killing her.


Su Su was forced to spectate a scene of bloodshed.

Seeing that she was in a calm mood, Curved Jade was relieved.

Little Master’s heart of Dao was firm, her Dao advanced courageously2一往無前 (yīwǎng-wúqián) – an idiom; press forward with an indomitable will, and did not lament the times and pity the people3悲天憫人 (bēitiān-mǐnrén) – bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind.

She knew what immortal cultivation was really about, and instead of feeling remorseful4自怨自艾 (zìyuàn-zìyì) – an idiom; repentant/to repent and redress one’s errors over her current disadvantage, she began to calmly think about what she should do next.

After coming to the mortal world, her wisdom had significantly grown.

It’s no wonder that although she was young, the clan still insisted on letting her go.

Not to mention everything else, but anyone overly righteous would’ve been spitting and going all out on Tantai Jin today, just to get nothing in return.

Su Su was still thinking about the corpse demons, but unfortunately, she didn’t have a clue.

Curved Jade said, “It’s okay, we should also try to trust Xiao Lin.

They are all smart and not weak people.

Little Master, don’t think of carrying everything alone.”

Su Su nodded, “You’re right.”

The Three Realms belonged to everyone, and relying on herself alone definitely wouldn’t work.

Thinking about Xiao Lin’s intelligence and the heart protecting scale in Ye Bing Shang’s hand, things definitely wouldn’t be that bad.

It had started raining for several days in a row and was even thundering at night.

This weather was suitable for launching surprise attacks, but for some reason, across from each other, both Mohe and Yuzhou were biding their time5按兵不動 (ànbīng-bùdòng) – hold back their troops without moving (an idiom); to bide one’s time/take no action. 

There was a vague atmosphere of hidden conspiracy.

One night, red festive lanterns were hung outside.

Su Su leaned against the window and looked out.

She asked Nian Muning who was guarding her outside, “What’s going on”

“It has nothing to do with you,” Nian Muning replied, annoyed.

Su Su strained her ears to listen, and she heard the sound of sizhu6絲竹 – lit.

“silk and bamboo”; traditional Chinese chamber music ensembles made up of stringed and wind instruments.

Tonight, the rain had stopped for a rare moment, and the front yard seemed to be bustling.

She knew it was a joyous occasion by the sound of it.

A happy event for Tantai Jin meant something bad for her.

He must be unhappy for her to be happy.

With this assumption, she acquiesced that there was nothing good about tonight.

Nian Muning put on a straight face and looked towards the front yard.

Su Su didn’t understand what was happening, but she did.

Today was His Majesty’s coming of age birthday, Yang Ji and a bunch of officials were celebrating the occasion.

Tantai Jin was arrogant and ruthless, and no one dared to offend him.

Everyone was doing their best to please him on his birthday right now.

Yang Ji made it grand.

After catching the corpse demons, this banquet was like a celebration before battle, to boost the morale of the soldiers, and it wouldn’t be long before the war started. 

The Zhou Kingdom loved music, beauties, singing, and dancing.

One could imagine how lively the front yard was.

If it weren’t for the young girl in the room, Nian Muning would’ve also had the opportunity to accompany His Majesty as often as Nian Baiyu.

She felt unhappy about it and rather blamed Su Su.

Inside, Su Su was also very bored from being locked up.

Nian Muning was a young lady, but she was really quiet.

Only mocking Tantai Jin could provoke her to say a few more words, but normally, she was as boring as a pile of wood.

Since she couldn’t inquire about information, she simply went to sit cross-legged to cultivate.

This body had no spiritual root, but with the World Toppling Flower, even if she couldn’t cultivate any spiritual energy, it was also good to cultivate her state of mind.

The sound of sizhu outside was gradually blocked out.

Nian Muning, who was guarding her, watched the ants move under the eaves with boredom.

She originally thought that it would just be an ordinary night over here.

But unexpectedly, late into the night, several hundred palace lamps appeared.

The black carriage carved with a nine-headed bird slowly approached, its wheels moving over the green steps.

A slightly drunk young man propped his forehead up as he sat in the carriage, with a thin peach blossom blush on his face.

His expression was a little excited as he looked towards the courtyard.

Nian Muning was stunned.

Thinking of the person who lived in the courtyard, she tightly pursed her lips.

She suddenly remembered that there was a very absurd rule for the princes of Zhou Kingdom when they came of age.

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